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  • With million dollar companies such as chik fil la supporting these groups they have the backing to do whatever they want unfortunately…and to be fair to Obama he has made a stand for gays quite often but lets be realistic he is a politician and the president of this country…that be said to say this the welfare of this whole country needs to be handled first…he is only man with millions against him and if he doesn’t handle the economics factor first he wnt be re-elected and will have bigger issues than this for lgbt community

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    This is one of those days where I wake up and am ashamed to be an American…how is this great country “the land of the free” even arguing over this…let this had been a black man with $20 worth of weed in his pocket and he’d be under the jail but a young man gets shot and his shooter walks free bc the boy happened to be of a darker complexion who happened to live a normal teenage life smdh a disgrace

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