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    Erik- you should know better than to say anything even remotely positive about the President on this site, even if you criticize him on other things. It’s not tolerated.

    No action ever goes far enough. The fact that people with pre-existing conditions weren’t even allowed to purchase insurance or were kicked off plans for 30 years doesn’t matter. Now we have guaranteed issue, but they can’t go to every doctor and hospital so I guess we shouldn’t have even bothered.

    The notion that if Obama had been a raging single payer/medicare for all advocate he could have made it happen is absurd. You think it’s a problem because a percent of the already small individual market are getting cancellation notices? Imagine if you told the 50% in the very well-understood, well-liked and generous employer-based plans were told they’d all be thrown into a single payer, government-run system.

    A large percentage of this country doesn’t care if the uninsured have access to healthcare. Remember the healthcare town halls in 2009? How the people who told their “sob stories” were mocked and shouted down? And anyway, a lot of those in need of healthcare brought it on themselves due to their poor lifestyle choices so we owe them nothing. And even those who didn’t bring it on themselves should look at their television or microwave and stop trying to say they can’t cut more corners to pay for healthcare.

    People don’t care about reforming things when the current system works for them. Only when it doesn’t.

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    Why will they only accept one or two of the policies on the exchange? Perhaps because they don’t feel the reimbursement rates are sufficient? If that’s the case, the plans that fall into that category would probably have to raise their premiums in order to meet their demands, thus making the plans less affordable and/or increase the cost of the program as the subsidies would have to be increased.

    This is the inherent conflict. Doctors and hospitals want more money; insurance companies want more money; patients/policyholders want to pay less money.

    Oh, and Medicare for All, really? I can assure you if the ACA fails, you’re not going to get single payer or medicare for all except in those few states willing and able to take on that challenge. But the majority of Americans will just be back where we were. We’ll hear cries of tort reform, selling across state lines, letting people pick and choose what they want in their policies (thereby dooming the whole concept of “pooled” coverage because the pools will get smaller and thus more expensive)and the ever present “high risk” pools for the uninsurable (meaning the ones private insurance doesn’t want)which always end up having too many people and too little funds.

    So I guess we’ll just be back where we were. How sad.

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    Shill here. I think there are many fine Democrats currently in office, so if that makes me a sycophant in your apparently very angry mind, so be it.

    And so who do you support? If you say the Occupy movement, that’s fine, but unfortunately Occupy isn’t in a position to make laws or undo laws that impact all our lives. Occupy can help shape public opinion, just like the civil rights movement did, but ultimately activists need legislators to formally enact the reforms they seek. For example, while negative public sentiment helped stop Larry Summers from continuing to seek the Fed post, it was the administration’s recognition that it didn’t have the votes in committee to get him through that I think tipped the scales. So the people elected to office who sit on that committee matter.

    As long as we have a Legislative and Executive branch under which we have to live, I will always try to get people elected who I think best reflect my values. Some choices are better than others, but I have no intention of just throwing up my hands and saying they’re all horrible so what’s the point.

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    From CNN: House Republicans have added a “conscience clause” measure to the new CR which would allow employers and insurers to opt out of preventative care for women which they find objectionable on moral or religious grounds. Democrats say the measure is unnecessary because the administration has granted exemptions to contraceptive coverage to religious nonprofit institutions. But advocates, such as Huelskamp, insist that all institutions should be able to opt out of any preventative coverage for women that they find objectionable.

    Somehow I knew there was more to come once they started the debate….wonder if that means they could deny coverage to a lesbian when she tries to go for her annual exam?

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    Well then, I guess I support the marginally less evil. When I look at states like Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina and so many others, I would think the left in those states would have preferred a Democratic majority in their legislatures and a Democratic governor, even if they weren’t progressive’s first choice.

    I know the comeback to this is always that yes, the conservatives may pass some really horrible laws, but that’s okay because sooner or later people will rebel and get rid of them. Even dismissing the damage that is done to human lives on the way to the bottom, the people in charge don’t intend to make it easy for you to get rid of them. That’s what voting laws and redistricting are all about. At that point, we’re just left with the courts (which is why the GOP has tried to block so many of Obama’s court nominees.) Once conservatives control the courts, the opportunities for reversing course become slimmer.

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    Well, according to the many comments I often read on FDL, there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans so having President Ted Cruz shouldn’t trouble anyone any more than President Hillary Clinton.

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    My point was merely that there are still plenty of people, whether they consider themselves tea partiers or not, who share their fiscal conservatism. I don’t at all believe they can change the country for the better, but enough people do to give them all the sustenance they need.

    But here’s the real question. If the tea party is falling out of favor with the public as the poll implies, why can that 1/4 of the house be wagging the dog Boehner and the establishment Republicans? I think that’s where people are getting it wrong, They may be a minority caucus, but they’re backed by people with big microphones and deep pockets, as well as the hard core conservative voters the GOP still relies on to win elections – at least in congressional districts.

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    You’re wrong. They’re not splitting. They’re uniting. The outside forces are successfully bringing them all in line while also conveniently grabbing poll after poll that indicates the public wants more spending cuts, the public hates the Affordable Care Act, etc. to help give them cover.

    I wish I were more optimistic, but the Democrats and Obama are once again getting outmaneuvered on this stuff, mostly due to their inability to win the messaging wars. If the CR somehow miraculously goes through, I would be shocked if you don’t see Obama negotiate on the debt ceiling, no matter what he has said, and I’m afraid the cost to progressives is going to be painful. Of course, Obama could hang tough, say no and let the country default, but there’s little chance in that scenario that Democrats won’t be blamed.

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    I’m not sure what constitutes a tea party member these days, but obviously their name is derived from “taxed enough already” which obviously implies a dislike of government spending. And what poll has been making its way around today? The Bloomberg poll saying 61% want to tie spending cuts to the debt ceiling (in spite of his proclamation of no negotiation, I think the president will end up sacrificing something so Boehner can save face before he violates the Hastert rule and raises the debt ceiling.)

    So while I think the tea party brand has been damaged because of the racist, conspiratorial, extreme social conservatism elements in their ranks, the fiscal values are alive and well.

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    Same question I asked of Sarah B. What’s your solution working within the type of legislative system we currently have? It’s easy to criticize. Harder to deal with reality when you pose hypothetical alternatives. You’re not going to get medicare for all or single payer through this congress. Period.

    So that means the only solution is to go back to the states. And I don’t disagree with that approach, though we would have to accept that access will then be unequal depending on where you live. Vermont is still working on single payer, but has run into some “glitches,” as it tries to figure out the financing. And I hope they do figure it out because people need to see a workable model before they’ll seriously act. But no new system arrives at where it wants to be without struggle and setbacks. I just don’t get why it’s preferable to always cite the negative instead of the positive.

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    So what’s your solution, or do you solely exist to point out the negative.

    Oh, and please. Work within the reality of the system in which we currently exist.

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    FDL is free to criticize like Team GOP and point out everything that is wrong now or goes wrong after October 1. Maybe, like Ted Cruz, you’ll get your wish and it will be a big failure.

    But if you think Mr. Cruz and his allies will turn to a single payer option, you’re crazy. So be careful what you wish for. The GOP plan is tort reform, selling insurance across state lines (which means sold from the states with the least regulations) and healthcare savings accounts which will be hard for people to amass in light of today’s lower wages.

    As someone who has a pre-existing condition and may find myself unemployed before I qualify for medicare, I’m kind of hoping it succeeds. And I think we have a much better chance of inching toward single payer with the ACA in place (as even Senator Sessions warned on the Senate floor this week) then we do if it’s all scraped.

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    The problem we have with our poll-obsessed society is that every time a poll comes out like today in which it said 61% of Americans favor more spending cuts, it is pointed to by the “drown the government in a bathtub” politicians as justification for their actions. They’re only listening to the American people.

    So look for that in the coming negotiations on shutdown, debt ceiling etc. “Mr. President, the public demands more spending cuts. You have to listen to the people…”

  • Just wonder why it never came up at the trial. I mean, after all, they were already on trial for murder, so it’s not like bringing up a meth deal was going to make it any worse, right? Plus, if the idea was that the murder happened due to a drug deal gone bad, couldn’t their lawyers have argued it wasn’t premeditated, whereas luring a person to his death because you find out he was gay would be harder to pass off as a “heat of the moment” thing. I would think the drug deal gone bad may have possibly resulted in a lesser sentence. So why not bring it up?

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    Agreed that most people don’t care about what happens to others in the world. But I will caution you that the same “not my problem” attitude that you and others have about external conflicts is also what characterizes more than not our internal ones. For example, it’s not uncommon to read or hear from politicians [...]

  • Well, they do try to keep the supporters stoked with what they cast as small victories (e.g. the defeat of Rudd in Australia by a guy who is against same sex marriage) or by highlighting dissent in places where same sex marriage has been legalized (they spent days on the French street protests after it was passed there).And they can certainly be assured that at the state level (not talking about Fed benefits) the South and midwest are going to be with NOM for awhile.

    But after not having visited their site for some time, I noticed that their focus seems to have changed to dealing with the deteriorating state of marriage in general which (I think) they blame on the notion of emotional attraction being the basis for someone’s choice to marry.

    They still fight the SSM fight, but it does seem like they’re hedging their bets and taking on the failure of heterosexual marriage as well.

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    Fox talking points? Considering most of the GOP was going to vote against the resolution, they might be a little hard pressed to make fun of the diplomacy option.

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    Well, if I were to give the John McCain answer to the al qaeda question, it would be because the US didn’t arm the rebels earlier. There seems to be a lot of applause about Putin’s checkmate, which to me is essentially applause for the status quo in Syria. I’m fine if people oppose military [...]

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    And so if the UN/US agrees to Putin’s demand and agrees to no consequence for non-compliance with the resolution, Syria will open its doors and start handing over the chemical weapons stocks. Assad will beat back the rebels and stay in power (al qaeda will just willingly go home), Human Rights Watch will agree to [...]

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    “We can push as hard for peaceful solutions in Syria as we’ve pushed to prevent the bombs from falling. In fact, we can push 10 times harder.” I wish that would happen, but it won’t. The people pushed hard in this instance because a)it was strictly targeted toward their President/representative and b)they can get more [...]

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