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  • kall commented on the blog post Obama Rejects Boehner’s Attempt to Get Table Scraps

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    Obama, for all his well-documented faults, is doing the right thing here. I hope he sticks with it, because extortion like this can’t be rewarded.

    That said, part of the reason the Republicans today are a bunch of rabid, snarling Rottweilers who expected him to give in again, is that for 5 years he’s been throwing the Republican dogs thick, juicy steaks every time they used extortion. And that’s not to draw an equivalence for distributing blame for the current state of affairs, but there’s a reason Republican crazies have never taken his statements that he would refuse to negotiate seriously.

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    Not sure why cyber-enemies would try to take control of America’s financial sector in order to destroy America. America’s financial sector has proven capable of doing that all by themselves.

  • kall commented on the diary post The case against Obama and for liberal despair by cassiodorus.

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    The “Obama would be doing all the great stuff that he really wants to doo, if it weren’t for Congress” argument falls flat when you consider that generally, Obama pulls out his executive powers to go around Congress for stuff that’s not anything a liberal would want associated with them.

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    What a sorry performance Republican President O put on tonight against Republican candidate R.

    It’s sure too bad no one thought it was a good idea to fight for a sane health care system while they were passing the Heritage Foundation plan, and be able to say that they relieved businesses of the burdensome obligation to worry about health care by supporting a single-payer health care system.

    Instead Obama trots out the mealy-mouthed “but it was a Republican plan…” as Romney rends his health care plan limb from limb, complains that it passed without any Republicans, and points out health care costs have continued to go up. No one could have seen that coming…

  • I wonder if Ohio will remember what the follow-through on the 2008 pledge to renegotiate NAFTA looked like.

  • kall commented on the blog post Democrats Cave on Platform, Make Changes on God, Jerusalem

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    What we saw last night is how Democrats often talk and campaign. What you saw today with the platform is how they govern.

    That’s exactly right.

  • kall commented on the diary post MY HUSBAND LIES AND CHEATS BUT I STAND BY HIS SIDE by Gallogarden.

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    Watching Michelle Obama wax on about how her husband was fueling this “recovery” by creating “good” jobs when the majority of them are actually low-paying should have been enough to set anybody’s teeth on edge and raise their blood pressure a few ticks. At least she had the decency to give the heads-up that her [...]

  • kall commented on the diary post FLOTUS Tonight – Watch Online by Elliott.

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    How much more “sacrificing” does Michelle think Americans can take?

  • kall commented on the blog post Obama’s Plans for a Second Term Include Rallying Public Opinion

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    I also don’t see where getting Republicans to agree to a payroll tax cut is anything that stems from rallying public opinion and putting pressure on them. When did Republicans agreeing to cut a tax (especially one that they can use to undermine Social Security) become a concession for them?

  • kall commented on the blog post Obama’s Plans for a Second Term Include Rallying Public Opinion

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    Oh good, now that he’s bipartisaned his way to mid-40s approval ratings, he’s going to take to the bully pulpit to make the case for important stuff – after the important stuff like health care and financial reform were left to drown in a ditch.

    I guess we can look forward to Obama taking to the bully pulpit and engaging the public to make the case for the need for his Grand Bargain. Wee.

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    To get more well-paying job creation rather than the current low wage ones under Obama (and potential low-wage ones under Romney), one of the candidates would need to propose a serious change in trade and outsourcing policy.

    And neither party has any intention of doing that. The Republicans have pointed out with (sick) justification that even though Obama attacks Romney as an outsourcer to frame him in voters’ minds, he doesn’t actually propose to crack down on US offshoring policy. And when you don’t have a manufacturing base, it pushes everyone else’s wages down too.

    Infrastructure is a perfectly valid goal, but it’s not something you can build an economic strategy around over the long term. Even if you took a serious run at it, sooner or later, the roads will be paved, the tracks will be built and the bridges will be fixed. The fundamentals of the economy aren’t strong… and they’re not even weak. The fundamentals of the economy are in China.

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    This is really terrible. I can’t imagine who thought this was a good idea…

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    The speech just encapsulated for me the utter ridiculousness of this idiot of a President spending his first 2 years reaching out to these people for solutions, sacrificing any chance of actual change on the altar of bipartisanship. Then because of those first 2 years, spending the next 2 years in gridlock with these people where he couldn’t do anything even if he wanted to. Not that I think he wants to anyways – handing health care to Max Baucus to fix made that pretty clear.

    All I can say is thank God Obama ensured that Republicans would not criticize him for being anti-business by choosing people like Jeff “Mr. China” Immelt on his jobs council. Yeah, that strategy worked out well.

    Any House Republican or Senate Republican up for re-election in 2014 must secretly, in their heart of hearts, want Obama re-elected. Because without him, they will have to assume ownership and responsibility for the Republican policies that are passed.

  • God bless the Democratic Party – the place Republicans feel perfectly comfotable going to when the Republican Party gets a little too crazy for them, because on the major issues, the two aren’t very different.

  • kall commented on the blog post Insurance Exchanges Are Useless at Controlling Costs

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    A rational persn could drive themselves insane if they actually paid attention to the two parties competing for the privilege of selling out their cnstituents.

  • If Bill Kristol says he should release his tax returns, wouldn’t this mean the best thing Romney could do is to *not* release his tax returns? That’s usually the way it is with Bill…

  • kall commented on the blog post New Obama campaign commercial is BRUTAL!

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    I guess it’s an effective ad. Maybe it distracts from the fact that Obama is going full speed ahead with TPP and free trade with the likes of Columbia.

  • kall commented on the blog post Greed > Altruism

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    No, I think you’re right. Chomsky remarked after the 2000 election that the results were the same as you would expect if people were choosing between 2 Martians. I think it’s back to that – the candidate of Change made a fairly obvious decision of rescuing Wall Street at any price while ordinarily people twisted in the wind, and it’s back to not giving a fuck.

    The worst part is that now there’s a generation of young people who are going to be, quite understandably, justifiably pissed off at being bullshitted and completely turned off the political process for quite some time. Unemployment for those people is the highest of anyone.

  • If Obama was really concerned about the balance of the Supreme Court, he wouldn’t have followed such a piss-poor and aimless economic agenda over 4 years, because telling people to hold their nose and re-elect incumbents based on the Supreme Court when they perceive the country is still going downhill is a sure loser. The responsibility for the potential of Romney nominees really lies with the agenda that included the Heritage Foundation health care bill, free trade with the likes of Columbia, and not holding Wall Street to account – that certainly wasn’t a course of action that liberals advocated. Average voters were never going to reward things like that with their votes for re-election while the economy cratered around them. Most people simply don’t re-elect Presidents based on the Supreme Court judges they might pick – certainly not when the President seeking re-election has such an incoherent economic prescription as this one does.

    Frankly, the Democratic Party had notice served that “We Suck Less” was not an acceptable electoral case in 2010. That they spent the next 2 years extending Bush’s tax policies, looking for Grand Bargains, passing more free trade, and fretting about the deficit when there is mass unemployment, underemployment and stagnant wages, and waited until mid-2012 to make Obama’s case that “He Sucks Less” is hardly something that anyone but them can be held responsible for, and I don’t see why beaten-down former supporters are responsible for it.

  • It probably has more to do with the indifference of a lot of people between one candidate sho will actively empower the vulture capitalists, and the other who will passively empower them.

    Obama is actively running ads bragging about how low he has kept growth in federal spending – 6.8% for Reagan, 5.4% for Bush 1, 3.5% for Clinton, 7.7% for Bush, and 1.4% for Obama. So it’s not like he’s arguing that there’s this economic stimulus plan he really wants to do, but Congressional Republicans are blocking him.

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