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    I feel so bad about your troubles. Please let us know what we can do for you.

  • I thought this book salon would provide us with an outline of the book, which it hasn’t. This was nothing but a book salon to promote a book.

  • So tell us, Mr. Goldstein, what is your solution or do you not have one? Is it that we should read your book to counter the right-wing? And how do you propose we should do that?

  • Yes madam, but I wasn’t the one who brought it up.

  • But obama adopted it. How do you explain that?

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    I hope you don’t consider yourself a journalist. You have no credibility as long as you use terms such as “magic underwear.”

    And by the way, I’m not a supporter of Romney but I am a supporter of respect for all religions.

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    Yeh, I agree with you Lakota – obama is and always has been in campaign mode and his only vision is to be re-elected. obama has essentially destroyed what was left of the democratic party. He’s a fraud and a stooge who was marketed (like a product)to the people of this country. obama’s election in [...]

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    I’m voting third party. So what if a third party gets too big and successful and people like difi try to co-opt it? That would take quite a while and nothing is forever.

    In the meantime, we have to break the hold of the democrats and republicans on this country. Unless we do, I really believe we’re doomed.

    I’ve been a democrat all of my life, but no more. I changed my affiliation with the democrats to “decline to state” here in California.

    I feel nothing but disgust and contempt for all of these sick politicians – democrats and republicans.

  • Disgusting and sick! This country is run by a bunch of sociopaths.

  • I stopped watching these “shows” years ago and I feel much better about Sunday. These shows are toxic and don’t contribute to any real understanding of what’s really going on in this country. democrats, republicans – who cares? They’re both corrupt.

  • You’re wrong. Actually the HSR will hit 200+ mph in the Central Valley which is flat.

    The HSR has a contract or mandate – whatever, to cover the trip from LA to SF in a certain time frame to qualify as HSR.

    Hurrah for HSR.

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    We really need to support cooperative organizations. I buy “Organic Valley” milk which is (I believe) a nationwide co-op. Also, Ace Hardware is a co-op and we would do well to shop there instead of Loew’s or Home Depot. Let’s get away from supporting these huge big-box corporations. Thanks to mafr @5 for posting a [...]

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    This “Myth of the Toothless President” plays well with the voters. I have encountered this argument from some friends, family, and neighbors – all obama supporters. When I point out the power that he does have e.g. changing the legal status of any drug, I am met with blank stares and no response.

    I’ve given up talking politics with these people. They’re hopeless but I truly wonder what’s gotten into them? I actually had a friend? of mine (for 20 years) tell me that she no longer wanted to continue a phone conversation we were having about obama. We discontinued the phone conversation and I never heard from her again – this was over a year ago.

    What is about these obama supporters that they are willing to throw away friends because you don’t agree with them how wonderful he is. I have never seen anything like this.

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    Although I rarely comment, I always read your posts. Thank you for your work. I have never been more disgusted by a so-called democrat than obama. When are the obots going to get it that obama is the most corrupt president we have ever had, he has no integrity, and does not represent the people [...]

  • What Teddy said at @233. This book salon was a waste of time.

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    You are consumed by fear, thanks to bush and obama. You are an example of why the USG can get away with suspending our civil liberties and why obama can exercise his power with a “kill list.”

    Your phobia sounds serious. Maybe you should consider seeing a therapist.

    With that being said, you sound like a caring person, but this fear has overcome you.

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    As a doctor stated on PBS tonight, put all of congress on Medicaid and you’ll see how fast it’s fixed. Good luck to all the people on Medicaid in finding a specialist or even a primary doctor. The doctors refuse these patients. I have a relative on Medicaid and she can’t find a doctor who will see her.

    Adding to this, there is a looming crisis of not enough people going into medicine, thus a shortage of doctors. So who is going to treat these 30 million or so new Medicaid patients?

    How come no one is talking about this?

    obama’s “historic” ACA sucks.

    I’ve been a democrat all of my life, but I won’t be voting for obama. He was a fraud when he ran for president and he’s still a fraud. He’s a corporatist thru and thru and he doesn’t give a shit about the people of this country.

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    I guess by this time we all know who really runs this country enabled by
    barack “Howdy Doody” obama.

    Heil banksters, Heil bernanke, Heil howdy doody.

  • We are seeing danger signs all around us, from the Homeland Security Act that diminished civil rights and increased surveillance to scare tactics that increase fear, acceptance of torture of prisoners, and acceptance of war based on lies. We have a scenario that could spell the end of democracy as we know it.

    We must continue questioning, speaking up, protesting, marching, blowing the whistle and pointing the finger. If we want to keep America free we must continue to do just that.

    For these reasons the only avenue I see is to support the ACLU, not these power-hungry, war-mongering politicians (both democrat and republican).

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    You might be interested in reading “On Hitler’s Mountain” on overcoming the legacy of a Nazi childhood. It’s excellent. It was written by Irmgard A. Hunt.

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