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    fully agree, shootthatarrow, tho you left out the fact that Quadaffi was unifying African nations with plans for African development bank and African currency backed by Libyan wealth. The global war and death merchants could not allow a peacefully developing continent to occur contrary to the “africom” chaos project. p.s. while everyone’s watching the ukrainian [...]

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    anyone listening to the few ethical, sane voices crying “mark to market” the remaning months of 2008 that fell silent should have known that the fix was in.

    if that wasn’t enough, the proper FDIC closures of 400+ small banks and the improper handing off of their accounts to the “fed reserve bank corps” should’ve been noticed as the criminal act it was.

    or maybe the outright fraudulent mortgages on which the fraudulent AAA rated default swaps gaming might have been a clue. not to mention banna holder’s law office buddies’ creation of “electronic registration” of property transfers that by- passed county property recording …

    and on and on … fraudulent FIRE corps well known by anyone with half-a-wit since 2005 if not before.

    we turned from a half-baked into a fully baked banana republic when gonzales-rove took over the DOJ and it’s proceeded downhill ever since . . .

  • well, i guess attaching the FBI to the global war dept makes sense as there isn’t much for them to do domestically … /s

    thanks, Kevin; your reporting is supurb.

    *just wish there was something good to report*

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    i wonder when we fell thru the looking glass into opposite land; whenever obomba, kerry and now hagel make their authoritarian pronouncements, i cringe at how far advanced their altzheimers has become.

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    eCHAN @ 10: ???

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    speaking of fire scams: how ’bout “buying” and insuring 2 asbestos filled, partially occupied buildings and getting paid off despite standard “acts of terrorism” clause 4 months into policy.

    or NJ guy on Port Authority reducing his client’s parking garage lease from $900,000/yr to $1.00/year.

    corruption is not just for the “2nd and 3rd world countries” any more.

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    good morning firepups!

    sharon & ruth: the world bank “loans” are not just 3rd world: how do you think EU and US have gotten unrelenting austerity and crumbling infrastructure.

    just watch the ‘fire sale’ of classic heritage downtown post office buildings by feinstein’s husband as an example of the country being looted directly in front of us.

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    not exactly sock puppets, but some of the same names pop up just before “surprise, crisis” events: mccain in Georgia, Syria, Ukraine; state dept Nuland; USAID Kinderling. we should be closely watching the activities of these folks and see the fires in their wake.

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    there’s an article in fdl today by Kevin about pentagon acting to shut down the whistleblower advocate; more secretcy and even less discussion of vital topics. Excellent that you’ve introduced killer drones as science “fiction.”

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    welcome to the lake, Daniel.

    from Spocko’s introduction, i’m sure i’ll enjoy your book. It does sound as though it’s on the verge of being science fact rather than fiction.

    while writing your book, did you find some of your fiction re the bots becoming fact? if so, how?

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    Sadly, I thought this was a piece from The Onion; silly me.

    How low can he go? so far, he can walk under a snake, on stilts, wearing a top hat and still have yards of clearance.

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    p.s. my mother went to the same local, convenient one stop shop that’s extremely popular with the Ft. Lauderdale gentry. she also ended up with a bad script that produced “eyestrain” that took several months to realize bad script — sometimes –more often than not these days– if something “feels wrong,” it probably is. very [...]

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    msmolly, reader and greenwarrior re progressives: i’ve been a huge fan of progressives since they became available in 70′s or so. i recall the basic instruction: “point your nose at what you want to see,” and i was fully adapted in minutes. the only failure i had with progressives was a bad in-house lab and [...]

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    good morning msmolly and firepups! when obomba’s admin –run by his dual-citizen cos rahm– took over the website created by Howard Dean for the democratic party’s 50-state strategy and dismantled it, it was evident that the corporatists had won complete control of gov’t. throwing Dean over the cliff into the memory hole, and appointing corps [...]

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    stratocruiser @ 11: even with dreadful evidence such as yours that the majority of gun deaths are family, friends and children, the wingnuts and sane alike truely believe in the fantasy that a gun will save them.

    with deep sadness for your pain and loss,

  • hi revision,

    i guess hft scam is news ’cause it finally made the gov’t (propaganda) msm.

    it’s part of the process of history rewrite 101.

    sort of like knowing the invasions of afganistan and iraq were contrary to international “law” ’til obomba recently announced the invasions were blessed by the international community and “legal.”

    obomba also managed the fastest recognition of a coup leader (“yats is our guy–f*ck the EU”) as legitimate “prime minister” in history.

    and obomba has achieved the ultimate, fastest rewrite of history from the facts:

    Ukraine coup by Natzi party, engineered by us, alarmed autonomous Crimea’s Parliament. They met March 6, voted to hold a referendum vote by citizens whether to seek annexation by Russia on March 16, the citizens voted in favor of requesting annexation, and Russian Parliament met and voted approval.

    to “Russia invaded (with the 26,000 UN-NATO approved Russian Navy and military permanently stationed in Crimea) and illegally occupies Crimea deliberately destabilizing the region as well as refusing to meet with ukraine’s leader.”

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    bt @ 30: one fairly quick renewable would be converting the corn ethanol (which reduces gas mileage) program to biodiesel and give truck/bus fleets, individual diesel vehical 100% tax deduct for conversion pkgs. give gas stations write off for bio-diesel tank and pump. willie nelson’s bus runs on bio-fuel. eventually, with tax incentives could go [...]

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    thanks for post, Attaturk.

    Marion and Ruth, i see you’ve adopted the mousekateers marketers current favorite word: entrepreneur

    propaganda radio had a sweet young thing advising all the unemployed grads. don’t recall that there was any advice hidden in her long 30-seconds, but i did pause in admiration that she managed to insert the e-word half-a-dozen times.

    of course, in today’s reality, “entrepreneur” is a polite word for garage, yard and then on-the-street attempts to sell your remaining possessions –only to learn the one basic economic reality that holds true: no demand for abundant stuff that everybody’s donating or paying to haul away . . .

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    Mike Papantonio on Hartmann program last week said that granting the religious rights of the owners of the corp would “pierce the corporate veil” which shields the human owners from liability. kinda funny when you think about it; once corps achieve personhood, they can be tried in criminal court and imprisoned and executed just like [...]

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