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    sigh! back to rooting for BRICS while noting obomba’s opening India and Cuba for infiltration, stoking Ukraine plus having Hong Kong on the back burner … PNAC death’s head continues to rise over the globe.

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    eCHAN @ 82: we actually had a viable populist presidential candidate in 2004: Howard Dean. first time i put my money where my mouth is. of course, he was promptly destroyed …

    then, he headed Democratic party and developed 50-state strategy succesfully gaining the House in 2006 and added Senate and Presidency 2008.

    obomba’s first order of business was to shut down the democratic party and confiscate the democratic party website as his whitehouse organ as well as appointing israeli rahm as chief of staff. rahm’s 1st act was to throw Howard Dean and his winning 50 state strategy (which Syriza prob replicated for Greece) under the bus. that brought the gop back to life for the 2010 census redistricting and democracy was averted once more for the next 10 years at least.

    he who owns the one who counts the votes owns the “election” or, even easier, have a coup. see Chicago and Chicago boys for the world game since Chile’s 9-11 thru Egypt and Ukraine. according to stats quoted by Hartmann, there were 5 million more democratic votes than gop for us house and 20 million more democratic votes than gop for senate.

    of course, the effective policy in most cases has been eliminating gov’t all together. see Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Yemen as standouts recently tho Honduras as well as north African countries too numerous to mention plus the overthrow of secular Syria, etc.

    *humm, beginning to think i should be listing countries not in process of visible chaotic overthrow …*

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    starbuck @ 77: kudos to you! great admiration for effective action!

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    eCHAN @50,53:

    excellent “creating democracy” in a nutshell as well as pointing out the fact that imperial u.s. and minions destroying secular countries.

    terribly sad that the west will implode before we see change toward improving the lives of humans.

    walt kelly’s pogo said it best: we have met the enemy and he is us.

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    good morning firepups!

    the demise of New Republic is probably not due to flaws in its right wing philosophy; we are simply seeing consolidation of national propaganda media.

    Pence’s state propaganda arm is a non-starter ’cause it would impede consolidation –apparently staff didn’t get the memo or more likely failed to read their national masters’ minds.

    Ruth: you might enjoy a first person article in January 2015 Smithsonian Magazine:

    “Mountain of Life” by Olivia Judson. She describes journey to nw TX park west of panhandle near north border. very vivid description as well as visit to petroleum museum on way north.

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    obomba admin has taken “shoot the messenger” to a new level: whistleblowers get 3 to 6 years of torturous “legal process,” ajudicated as traitors and then imprisonment under harsh conditions.

    this persecution is particularly egregious as the real traitors were paraded as witnesses. sickening.

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    hi Kate! Thank you for presenting the other 99% of the “weather” report.

    the first step to solving a (human) problem is recognizing that there is one; your work is certainly appreciated on that!

    i yearn for the day when the 2nd step is taken: stop digging!

  • it sickened me when i heard this on the one-minute news at 4p est. it seemed so hopeful when the jury questioned venue. sigh! makes me wonder if the feds install a persuasive ringer on these juries; the “cases” are so bogus.

    the illustration of blindfolded justice “so she can’t see the corruption” is certainly apt.

  • bs@11: ” force the MSM to reluctantly pretend to jump on board the freedom of press wagon.”

    fixed it for you; n/c

    *sadly chuckling to self kabuki! 100% kabuki 24/7 now ‘cept maybe the weather — tho i’ll go with firepups’ over easy reports every time vs msm*

  • thanks, Kevin. if it took 2 1/2 years for google to admit the blanket order for everything related to these individual accounts and “gag order” that enabled ongoing “data collection” for the past 2 1/2 years, what evidence do you have that there haven’t been similar “subpoenas” for NYtimes, Wapoo, AP (known phone taps), et. al.?

    despite my question above, i remember when google mail was first introduced and my reluctance for a year or so about taking the free account having read the “terms of service.” all the legalease boils down to: we own the account data, can terminate the account if we please, and will promptly surrender any/all data to law enforcement when required to do so.

    so! as they say regarding free data exchange/storage accounts, you are the product, not the customer.

    very similar to the old saying about insurance policies’ legalease: if it’s likely to happen, you’re not covered.

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    thank you, David, and kudos to Hickman for not “forgetting” his experience at Gitmo. I think one of the major difficulties of closing gitmo is that the prisoners are all “evidence” of the war crimes knowingly and willfully committed by the prison Admiral, Colonel, CIA and their minions in the “war lab.” only by placing [...]

  • agree with CTuttle; great work, Kevin and Marcy!

    i swear, if this wasn’t another of countless examples of cruel and vindictive use of gov’t power, it would join the multitude for legal farce of the decade kabuki honors featuring all the “pat robertson university law school” grads embedded in the DoJ from the bush jr admin.

    loved the scene with the hairdresser who owns a book that the persecution was trying to use as proof of venue. really?!

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    the digital recorders are weird!

    thanks for the update, omc; i appreciate the info –especially about the airport battle which AP reported as successful for Kiev’s army.

    humm, showing off for a us general? more likely a us weapons order taker –i’d say “salesman;” but weapons are given away and charged to taxpayers.

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    you put words to many of my thoughts as well, David. thank you. i think what disturbs me the most is the arrogance and contempt that is no longer concealed. it first became apparent to me when Speaker Pelosi assumed her work in 2007 and announced impeachment was off the table and was derided or [...]

  • sadly, the ones who should read will not.

    sickening to realize that the monsterous cruelty endured by this man explains the 22 suicides a day among the USian troops.

    i read about a soldier’s stunned shock early in the invasion when he saw cartons upon cartons of hoods being unloaded along with supplies and his ringing thought: “they planned for this!!!”

    thank you, Kevin. even though we are few, we must bear witness as best we can.

    there’s a biblical quote that says that having seen the writing on the wall, all the tears you shed will not erase a word of it …

  • the 2000+ page TPP contract written by 600 global corp lawyers elevates corps above nations with a corps’ appointed tribunal to settle disputes.

    the gop-dim congress has been purchased to put their paw prints on this traitorous document that repeals the Constitution and repudiates their oaths to preserve, protect and defend it.

    Trojan horse, indeed. while “waving the flag and wearing the cross” we’ve been destroyed from within. the past 15 years have certainly answered the question “how could the German people have been so stupid as to elect Hitler and go along with fascism? just look around.

  • obomba appointed monsanto’s BFF as head of US Dept of Agriculture — 6 years and genetically engineering every crop humans and animals need to live plus prosecuting any farmers whose crops are contaminated by the poisoned pollen. 200+ crops are treated with pesticides at some stage including wheat and potatoes!

    gluten intolerence for countless people seems to have come from nowhere –guess what; wheat is now heavily sprayed with chemicals to make mechanized harvest easier. too bad that the poisons survive processing …

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    sillybill @46:

    the manager of locally owned auto repair, Eric, 30, is well on his way to self sufficiency for himself and wife and 4 young children: he purchased 3-acres financed for much less than rent he was paying, already successful small garden plot last summer and negotiating adjacent 10-acres with “manufactured” home (a/k/a 2 trailer bodies sans wheels bolted together on cement slab) for his wife’s parents to live in.

    learned from Eric that he commutes to work hour each way, has completed 2 year associates degree, studies via online classes in am b4 work commute. whew! exhausted relaying above which he very cheerfully related. young man with a plan that he’s carrying out.

    he said that they are doing/going to do home schooling. also anxious to have her parents settled nearby for their sake; his father was deterioring to near death until the brought him to live with them and the little ones — he perked up enormously and lived a happy 4 years til old age took him.

    there’s an old adage about focusing on the raging river while ignoring the quiet building of civilization on its’ banks. trouble is USian destructive capabilities are so immense that even Persia, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and probably Turkey, among others, are no longer the visible examples of ancient civilized works.

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    good morning C-S, MiB and firepups

    Wynota @ 20: does this mean that Joni is one of Reagan’s “welfare queens” by taking ag subsidies?? and isn’t national guard taxpayer funded? and now corps have bought her a tax-funded senate seat.

    gov’t doles for me but not for thee

    *kj shakes head sadly* medical note: this is one of the leading symptoms of outrage fatigue …

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    good morning, BT and firepups

    BT @40: my 1st solvent is lighter fluid which is harmless to most fabric and plastics and evaporates quickly. stainless in my experience. generic rubbing alcohol is good on cleaning electronic contacts; evaporates super fast.

    WD-40 fits in between these two — and it’s #1 for cleaning engine grease from hands and under nails, though “ouch, ouch – stings!”

    2nd solvent is mineral spirits, slow evaporation and should test in inconspicuous area.

    3rd solvent is lacquer thinner, ok on glass, formica, chrome, unpainted wood (or sanded for repainting wood), metals and dense materials, etc. but plastics and fabrics are risky desperation measures only.

    FYI when using solvents, it is best to use multiple small pieces of paper towel (bounty) or white cotten cloth or towel so that you keep applying small fresh dabs of solvent rather than smearing around the residue.

    for example, using lighter fluid to remove sticker residue takes at least 2 swipes with 2 small patches of fresh lighter fluid moistened paper towel.

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