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  • karenjj2 commented on the blog post The Weekend Roundup for September 13-14th, 2014

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    congrats on the year of excellent work, Brandon.

    please remember that your studies and pay job come first; even if you need to do abbreviated roundup, the links usually lead to more links that are also enlightening.

    In fact, i frequently get lost in the weeds due to your very much appreciated work.

  • karenjj2 commented on the diary post Why I’m blogging so little these days by David Seaton.

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    Hi, David Your pause for reflection may be a case of outrage fatigue — it seems that the only change in the past 20+ years are the names of the people, places and methods of theft and destruction. little wonder that you feel that your work is “deja vu all over again …” regards, karenjj2 [...]

  • very enlightening discussion of your work, Terry, thank you.

  • welcome to the lake, Terry. I appreciate having you here as the only thing i know about your subject is a vague recollection of “Tammany Hall” as a symbol of corruption which appears to be incorrect from PW’s introduction.

    What is the source of the Tammany name, and does the “Hall” refer to a meeting place?

  • thanks, DSW, for a very logical, well reasoned argument that counters the obomba-media propaganda bs that is lost on the war merchants’ beltway minions.

    spanishinquisition @ 15: yes! the pretzel-logic that explains how dropping bombs on another country is not an act of war is astonishing. be especially interesting if one of the bombers is shot out of the sky by the legitimate Syrian government.

  • karenjj2 commented on the diary post Steve Fraser: The Return of the Titans by Tom Engelhardt.

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    extremely enlightening, disheartening history. seems like we continue to watch the shadows on Plato’s cave wall while drinking the con artists’ snake oil.

    the “only” change is the monumental planet-destroying forces these capitalist-corp barrons have mindlessly unleashed in their greedy, arrogant global pursuits.

  • karenjj2 commented on the blog post Late Night: The New Pearl Harbor

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    Thanks, Haig, for eloquently expressing what so many of us observe with infinite sadness.

    TammanyTiger @ 24: comment of the year!

  • karenjj2 commented on the diary post A caterpillar’s life-cycle: How the American war machine gets its $$$$ by Jane Stillwater.

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    Thank you, Jane! Beautifully written and documented.

    this is a true Grimm Fairy Tale that should be seen (this would be a great video, comic, online history lesson) and read to every child in the world.

  • karenjj2 commented on the diary post NATO Post-Mortem by Deena Stryker.

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    off topic: i find it fascinating to watch 2014 “history” being rewritten as we watch — starting with Ukraine February 2014 and ever-changing list of good guys/bad guys. The only constant is corps’ global arms trafficing with obomba/kerry’s US State Department as primary sales reps. Just as NATO is ramping up EU offensive weaponry “because [...]

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    Alexander @ 2: or, as Star Trek says:

    “We are the Borg; be assimilated or die.” Your only choice.

  • karenjj2 commented on the diary post Mining the Earth: 9 Sep 2014 by KateCA.

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    excellent, very informative roundup, Kate; the summaries are perfect. thank you!

  • karenjj2 commented on the diary post Update for Crane-Station and Mason by Masoninblue.

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    deep concern for you, c-s and maison; i’m wondering if your legal case is approaching a hearing date and that has the corrupt locals taking desperate measures . . .

  • karenjj2 commented on the diary post Peace Ecology by David Swanson.

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    solid @ 2: wow! and that’s the discounted price! why do i suspect that this is a required college text probably for the author’s class?

  • karenjj2 commented on the diary post Fukushima Update, Now in Year 4 by williamboardman.

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    excellent summary. highly recommended. thank you.

  • karenjj2 commented on the diary post Peace Ecology by David Swanson.

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    very good observations that peace and environmental activists really do have common cause in the community of mankind. i’ve heard some reviews and discussions of Ralph Nader’s book that amplifies the idea that many groups have interests in common and should be pursuing those interests together rather than continuing the divisiveness that has been promoted [...]

  • FL dino senator nelson is preparing the new and improved 60-word AUMF for unanimous vote — he just has to cross out al quaeda and insert: “ISIS, a/k/a ISIL, a/k/a IS, or future terraist *folks”

    This new, improved AUMF will save time and trouble as congress will no longer have to divert time from renaming privatized post offices to issue updates on the permanent-state-of-world-war AUMF

    *folks: as in “we tortured some folks …” name to be announced after we unleash the next group being trained in Jordan.

  • karenjj2 commented on the blog post Rahm Emanuel Given $100,000 By Comcast Before Backing Merger

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    i wonder why comcast bothers to bribe the dual citizen mayor when its lobbiest heads the FCC.

    i continue to be appalled by the paltry sums for which politicians sell out the people they represent; although we do fail to count the “consultant jobs” a/k/a “influence peddling” with which they are rewarded or in rahm’s case, chicago mayorship.

  • karenjj2 commented on the diary post 100 Years Ago This Week; The Battle of the Marne Changed the World by Ohio Barbarian.

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    this history lesson is very much appreciated, ohiogringo.

    it seems like the USian’ Ukranian coup “leaders” are the latest that fail to realize how fierce people in defense of their homes and existence can be — especially when faced with imported and domestic mercenaries parading into their bombed cities and towns.

  • so now we see the reward for Abbas’ cooperation with the IDF occupation of his remaining fractured sliver of Palistine.

  • karenjj2 commented on the diary post Real Fiscal Responsibility 2; Carter: Stagnation and Unemployment by letsgetitdone.

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    good summary, letsgetitdone. so after 50 years of implementing “austerity” as economic policy, we know it doesn’t work; hence the plan for the foreseeable future is to “double down” on austerity until the deficit is eliminated and a balanced budget occurs via increased tax cuts to the job creators. /s * in case you couldn’t [...]

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