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    Well, the TRUTH is about to kick-in the door in Ferguson, and the black racists are going to be exposed as the liars they are…of course, the Democrats’ MSM will ignore the truth and slither away at that point. Basically, Brown attacked the officer at least twice (three if he also slammed the door)…

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    Jeff Bezos of Amazon just bought The Washington Post. Yep, at an 87% loss from a decade ago…”You figure in ten years of inflation and we are probably over 90%.” The liberal propaganda rags are falling … falling, well, they’re in total collapse. NYT’s next? Lies don’t sell anymore, apparently.

  • He now faces up to 128 years in prison, so he’ll be in prison for the rest of his life. Big moment of the day: Hearing the breakfast food carts coming into your pod’s control room area. Second Big moment of the day: Hearing the lunch carts coming into your pod’s control room area. Third Big moment of the day…well, after over 50 years of daily exposure to those 1rst two Big moments, that third one loses it’s excitement pretty quickly.

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    What’s not to hate? A Gov’t that selects groups or individuals to harass, limit, imprison, etc. is to be loved?! A Gov’t that picks the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda as its ally, and then covers-up their murders of 1 Ambassador and 3 other Americans is to be loved!?! A Gov’t that has one of its Unions basically running the IRS (see Union President Colleen Kelley) is to be loved?! A Gov’t that continues to promote an employee who has a history of harassing American citizens who oppose the Democratic Party (see Lois Lerner history at the FEC and then at the IRS) is to be loved? A Gov’t that selects opponents and/or reporters, etc. to spy on whilst individuals like the Boston Bombers are allowed total freedom, and even an Obama Phone to remotely explode the bombs is to be loved? I’m guessing that even a Gov’t that ships off groups of people to Concentration Camps is also to be loved…

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    International Workers’ Day has been a total flop here in America, huh. OWS couldn’t make it even with the massive 24/7 pumped up news on it by the Democrats MSM last year. Bet that disaster has cost the liberals a lot of money.

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    Funny. BTW, 18,000 minus 39 equals at least 17,961 left. Some of those 39 are already begging to come back, but they are now behind new sponsors and may not be allowed back anyway. I have called DIRECTV and told them to cancel my HBO subscription…they asked why, and I told them HBO promotes HATE movies and programs – Examples 1) – HBO’s new HATE filled movie – Game Change. Another hit piece against Sarah Palin. 2) – HBO’s grand pooh-bah of media misogyny is without a doubt Bill Maher.

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    What did you Democrat supporters (who voted for Obama) expect? BTW, the uninsured numbers are going to skyrocket when the Obamacare actually kicks in. It will be cheaper for employers to drop their insurance at that point. Anyone actually working can expect huge tax increases to pay for this disaster. Palin was right, Death Panels are on the way…heck, Death Panels may be added to our public schools soon, and start executing students who bring Non-Gov’t Approved lunches to school.

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    Closer to the 33% or less, in truth. The other 65% and 1% recognize that gov’t, not wall street, is and has been the problem. Obama is going to be tossed out next year, along with a huge amount of democrat congressmen.

  • You’re right … that 4% of the tax burden paid by the bottom 50% of wage earners does…NOT! BTW, over 96% of the tax burden is paid by the top 50% of wage earners…

  • “Someone give that guy a radio show”!?! He sounds like a bigot…at best, focusing on a minority of American citizens. Maybe FDL will sponsor a radio show for him; however, I can assure you that it will be a failure…well, other than being a black-hole for pouring your money into.

    Also, that 1% he spews hatred towards pays about 39% of the income tax revenue. The bottom 50% of wage earners pay less than 4% of the income tax burden.

    BTW, focusing on a minority is how the Adolf’s Nazis did it…

  • Upwind might smell OK, but downwind is – “Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR”

  • It’s becoming a joke…well, maybe not for those living near the demonstrators or those with small businesses in the area. Terrible for those innocent people.

    A picture says it ALL

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    Lets get real here…jobs ain’t coming back until Obama is gone. He has done all he could to destroy jobs and job creation, and every knows it.

  • Probably because you worship the Global Warming God…and, sorry, humble me can’t help you with that problem.

  • “..65 environmentalists” demonstrating for a return to 10,000 BC. Well, at least that would get us out of these Democratic Party Ponzi schemes. Yes, I know, we humans have melted all the Ice Ages … so we must be punished, so says the Global Warming God. And, it is better to send billions of dollars to our enemies than to keep it here for creating new jobs and helping our poor … so says the Global Warming God.

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    Actually, Perry believes that global warming and the Ice Ages melting were/are natural occurrences. Liberals believe that mankind causes global warming and caused the Ice Ages to melt.

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    Yeah, he’ll talk about US jobs whilst riding around in one of the two taxpayer-financed luxury buses the government had custom built — in Canada.

    We could payoff the debt if the US had a dime for every time he talked about re-focusing on job creation. As Food Stamp President, he now claims that food stamps create jobs…and people actually voted for him!?

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    Neither Romney nor Paul will end up as the Republican nominee. I like Bachmann, Bolton, Cain and Perry. Am hoping that Palin will enter the race, and drag the racist Rev. Wright – and his racist TUCC group – into this Presidential election, and remind everyone that Obama spent over 20 years at the feet of Wright. Perry looks like the hot favorite, though I’ll support Palin first…

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    It’s the debt, stupid. BTW, Moody’s continues to issue warnings…they’re just lagging behind right now. Basically, the US takes in $180-billion a month, then borrows $120-billion a month so it can spent $300-billion a month, and liberals ‘tHiNk‘ the US deserves a AAA credit rating. The US wants to borrow even more!? The US paid $414-billion in “Interest Expense” last year!

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