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    HI Michael,
    Can you give me some guidance on contacting project censored? I don’t want to Google something up with the name and assume that’s the same site or organization. So pointers? Thanks, Kathy

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    Thanks for the good and comprehensive article, Michael. It’s as if the manipulated election of ’04 never existed, because as you wrote, Kerry and the Democrats helped out with the damage control. I can remember the whispers and the quick extinguishing of the facts and incidents surrounding it. Both parties were quick to put that [...]

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    If the lowered gas prices stay, Obama’s chances are improved.

    Does anyone know what happened to Obama opening up the strategic oil reserves? He did that in June and the gas prices went down dramatically in weeks. Are they still open or accessible? I never heard anything about them closing afterwards, and can’t find any followthrough after the opening.

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    It’s Mitt Romney, the GOP’s choice, vs Obama.

    That’s what my tea leaves say!

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    The media has been suggestive in their coverage of OWS that violence could break out. I’ve seen OWS news that was immediately preceded or prefaced by scenes of violence from Greece with demonstrators hurling things. I have a hard time not expecting the NYPD to pull more caveats; or for the shiny boots to be [...]

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    Actually, there are a growing number of progressives and especially those on the left whose enmity towards BO is at almost the same level as the the Birthers and Tea Partiers. He’s become a perceived Manchurian kind of candidate for both the left and right.

    I think of him now as a prepackaged bought and paid for candidate prior to ’07. He’s mediocre, not Manchurian IMHO. It’s a sad nation state and state of affairs.

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    A computer OS and OWS are apples to oranges IMHO. I find it ironic as the movement expands, how non-activists who aren’t in the trenches with the participants ( BTW, not directed as innuendo towards author) want to pontificate on how it should be run. A lot of the so-called objective media perspectives call upon [...]

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    About the cyber attacks on drones–

    I recalled the recent announcements to classify cyber attacks as an act of war that would incur retaliation:


    It appears that they (cyber attacks) were on the verge of being classified as an act of war months ago, but then nothing was apparently done to finalize that. The news on their imminent new classification and declared consequences seem to have disappeared, at least in the google domains.

    Nothing meets the eye with the news about virally infected drones.

    shekissesfrogs might be onto something–that the virus was for DoD funding purposes. It’s strange how national security isn’t being invoked with this. That certainly doesn’t mean there will be any future restraint on allegations of cyber attacks and retaliations towards “rogue nations.”

  • My take, too.

    Is this coincidental to the DNA code to pot very recently being broken, which can produce a GM product without the psychoactive effects? I imagine this new strain is ripe for the pharmaceutical picking.

    Never mind the dying and sick folks, the state majority votes for medical pot, or how the medical legalization of it could significantly curb the cartel involvement with it in the states.

    What’s next that could be seized by the Pharma and GMO industries?

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    The writing was on the wall last year with the economic and unemployment conditions.

    I’d say the representatives have been in greater denial than the people.

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