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    Poor John Galt. Now he’s definitely going on strike.

    Thank you for this breaking news. After the meningitis scare due to moldy and rancid compound medication, you’d think striking down regulatory authority for that which we the people need to survive: food, water, oxygen, a sustainable planet, and survival, would be anathema.

    But Congress did limit the ability of the FDA to regulate “compounding pharmacies”. After the outcry, many wondered why the FDA didn’t step in. It’s because its authority was overruled. To extend Grover Norquist’s violent metaphor,drowning the government in the bathtub can be lethal to your health.

    I wonder what argument the corporate plaintiffs (who, after all, are people) are making to prevent the EPA from enforcing the CAA. Too expensive? How expensive is a pandemic or a hurricane? Violates the Commerce Clause? Check with the Chief Justice to see if he felt that way about “Obamacare” [sorry to use that prerogative term].