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    Yes, well said.

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    God, if this is the actual information from his press conference, he’s certainly one of the whiniest ex jocks around. It’s the governor’s fault he blew through nearly 100 million dollars running a video game company? Couldn’t be that he’s not much of a businessman, now could it?

    I see him making a run for public office in the near future, just so he can help run the country as well as he ran his business. Worked for W. Why not Curt?

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    Mother Church does not own those hospitals. The hospitals are owned by the various nursing orders who founded them. That’s the way it has always been. The orders operate under charters from the Church, but they own their own property, which is not the same as the individual nuns owning anything. Thus, the sisters are very conveniently being investigated by Rome for, in the words of the letter from the Vatican, “their radical feminist’ views”. They are unhappy with the sisters for spending too much time worrying about the poor and not speaking out against abortion enough. So, they hope to squelch all that “radical feminism” and, I think, try to get their hands on the hospitals, which are pretty lucrative. But they don’t own them. In fact, in St. Louis a few years back the Jesuits sold St. Louis University Hospital and the bishop was very unhappy about it. They pretty much told him to pound sand.

  • Hey, it sells. These guys are nothing but hucksters and their brand of hate sells just fine. Humans love feeling superior to someone else, really anyone else.

    I doubt if Obama was counting on this guy’s vote anyway. If it hadn’t been this reason, he’d have had to sit down and come up with another for not voting for a black man. If you hate LGBT people, it’s a pretty safe bet they aren’t the only people you hate.

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    About to have a brand new IVF grandchild delivered within the next 2 weeks. As a woman who considered herself Catholic until about 6 months ago, I can only say that the Catholic Church is so screwed up on the subject of procreation, sex, ladyparts, and all things relating to them that that was one of the five or six final deciding factors on my permanent “estrangement” from this bunch of old girly men who run the place. We are so thankful for this child and these old jackasses would suck all the joy out of this wonderful celebration of life. Also, if abortion is wrong, how can this be wrong? It’s damned if you do, damne if you don’t, literally, to hear them pontificate.

  • The error in the article above is that obedience is NOT the only thing that the Bishops and the Vatican want. They also want MONEY. The sisters are aging and many of the orders have holdings such as small colleges, lucrative hospital affiliations with large health corportations, etc. When the Vatican first sent out the [...]

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    Very well put, perris. Mind if I use this? I am on a quest to help these women.

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    Thank you. This is a terrible situation. The Church is very consrvative and the sisters tend to be progrssives, many of them. That is also another nail in the coffin.

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    There’s nothing I enjoy more than a false equivalency that lets the hierarchy of the Catholic Church off the hook. If muslims kill women,and we’re not talking about that today, at this exact moment, then that MUST mean we all favor that. Yes, I see. I’m sorry I even brought that up.

    Anyhow, the nuns are under attack because they care about the poor, tend to vote Democratic and gave Obama “cover” on the Affordable Care Act.

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    The church never has. That’s not the way it works. The orders are independent and have to fend for themselves. Many teaching orders don’t have enough money to take care of their elderly nuns, so they live on minimum social security, medicare and medicaid. The church wants the money that the nursing orders have made in their health systems by merging with medical corportations. This is a money grab, nothing else. This “orthodoxy” bull is made up to cover the attempt to steal the monies of these orders, if the questions that they have asked the sisters are any indication. They are mostly financial in nature.

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    The religious women of the Catholic Church here in America have been under investigation by the Vatican since right around the time that sisters announced their support of the Affordable Care Act, after the Bishop’s Conference opposed it. That’s the big problem…nuns didn’t agree with the bishops in this country and have been in deep trouble ever since. They sent a very conservative nun to inspect all the orders papers, wanting to know how much money the various orders were worth, how much they spent per sister taking care of their members, what they owned, etc. The sisters were less than cooperative and pretty much told Mother Malia to pound sand. This did not sit well with the bishops, who, again, complained to Rome.

    In short, they want the Sister’s money, which has always been separate from the funds of the Catholic Church. The predominantly teaching orders don’t have much, but the nursing orders have lucrative agreements with hospital corporations. The bishops want that money. There are loads of bankrupt or nearly bankrupt dioceses in the United States, bankrupt because of lawsuits. So, they want the funds of the nursing orders before they last of the nuns pass away and do something foolish like give it to help the poor or something. Thus, you have this witch hunt. The sisters need the help of progressives around this country as they are being attacked by the hierarchy. Most of them are older ladies who have given their lives to teaching and nursing others, and this is how they are appreciated in the end.