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  • kbki202 commented on the diary post Same As It Ever Was: War, Peace, Wall Street, and the Smothers Brothers by Kit OConnell.

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    Interesting to bring up Stewart here. As some may already know, I have zero time for the man. I allege he is the official court jester of the 0,01%. They are very comfy with him. The fact his “comedy” program is in no danger of being cancelled makes you wonder, even if it isn’t a [...]

  • kbki202 commented on the diary post Proof That Fox News Has Been Trolling Us All Along by Elliott.

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    Stewart is the official clown of the 0.01%: They are very comfy with him. If you want to watch him set up his clown store, and perform his “hilarious” shooting-fish-in-the-barrel schtick, you’re free to waste your time that way. But be aware, it is just as much a waste of time, and just as much [...]

  • There’s been a lot of strange goings on in the shark-infested waters surrounding the banks and the stawk-market. However, this activity may not be confined to banksters. If I were Mr Kidney, I’d be very careful around nail guns and never set foot in a tall building again as long as I lived.

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    I think things have changed a bit since then.

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    The BBC world service, and BBC news in general has descended to depths of ludicrous hackery previously unplumbed by all but the truly dumbest networks of the USA. If the BBC were a dog, you would take it outside and put it out of its misery.

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    Ed Miliband is a snivelling piece of neo-liberal slime. His brother is up to his neck in complicity in acts of torture and rendition, and now works for the ludicrous CIA front organisation “The International Rescue Committee” – no doubt there to rescue any captured CIA agent anywhere on the planet, and with a gargantuan [...]

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    Sorry, but what exactly do any of the plutocrats have to fear from the passive, divided, ignorant, inchoate raging schmucks who make up the US population? There is no serious opposition to them anywhere. Does someone expect Obama, or the Democrat wing of the uni-fascist party to save the day?

    The oppression can be ramped up by orders of magnitude with no fear of a meaningful response. They could probably go full North Korean if they wanted, by when it would be too late to do anything. Things will get much much worse than they are. You’ve seen nothing yet.

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    Besides that, haven’t you reached the stage yet in Amerika where the “youtube how-to fix a broken arm” video is the default solution for the un- or under-insured masses?

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    but it is hard to imagine someone doing a worse job.

    They’ll try their hardest to find that person. Don’t worry.

  • Worst president in history. By a long, long way. And pure evil incarnate, to boot. What a guy!

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    Worst president in history. And by some margin. The events of the past month and his reaction to them have proven this once and for all. This man is just evil.

  • You are run by criminals.

    You would be on far less shaky ground than Ukraine if you took the Ukrainian approach to dealing with them. Unfortunately, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of this happening because a large percentage of your population have bought into propaganda and lies and are too venal and lazy to act.

    Your country is a danger to the rest of the world. Its people are directly responsible for this, and should be held to account by the rest of the world. Sympathy for you elsewhere is evaporating with every new revelation and pronouncement, accompanied by the abject silence of the population.

  • A depressing example of how rotten to the core your country and its establishment are. With plenty of brainwashed Nazi drones amongst the general populace, braying support for the clowns in charge and spewing hatred against whatever random group they are told to, this is going to get much worse. It also shows how far reaching the clearing of the decks will have to be whenever the time finally comes (which it must do some day). It will make Ukraine’s recent travails look like a stroll in the park.

  • kbki202 commented on the blog post Sochi: Pussy Riot Attacked, Beaten by Police With Whips

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    They do appear to have become the useful idiots of the western, neo-liberal, criminal elites. It’s surprising. You’d think they’d be smart enough to understand that both sides are “wrong” and all must go before we can make any progress. Putin and Obama are two cheeks of the same arse. No argument about it. Put them all on a remote island with few resources – all the neocons, all the oligarchs, all the neo-liberal scum, from wherever they may hail and let them fight it out, until only a couple are left. Take that couple, lock them up and throw away the key.

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    We, the Mainstream US-ian media, do faithfully swear to uphold the plutocracy, to never report news that offends them in any way, and to brand all those who dare to challenge our benign oligarchy, traitors, scum, and deserving of the death penalty.

    We are the humblest servants of our righteous kleptocratic elites.

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    Pussy Riot, evil Putin, evil Russkies, yes, evil. Look! Over there! Evil!

    Nothing to see here. Move along now. We’re your friendly plutocrats. You’ll be alright with us. Not like those Russkies with their evil, evil, evil Putin! Look. There he is. Over there. Evil I tell you.

  • kbki202 commented on the diary post If Bernie Sanders Runs in 2016: Dem, Indy, or Green? by Scott McLarty.

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    He could run on the kabuki party ticket? Or the LOTE (where T stands for three) party?

    Or the “Obfuscation party” ticket?

    Or maybe a combination of all three – lote-kabuki-obfuscation party.

  • kbki202 commented on the blog post Is Any Democrat Desperate Enough to Challenge Clinton?

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    So Obama is about as popular as GWB, which you’d expect, seeing as we’ve just witnessed Bush’s 3rd and 4th terms with some added bells and whistles (or rather with some electrified bells added to parts of various whistleblowers’ anatomies).

    Yet, Clinton is wildly popular? If people in America really are that stupid, they deserve everything they will get. And more, and more and more.

  • Trust the Pakistanis to take kabuki to a whole, new level.

    Damn, the Demopublicans in Washington must be envious of them.

  • The most shocking thing here is still the government of Roussef though. Yaps incredibly loudly, louder than any others, but a swift pull of the choke chain and she’s back to heel. Sell-out crypto-neo-liberal fucker that she is. Hope a new round of riots does for her properly.

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