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  • A summary of articles about David Gregory’s journalism….

    “Here’s a barrel. With some fish in it. Here’s a gun. Off you go!”

  • kbki202 commented on the diary post Not Just the Atlantic: Obama Leasing Millions of Gulf Acres for Offshore Drilling by Steve Horn.

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    Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaw!

    Drill Bambi, drill!

  • kbki202 commented on the blog post The 2016 Republican Frontrunner Is Rand Paul

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    But perhaps the 1% party is losing steam now? Maybe they’ll even have to resort to full-on election fixing (like their not-friend, Vladimir)? Risky strategy in the US, maybe.

  • kbki202 commented on the blog post The 2016 Republican Frontrunner Is Rand Paul

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    I’m not sure how this does help that, though.

    Paul is clearly not of purest hellspawn. He represents something genuinely different. It would be interesting to see what he could get done. But most of his positions put him at total variance to crony capitalist interests across the government and international business. To many ordinary people, he could appear far, far better than any LOTE candidate.

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    The problem for Paul is that he strays so far from the Uniparty line on some issues dear to their hearts, that they’ll go to absolutely any lengths they have to (you know what that can mean) to stop him.

    No point thinking of him as Demopublican or whatever. He’s not of purest hellspawn. Therefore, he is a potentially enormous threat.

  • As a general aside to everyone. As far as I’m aware, Edward Snowden does not have a college degree. What most degrees are worth these days is, of course, another issue. After all, both Obama and his predecessor have them in abundance. But. If you want to see a real intellectual, engaging in deep reflection, [...]

  • Good for Obama if he likes art, architecture, and literature

    But this is the problem Stewart. He doesn’t like any of them. He likes to wear the clothes of one who does like them, though. He wants to appear to be the intellectual, and is probably convinced he knows something too because of his raging, out-of-control [...]

  • But the one obvious difference between Obomber and Bushie is that Obomber’s self-regard knows no upper limit. It’s hard to believe Bushie ever took himself seriously. He loved baseball and discovered one day that pretzels were dangerous. He loved clearing brush. Obomber sincerely believes he’s clever. In fact, he’s sure he’s the smartest guy in [...]

  • Thumbnail Obama is increasingly open about courting the wealthy. The title really is necessary. What can one say to this jaw-dropping, stunning example of the narcissism of the worst president in history (of anywhere, never mind the United States).

    In a summer when the president is traveling across the country meeting with ordinary Americans under highly choreographed conditions, [...]

  • Freedom Baby! Taste the freedom! Yeah!!!

  • Rule of law is gone now. You live in a totalitarian state.

  • kbki202 commented on the blog post Germany Boots CIA Station Chief Over Spying Scandals

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    The fallout continues….

    Now, I have to ask. Within the obviously broken-beyond-repair system of government in the USA, who of the currently plausible candidates would possibly change any of this (international relations and foreign warmongering and interference and sewing of global catastrophe) for the better?

    Obviously Jill Stein. Except you cannot see her getting elected.

    The other possibility would be Rand Paul. He is substantially worse than his father on many issues, unfortunately, but he would claim to want to deescalate, disarm, and presumably, leave all foreign “allies” in relative peace. And he could just pull off a victory. The Hilary brand can’t escape fallout from the now clearly, by many, many miles, worst presidency in history. The sulphurous smell that Chavez once commented on must be ten times stronger with the current incumbent. He is a hellspawn, deathbot. Emotionless, and purely evil.

    What would Rand Paul really do on these issues (ones where he actually could achieve stuff fairly easily). And what are his full positions on CIA torture, investigations into it, and out-of-control secureaucrats generally? Could he potentially get medieval on their evil asses?

  • Nasty, reactionary country. Always desperately sucking up to those it perceives as powerful, whilst living in a state of permanent paranoia regarding Russia. Living in denial of reality, convinced that acting “right wing and tough” will somehow magically levitate them to the top of the heap.

    There’ve been even worse examples of this, like the claims regarding the crash of Kaczynski’d plane. That was truly embarrassing.

  • kbki202 commented on the blog post The Roundup for June 24th, 2014

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    but in case you missed it.

    That rumbling sound you keep hearing isn’t the conflagration in the Middle East or Eastern Europe. This apocalypse is much closer to home….

    Remember Barry said there’d be consequences if Russia kept up its meddling? Well, here they are!

    APOCALYPSE 1) GDP Q1 revised down to -2.9% !!! – final revision.

    APOCALYPSE 2) Durable goods orders (driver of promised Q2 mega bounce back) collapse…..

    But don’t worry….you see, you can eat and drink accounting tricks. No honestly, they put food on the table!

    Bullish! Buy stawks now!

  • It also means that there is no clear prohibition on military torture and abuse of prisoners in a time of war.

    Oh, but there most definitely IS…

    The prohibition comes from the UN convention on torture, to which the US is signatory, and which is not actually enforced or policed by the farcical US judicial system. Craven, bent judges like the ones in this story wouldn’t sit on cases involving the convention. Real judges, interested in justice would do that instead.

    So don’t, please, write such bullshit arguments. The US is most certainly and clearly prohibited from doing any of these things, by legislation it cannot actually control. Currently therefore, most of the executive part of US government are committing criminal acts almost daily by virtue of the statute.

    As with the dollar reserve system, so too the farcical corrupt judicial system of the US is a house of cards that can fall at any second. If the wind changes, it will be gone faster than you can imagine. Faster than any eastern european regime collapse. And when it goes, the justice denied will be finally exacted.

  • kbki202 commented on the diary post VIDEO: To Prison For Poverty by Jordan Melograna.

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    You’ve completely lost it now in the US. I hope you realise this. Here is the perfect illustration. Now. This most definitely could NEVER happen in the country where I live. And it never will be able to. But for the USA? Hey look….the future! Isn’t it wonderful? And remember that book from a bit [...]

  • kbki202 commented on the diary post Losing it… by David Seaton.

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    I think there is little point in hoping for a peaceful or even relatively peaceful transition. Like the commenter above, I see the US population as almost completely willing to act against its own interests, probably to the point of committing genocide for their plutocrat paymasters. If conditions deteriorate further, and let’s face it, this [...]

  • kbki202 commented on the blog post Russia And China Complete $400 Billion Energy Deal

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    Indeed. But you only cover a tiny part of the significance of this. It is likely that trade in this deal will be conducted in convertible Yuan. The dollar has no place here. The single reason the United States is currently able to print money with no consequence, despite an abysmal, failing and corrupt economy, is that the rest of the world accepts the dollar as a reserve currency. Many transactions not linked in any way to the USA are carried out in dollars. This deal marks the true beginning of the end of this.

    There is much more afoot however. The BRICS have a summit this July. They will be finalizing their new development bank, an alternative to the neo-liberal, Washington run, IMF. They are also heading towards a new reserve currency, or more likely basket of currencies. The Euro will apparently be welcome in this. The dollar will not.

    In the end, this serves to illustrate how out of touch and incompetent the US government has become. There has been a decline in quality of astonishing proportions, as corruption has spread exponentially across the American state. Of course, this is a logical consequence, but nevertheless shocking to behold.

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    You will be hanging the rich long before any government that can arise in your country begins taxing them.

    However, neither will ever come to pass. Inchoate rage is all that your pathetically cowed populace produce in response to being crushed under the wheels of oligarchy.

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    By default, most roads are at or close to horizontal. Solar photovoltaic panels run at at least 20% less efficiency across the latitudes of much of the United States as a result. Getting maximum efficiency out of current pv technology remains absolutely critical to their economic viability. The result is you would not normally build something sub-optimal until such time as all the “optimal” spots have been used up first.

    They address (but then don’t really) the question in their “numbers” section. In the end, they just state how much less efficient horizontal panels are than tilted ones, and then blather about a hypothetical “huge” amount of pv energy you get by covering all roads and parking spaces in solar pv. Big deal. Of course, this would be wonderful. Except you could comfortably beat the performance and cost effectiveness with any one of a half dozen other renewable energy schemes. When you play games of infinite resources available, the sky is really the limit….(indeed, by far the most cost-effective solar scheme would be a solar installation on the Moon, and power transfer by “power beaming”. Look it up. It is completely technologically feasible, and even with existing space technology, would be able to undercut even the most optimistic long term energy prices from fossil, nuclear and terrestrial renewable schemes – for the cost of 1 Iraq war).

    So I really fail to see why this is a good idea.

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