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  • After reading this entire article I was honestly shocked. I immediately read it to my friend in the room and we thought it was a joke. Society has created names for a crime like this, hence “domestic violence”, because they need to be labeled and easily recognized. Men particularly lose control of their so-called power boundary and to gain authoritative control over their partner or another individual they will go to extreme measures. Domestic violence is not a casual crime, so who is the one to judge whether its worth dismissing or not. Clearly that person has not been a victim, or known a serious victim of domestic violence. The effects and memories of domestic violence can last forever and have a great impact on someone’s life. If the county chooses not to take any action than the victims of domestic violence will never get justice; therefore, they will forever live in fear of the reoccurrence of such a horrible act. Men are not usually not the victims of domestic violence so sure, they aren’t going to see this as a big deal, but to women the fear of knowing that no one is looking out for you, is simply not fair. I agree when the author says, “Perhaps they feel it’s more advantageous to roll the dice and hope only some of the abusers will escalate to homicide.” Domestic violence is a stepping-stone and a gateway to much more serious crimes. So by letting the abusers go, they are being allowed back to a dangerous situation where it may soon escalate.

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