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  • This same ploy against Social Security, that it will go somehow go bankrupt or otherwise fail, has been used for decades. In the mid-90s the CBO projection about Social Security was that, at worst, it would pay out only 85% of what recipients expect to get over a similar time frame.

    The two largest factors in reduced expectations for Social Security payouts are the little to no wage growth over the past three or four decades and our new unemployment economy, that is drastically reducing the amount of money being paid into the current system and the “trust”. (I believe we are now dipping into that trust to make current payments, which is a few years earlier than projected.)

    Then there is this: Obama’s little touted payroll tax cut is to FICA taxes, not our payroll income taxes. So he reduced the amount we are paying into our savings for Social Security. If you cut the amount you are saving for retirement, you are going to have less money when you retire. And he says we need to fix Social Security.

    I’m guessing that someone is paid to shave Obama because I cannot figure out how that guy can look at himself in the mirror.

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    Uh: this is what Barnes wrote “Contrary to the media narrative, Tea Party Republicans in the House didn’t oppose Boehner. Most voted with him. Only 10 of the 87 GOP freshmen, the Tea Party core in Congress, voted “no.” Credit the Tea Party, however, with creating the climate for cutting spending and the idea of [...]

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    Creating the artificial crisis was the only way Obama and his henchpeople and congressional partners could loosen support for SS and the two Meds. Now, the congressional committee on deficits may fail to come to an agreement, but don’t bet on it.

    The fix, as a movie gangster would put it, is in.

    BTW: when, since December 2000, has the Constitution really mattered?

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    Only us f’ing retards noticed, Jane.

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    McConnell: “the chances of any kind of tax increase passing with the appointees John Boehner and i are going to put in there are very low” There might be a token few, if any, dems appointed to the joint congressional committee that will as fiercely protect SS and the two Meds. Watch as the committee [...]

  • This time around, the borrowing limit brouhaha is mainly about Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Obama is the last best chance the financial powers that be have to get their hands on the SS money. A Republican president, with or without a Republican controlled congress, couldn’t do it. Obama was selected because he is the best shot the financial industry has to get a hold of that pile of money.

    A lot of people wondered why Obama did not heavily publicize the cut in payroll tax he was able to pass. That is because it was a cut in the FICA: the money used for Social Security. He was afraid too many people would notice.

    Now, to “fix” SS, he wants to reduce the amount SS recipients receive, possibly by changing the formula used to calculate the cost of living increase for SS recipients and raising the age people can start collecting. Since SS is not even a budget item, and has never contributed to the debt or deficit. Except that the extra money collected for it over the past two decades, or so, has been borrowed by congress to pay current bills. Now that this borrowing has come due, a few years sooner than expected (mainly because of the recession and Obama’s payroll tax deduction), SS has become part of the budget, in a criminally intentional way.

    Obama is the most cynical president we’ve ever elected. No other president would have the audacity to do this. But remember this: he will be one of the richest ex-presidents in US history (not counting those like the Bushes, who already had more money than God). Obama was chosen very skillfully by the financial industry and it, not those $5 and $10 contributions from the “little people,” made him president.

    None of the big holders of US debt is worried about not being paid; at worst any lowering of America’s credit rating only means they will get a higher interest rate a short time after whatever new date (it has been pushed back several times this year already) the administration decides it can get away with. The only people who have to worry about getting their money are SS recipients, government employees and others too small for our president and congress to care about.

    Those old folks who stood up at the town meetings two summers ago and told their congressional representatives “to keep their hands off of my Medicare” understood, far better than the commentators who made these old folks out to be stupid, what was at stake. The problem is that which group of bums do we vote out of office: the Dems or the Repubs? At least our social programs seemed safer under a Repub president.

    Liberal Dems are now reaping the results of many years of holding our noses and voting for the least bad alternative. This time, the Dems made the worst possible choice, and unless they can come up with an alternative very quickly, they, and all of America, are stuck with that choice.

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    SS is on the table now because it represents Obama’s last best hope of wrapping it up for the financial industry. They have all but ended the traditional pension industry and forced us to put our money into 401(k)s to rip us off whenever they wish, so SS is the largest pool of untouched money available.

    They want us unemployed, sick and dead, but not until they can take as much money from us as possible.

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    Obama represents the last best hope the financial interests have to damage Social Security. I did not vote for Obama because he was manufactured by the financial industry, but I did not believe he had the audacity to hurt/dismantle Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security all at one time.

    The ruling elites of the Dems and Repubs are working together against our social programs and our only hope is that the Repub no, not-ever-a-tax-increase crowd and/or a sufficient amount of Dems who will defend these programs to the bitter end will stop Obama.

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    Sorry if you have been called names. I hope you note that I never called you a name or otherwise besmirched your character.

    While I did not specifically say Obama is more cynical than Bill Clinton, I did say and believe Obama is the most cynical politician of my lifetime, your point is correct. No matter how cynical you believe Clinton is please note that under his presidency, over 23 million jobs were created; that is the most of all presidencies since Truman’s, when the figures were first collected. Now presidents do not wave a magic wand and create jobs, but their policies do contribute to job creation. Both Presidents Bush eras, BTW, were times when the least amount of jobs were created. We’ll see at the end of his first term how Obama has done in this category.

    Clinton is about the only leading political figure who has pushed a jobs agenda. Now you might pooh pooh his goals: create a service the matches job openings to currently unemployed people, offer companies incentives to train unemployed American as opposed to hiring immigrants and conduct talks with corporations sitting on large amounts of cash and find out what it would take for them to spend the money. That’s fair since our current unemployment crises is one created by loss of demand for goods, not by a mismatch in worker skills. But if Obama had simply instituted even these modest policies, I think a full point or two could have been shaved off the unemployment numbers. Instead, Obama has done virtually nothing.

    I have not said anything irrational. You may not agree with my conclusions, but the basis for them are hardly irrational. I have never questioned Obama’s religion or place of birth, two examples of irrationality, nor do I go around calling politicians Nazis, fascists, etc. unless they are actually members of the Nazi party or call themselves fascists. It was very disturbing to me when, during the Bush II administration, a billboard near my apartment was plastered with a depiction of him looking as goofy as Alfred E. Newman. The chimp depictions of him equally repulsed me.

    It is because Obama’s governing and his actual policies, as opposed to his rhetoric, go against my ideas of how American government should work that I hope people wake up and keep him from having a second term. I barely followed the 2008 election once Obama won the nomination since I knew he was no liberal and out of line with the Democratic party I once supported. Less than a month ago I registered to vote in my new community and for the first time since 1976, did not register as a Democrat. That was a very painful decision for me.

    I happened to read FDL today after a kind of lull of several months having to do with my moving to a new town and establishing myself in a new job. FDL is hardly my only source of information; thanks to the Internet I read nearly every kind of news from all over the world (if it is in English that is). I stay in touch with all shades of political views. And I do not watch television; don’t own one and never will. Paying roughly $100 a months for scores of channels I care nothing about is a the biggest waste of money I can imagine.

    If the comments here seem glum remember that we are living in horrible times. Only the stories I listened to from people who survived the great depression match the kind of gloom people feel today. The single most important problem in America today is jobs and only when the monthly unemployment figures are released do news outlets report about the problem. Long-term unemployment is easting away at the soul of the American people and nearly everyone I meet understands their jobs are constantly at risk. The widespread insecurity is palpable. The media does not report it because such coverage does not jive with its most important job: selling stuff.

    Obama did not cause the mess, but he has taken on responsibility for it by his inaction. I am not calling for anything other than taking away his job as president by the voting booth. He has done a bad job and deserves to be fired. If enough people disagree, then he will continue another four years, heaven help us. I feel no personal hatred for him as I felt none for Bush. Neither one should have served as president of the United States and we are are paying the price for having made the mistake of allowing them to serve us in this capacity.

    It is going to take generations to shake the devastation of this recession from our country, as it did after the great depression. The real unfortunate problem we face is that no one I know of can step it and serve to ease the bitter mess created by our ruling class in the past decade. We are in for more terrible times until someone does.

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    The point is Obama does not want to unilaterally raise the debt limit.

    The debt limit is the MacGuffin. The real target is our social programs. This has always been Obama’s goal. The Repubs would have never been able to touch them without Obama’s help. Not Reagan, not Bush and not even Obama (with a full Democratic congress) were able to touch Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. But Obama can with the Repubs. The disastrous 2010 elections, for Dems, was the best thing that could have happened to Obama.

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    Obama with a fully-charged Repub congress will be very scary, indeed. “Anybody but Obama” is my choice for slogan.

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    Obama is the best Dems have for 2012. Love or hate him, that is political reality. Obama’s political calculation is that most Congressional Dems have to go along with him since their fates are intertwined with his. Unless there is an alternative for professional Dems, they will live or die by what Obama does.

    Most Dems went along with Obama and reaped the results of 2010. That result might break enough Dems away from Obama to doom his coming compromise.

    Obama’s focus on his own success, at the expense of the party, is causing the greatest damage to the Democratic Party I have ever seen, and that covers a lot of self-destructive pols that the Dems have produced since the 1960s.

    Something tells me that once Obama’s reign ends (and I hope that happens in January 2013) he is not going to be a very beloved ex-president.

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    SS has been “fixed” many times in the last decade. It is not really in bad shape and has nothing at all to do with our deficit. It is not part of the budget. Including it in the same bargaining sessions about the deficit shows they are not seriously discussing deficit reduction. It means Obama is giving Repubs political cover to at least chip away at a program they could never destroy on their own. Obama’s putting SS on the table demonstrates he, too, wants to hurt the system as much as the Repubs.

    The country was in disaster mode when Obama took office (the unemployment rate shot up two points between December 2008 and January 2009 alone). While I understand he wanted to “fix” our healthcare system, that system has been broken for 50 years or more and should not have been his priority. Fixing health care while people could no longer pay mortgages or buy cars simply ignored reality.

    Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan was the greatest gift to Dems since George Bush II. Obama could have let that policy ride and use the issue for 2012. Instead, it he is now going to politically paint over that Repub disaster with an agreement he will hammer out with Repubs this summer. Repubs shot themselves in the foot and he comes over and gives them first aid.

    That Obama and the Repubs are in agreement that fixing an economy in a collapsing job market by cutting government spending demonstrates they live in a dream world, at best. Runaway government spending had nothing at all to do with our economic collapse. Failing to investigate the causes of the economic collapse and then trying to fix them shows Obama is unconcerned about the people who are hurt most in this economy. His early mortgage/foreclosure program mostly served to give banks a head start on getting the foreclosure paperwork ready.

    I could go on; the list is very long.

    Obama the most cynical, untruthful politicians I have ever observed (and that goes back to Lyndon Johnson). He has demonstrated he completely unconcerned about working people, no matter what collar they wear. That seasoned political observers could not see this from the very beginning of his campaign baffles and scares me to this day.

    Given the weak Repub candidate list so far, professional Dems have to stick with Obama. But as the economy worsens, they may be finding themselves backing a dead horse. I remember a very smart, largely unknown, Dem from Arkansas who understood Bush I’s weaknesses like no one else and served two terms. Obama is similarly damaged goods.

    I think voting for Obama is like bashing yourself in the head with a hammer or worse. Obama is just taking money away from us and handing over to the kind of financial ghouls who run Goldman Sachs. He does not even try to hide this.

    The best thing that could happen to this country in the next year and five months is for an “Anybody but Obama” movement to take hold and become strong enough to depose him. No Repub would be nearly as able to cause as much grief as Obama has caused this country. He is the most dangerous person we have ever elected to be president.

    Finally, it grieves me to realize that our first black president (something I thought would not come in my lifetime) is such a lousy one.

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    As much as I like Kucinich, his suit against the Capitol cafeteria shows he has the savvy of a newt. I like Sanders very much he and Vermont’s health new care system make me want to move there (shiver).

    But the Dems won’t allow a true progressive to surface, especially in the 2012 primary, until they suffer from the kind of staggering loss Barry Goldwater did. We have to steel ourselves and leave voting for Dems off our lists to do no matter what in 2012. Huge, staggering loses at the polls seems to be the only thing they will listen to.

    I know it took lots of money to get the nutty conservatives to their current place in politics. We need to figure out how to get ourselves to a similar place with the tools at hand. A political figurehead makes that job easier.

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    It was his goal to dismantle the FDR legacy from the very beginning. It is what he was hired to do. He is doing it this summer because he learned in the near loss of “health care reform” the August town meetings nearly did his program in. Thus the artificial deadline on the debt limit. And it could be the last summer he is able to put his hands on our social programs.

    Look at the congressional majorities that swept into power with FDR. No matter what you think of his policies, FDR’s wake scared the ruling class so much, it enacted a term limit on the office of president. His was a very powerful message that nearly destroyed the GOP. That the current Democrats did not take advantage of the economic disaster in a similar way scares me. That they continue to ignore a more populist platform shows just how short a leash they are tied to. That the most powerful populist message was not used to its full effectiveness in 2008 and 2010 demonstrates how scared the Dems are of the financial powers that be. FDR did not suffer from such fears because he was rich. I don’t think we will get so lucky again.

    No politician should be judged by what is said; only deeds count. There are probably thousands of small details that happen outside the reporting of our lousy press that has been accomplished, but his most important policies regarding war and the economy simply do not demonstrate he is anything but a conservative and a poor president. His health care program is only going to make our medical care more expensive and the economic policies he is about to put in place with the Republicans is based purely on fantasy. We remain at war in two countries and he has started a war in at least a third. His inexperience as an executive is showing to those who want to take a look.

    Long-term unemployment is the most devastating affliction a country can suffer. That Obama has ignored the unemployed is not debatable. His rhetoric on cleaner energy and creating hi-tech jobs and increasing the education level of all Americans is the same bullshit I have heard for five decades from all the presidents in that time. Next to nothing was done.

    Only raising taxes, cutting the military/security and, most importantly, getting people back to work is going to reduce the deficit. Everything else is bullshit.

    Even if all the Obama supporters change their minds in 2012, it will be too late. Obama is now working closely with Republicans to fatally damage Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Even I, who has never supported and only tried to warn people about Obama, never thought he was audacious enough to screw with all three of these most important government programs. I was wrong. If he adds “fixing” these programs along with “fixing” the American health care system to that list he says he keeps in his pocket (the one Rolling Stone failed to ask to see), he won’t care too much if he is not re-elected. He will have done his job.

    Obama is the most dangerous person we have ever elected to the presidency and has caused (and is about to cause) the most damage to working people in my lifetime. I fear that the worst is yet to come.

    I could go on, but the steam coming out of my ears is beginning to hurt.

    Let’s send as many Dems as we can to the locker room and see if that helps. Returning them to office year after year obviously does not work.

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    At the rate of about killing one Osama, that means about 200 years :). I guess that is an improvement over how well we did trying to kill Fidel Castro.

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    His policy priorities are now, and always have been, to dismantle the FDR programs. He does not give a shit about working people, not-working people, ending wars, closing Gitmo, ending the Bush-era tax cuts or anything else along those lines.

    Obama and the whole ruling structure only care about how much money they can grab. If you want to talk about reading, go back to when Bush faced the question of raising the debt limit and see how the political stars aligned, then.

    The ruling elite in DC does not care about cutting spending. They wake up every morning thinking about how they can get power, how they can keep power and how they can get more power. Money is power, and they more money they can control only increases their power. Why would they actually reduce the amount of money they control? This is only about taking the money out of our pockets and putting into other pockets.

    Really cutting the deficit means as full employment as possible, raising taxes and cutting spending on the military/security state. Anything else is bullshit.

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    I do not defend Clinton’s “dismantling of welfare as we know it.” But please direct me to anyone who has done an article or study on exactly what happened to those people who were kicked off welfare. I’m not thinking that the majority of the people who left welfare were “welfare queens” or cheaters (every system has such people) or people who simply took advantage of the program instead of finding work. So where did all these people go? I think many of them just were shuffled around and remain on the public dole in other ways.

    While I hated Clinton’s bill, Democrats are no longer beat up for supporting welfare. That was the goal. But what happened to the welfare people?

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    The best way to punish the Democrats for abandoning working people is to forgo voting. Don’t be scared by Palin or Bachman and the rest. Like George Bush, they could not have the same political backing to do what Obama has done, and is about to do. Neither of them, nor McCain for that matter, would be capable of destroying Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security all at once, or any one of these programs. It has been Obama’s goal from the outset. The powers that be choose exactly the right person to dismantle the last remnants of the FDR agenda. He has said he doesn’t mind being a one-term president, and of course he doesn’t: all his goals have, or are about to be, achieved in this term.

    Mark Halperin is correct, if for the wrong reasons: Obama is a dick as are nearly every one of the Democrats. Americans are about to get the greatest screwing they have ever received and all we can do is pass the petroleum jelly. Remember that President Reagan’s three major goals (at least rhetorically) were to reduce government, end welfare and lower tax rates. He only accomplished the last of these, and he was very popular. Any electable GOP candidate today could never implement the kind of conservative agenda that Obama has, and is about to pass.

    That is what makes him the worst president, ever.

    Voting for anyone is pointless. There are as close to no politicians (save the very few like Bernie Sanders) who will ever respect our support as is theoretically possible. Voting in this era of American politics is like buying a lottery ticket; the chances of hitting the jackpot with office holders who will try to work for our interests is as slim or less than the lottery odds. There once were elected politicians who actually cared about us, or who were afraid enough of the political backlash that they threw us a bone or two. Not today.

    Like him or hate him, but over 23 million jobs were created during President Clinton’s term, the most of any president since such statistics were kept. I don’t remember too many people complaining, then, they were not making enough money. That is the last era when Social Security was too hot to touch. In fact, if you looked as what was actually accomplished, and ignore the rhetoric, a good case could be made for calling President Nixon was the last liberal president.

    It is going to take a generation of work to make politicians again respect progressive voters. Like for the conservatives, who had to rebuild after Barry Goldwater was trounced, progressives need to reassess and restructure. The time to start is now. And pass the petroleum jelly.

  • What is happening to PFC Manning has more to do with making sure others who have access to the files he did understand there are two kinds of justice in this country: what we have written down and codified into law and the unwritten, real way punishment it meted out. They are getting message, even as the American people are not.

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