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  • keagle commented on the blog post Live Video: President Signs McConnell-Obama Tax Plan

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    hurray a giant tax cut to everybody who is currently fucking me over and every jackass thats on t.v. America is clearly saved.

    Fuck every single person on t.v. claiming this will create jobs. Yeah those millionaires and billionaires just couldnt create any jobs in the last 10 years with all their millions and billions of dollars but now since they have a few extra now they can?

    Such horseshit.

    God, and all the apologetic “liberals,” too. “We’re sorry it had to turn out like this” Yeah I’m sure. Every single person on the republican side knows that these fucking democrats will back down on anything and vote for whatever piece of shit bill there is. The reason it turned out like this is because they refuse to take a stand. Sure they’ll make some noise, but in the end they’ll just go along with it.

    I need a drink.

  • keagle commented on the blog post Sunday Late Night: Nature Bats Last

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    I agree with everything you say but “powering out homes with material we cannot get rid of.”

    Hmmm. Deal with 2000 pounds of radioactive waste/year or 2,000,000,000 tons/year of polluted air per coal power plant…each we cannot properly “get rid of.”

    Better certitude than doubt. Don’t let fears of 3 mile island or Chernobyl blind you. Our hubris will indeed be our downfall. Don’t let your anger cast away good alternatives…like nuclear.

  • Fucking bastard, we’ve had decades of these retard drug warriors who help the drug cartels more than stifle them. “Change you can believe in” “It gets better,” neither are true, and will never be true.

    More billions of dollars down the drain, more innocent and nonviolent people thrown in jail, more hundreds of millions of dollars for the drug cartels. Hah, who needs terrorists, republicans or drug kingpins when you have right wing “liberals” like Obama.

  • keagle commented on the diary post Getting Out of a Felony Because Your Employer Won’t Employ Felons by Teddy Partridge.

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    Thats fucking depressing. The law in this country is so schizophrenic and terrible. Double standards abound, a police officer can kill someone and get 2 years…if that, in the wrong state $10 of weed can get you much more than that.

  • woop woop 1 term president

    hahah, yeah go for it white house – go get those voters that hate you and think you’re a terrorist and a muslim and a traitor. Don’t try to appeal to the base and all the independent voters that stayed home from frustration, or try to get the unemployed on your side. Nope. Olive branch and all that hilarious shit.

  • keagle commented on the blog post GOP Plans to Harass EPA on Greenhouse Gas Regulation

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    guess what you can find anyone to agree or backup anything, but just because one or two, or a thousand scientists say “climate change isn’t a big deal” doesn’t make it true when the other million says “yes it is.” The billions of tons of shit in the ocean isn’t good, the millions of tons of polluted air poured into the atmosphere every day doesn’t just magically disappear, all the species going extinct every single day can’t be replaced!

    To compare climate change to Y2K? This is why we will never make progress, this is why we’ll be stuck in the year 2002 forever while our country and world pays dearly for it.

    Fools like you will only realize the truth when its too late, and every single person here realizes that. Our greatest enemy is ourselves, and its fucking damn shame.