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  • keone commented on the diary post Colbert Swallows the Hill-Pill by patrick devlin.

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    It seemed silly and staged to an embarrassing degree. Sad for both the actors.

  • keone commented on the diary post The ‘Incremental’ Genocide in Gaza by CTuttle.

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    In my opinion, the Israelis are now no better than the Nazis that killed their people during the “holocaust.” They have created the “Palestinian Holocaust!” In a pre-internet world the Germans thought they could cover up their atrocities. Our world in now one big bathtub. Somehow the Israelis have not learned that when someone bleeds [...]

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    This video says it all!

  • keone commented on the diary post West Bank Marches on Night of Power by Siun.

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    The reality is: Possession and armed occupation are not equivalent.

    In American law it is one thing, in international law it is another. We do not exist alone on this planet, there are other players with different perspectives.

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    Mindbending situation. Israel is likely sewing the seeds of its own destruction by killing children and civilians. Even the historical narrative that Jewish folks cite to justify their occupation of Israel itself and of Palestine is just plain wrong. Recent genetic advances put forward by Israeli scientists have uncovered the falsehoods that underlie the theme so [...]

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    He is a wily fox indeed. One can’t help but admire his brass!

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  • Mahalo. Yours is a good and reasonable approach to two silly old men.

  • Ralph Nader/Elizabeth Warren. The last (LAST) thing the American People need is Hillary Clinton as president.

  • Mr. Snowden is keeping this issue front and center on the world stage. That is useful to all of us.

    All the rest is just “disinformation” not as someone said a “hoax.” As a famous spy (Maxwell Smart) once said, “A hoax by any other name is just disinformation.”

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    When I discovered Putin is against GMO foods and hates Monsanto with a degree of vigor one reserves for only the worst of corporate criminals, then I must say I felt that he is not all bad. Additionally, he had the good sense to throw a lifeline to Obama when Obama was rattling the sword [...]

  • keone commented on the diary post Have the Climate Deniers Won? by Elliott.

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    To me, public health care, pollution of the atmosphere, are problems with the same root cause. Some historians say that in the west, with the guilds and the monetization of medical knowledge came the now common assumption that public health care was in the end just a profit center. Energy. Coal in it’s present use [...]

  • Thank Yew!

    Perhaps it is time for President Obama and friends to leave the Cold War dream world and return to reality to address issues that the American people actually care about such as jobs.

  • keone commented on the blog post Gov. Jerry Brown Shows his Age With Absurd Marijuana Answer

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    Gov. Brown finally became his father. Change is in the air. Final transition Governor Moonbeam becomes Governor Brain Fart.

  • keone commented on the diary post A Time of Ignorance by Deena Stryker.

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    I hear you. It just doesn’t seem as clear to me here in the pacific that that it is the case (increasing numbers are turning…..etc.). Where might I read a reliable study or examine data that reflect(s) your conclusions?

    In any event I will read the Alistair Cooke book. Mahalo for the reference.

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    As far as the Ukraine is concerned it has always been a giant pain in the Russian ass. During the Soviet times, in the Army, Ukrainian recruits would routinely AWOL at harvest. It was a joke. These folks have a fierce independent contrary cultural spirit to my observation. Religion? There are 21 major religions on [...]

  • keone commented on the diary post God’s Plan for Climate Change by JP Sottile.

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    And because it nullifies Genesis—the alpha that sets up Armageddon’s omega—the science of evolution remains the biggest challenge to the veracity of that plan. If evolution is right, then Genesis is wrong. If Genesis is wrong, then God is either a liar or superfluous. And if we are not created in God’s image or living out God’s [...]

  • keone commented on the diary post Don’t cheapen the Holocaust by making it shopworn by David Seaton.

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    I’m always astounded how folks can ignore the rest of the planet and pretend this particular cultural/religious group worships the “default” “God” for the earth and the rest of the human monkeys. It is an awesome feat of tunnel vision indeed to look only thru the Judeo/Christian/Muslim lens of the world. Oh, and if memory [...]

  • keone commented on the blog post Is Any Democrat Desperate Enough to Challenge Clinton?

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    You got it x’ackley right IMO

    Money out politics. No escaping responsibility through corporate bankruptcy. Restrictions of frequent reincorporation. Making it easier for ordinary people to vote. A government transparent to us, not spying on us.

  • One word: “clusterf*ck”

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