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    I read ‘trains’ and ‘tunnels’ and at first I thought you was talking about Pam Geller and that made me cry. Don’t you never EVER scare me like THAT again, Mr. TBogg.

    Now excuse me. I have to oil up the Lionel set till the jitters go away.

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    The missing part of his bio: “I consume mass quantities of Monster Rehab Rojo Tea Energy Drink before I lick my balls raw and then I lube up Old Betsy.”

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    My blog’s been offline for four years and I still get more sitemeter hits than that.

    My only regret is that I failed to convince Whitney Houston to take out Stranahan when she beat up Breitbart during their final toot.

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    Actually it looks like the (Breitbart Big) world ends with a gangwhimper.

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    Private class envy, Tom? Buffy and Muffy and Mitzi won’t forget this. No more eyelash-batting for you.

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    I’m mystified that Gingrich is demonized for regularly replacing wives with younger, more illicit-sex prone women. After all, the rest of the GOP continues to divorce ALL women, while saving its hottest, greasiest liasons for the best-heeled pimps around the globe, like King Abdildo, Pope Ratso and X-on ‘Biggie’ Texaco.

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    Tom. Stellar works, man. The wimminfolk remain the greatest force for human rights in this whole US political scene and if you’re ever hijacked and held hostage by the likes of illiberal alien dogfaces like Coulter, Bachmann, Geller, Malkin, etc, you can bet they’ll ride a 40 Baskethoundie team in to the rescue faster than Jonah Goldberg can down a side of santorum.

    And if that happens, I want the video rights.

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    I just hope March 14 occurs before the Mayan Calendar runs out or I’m going to cut all the Mayan immigrant kids out of the Dream Act. Although the real Dream Act will occur if we arrive safe and sound to March 14th.

  • Where’s a good gag ball when we need one? A pasty white one would complement perfectly.

    He’s not watching Sons Of Anarchy. It’s the incessant reruns of Doogie Howser that have him in a lather.