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  • After all this luminous insight I don’t believe that you have seen a compelling case for a Romney presidency. What you have seen, however, is an infinite amount of liberal posturing about bullshit. This is why we keep losing to Cro Magnon rethuglicans.
    Great work guys.

  • I don’t believe that econobuzz has a real job

  • The disappointment/purity/they-are-all-the-same-caucus (caucuses, coxi?)reminds me very much of the 100,000 or so idiots who voted for Ralph Nader in Florida (in addition to the 2.8 million idiots who did so nationwide) thus assuring their dear little hearts of a horrendous 8 years of GOP fuckery and the resulting canyon of stupid that we may never crawl out of.
    This is a war, people, and you can either despair that Obama is not the guy you wanted him to be or you can give up and dive into the abyss that most assuredly will be a Romney presidency. I believe we have all done that experiment.


    I thought Princess Dumbass of the Northwoods was the all-time champion of GOP lying but Willard is setting a whole new bar. I can’t wait til Fox News/Rush Limbaugh/GOP Flying Monkeys decides that there is no such thing as Tuesday and then Willard rolls it out as a talking point against the President.

    Ohh, just wait til they turn the crazy up to 11.