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    your point about Obamacare misses the point. The health insurance industry was previously one big, unregulated extortion scam. What Obamacare did was to impose some basic rules on that racket. The result will be better rates, and better health outcomes at lower costs. Those results are already coming in as expected.
    As for being forced to buy a product, all that Obamacare says is “we are tired of paying your health bills, Mr. Uninsured,,,time for you to pay your own bill”
    You are forced to buy the product when you are in dire need of medical help, you are forced to pay for that service by Obamacare. Don’t confuse the two !

  • On my lunch hour not too long ago, I stumbled upon an ALEC regional meeting at the Hyatt in my city. At the time, I didn’t know who these clowns were or what they did. I was curious what type of organization it was, because the throng of people in the Hyatt lobby had absolutely [...]

  • good to see that the corporatists are calling out de Blasio and Warren by name. that tells me that the are aware of the populist threat to their lush lifestyle. who was the last national progressive politician to be called out by name by the corporatists ? Who did they fear more than they fear Warren, in recent history ?

    And they fear her the most because she has her own grass roots funding, she’s really not beholden to their money, and that scares the crap out of them.

  • reassessing my online presence in the new NSA Everywhere World

  • ….I wish the gov would stop forcing me to buy a better product at the same or less cost. I really liked my “insurance” product with holes big enough in it to drive a truck through, with those lifetime caps, no wellness coverage, no savings on drugs, no protection on pre-existing conditions, etc. I really, really trust those insurance guys who get drunk at lunch with their lawyers and come back to the office and add more fine print to my policy, raise the cost of it every year,,,,,oh please, don’t tell me those guys have to follow some basic ethical rules now !

  • study the law, it’s a huge advancement compared to what we’ve had, millions of people will benefit greatly, a small minority of people will have to pay more, so what ? If you rely on the corporate media to explain the issue to you, you might be misled and angry.

    as the Harvard guy explains, not all countries have an ethical approach to healthcare. America is the prime example of that statement. In that context, the ACA will be successful because it is being implemented in a country where a better financial deal is all that is needed for success, whereas the ethical solution is impossible to implement in a society that thinks that people suffering from illness should be a profit center.

  • all the rethug governors accomplished was to remind their voters that they don’t really care about other people’s healthcare, let’s not get carried away here.

    the ACA is giving uninsured and crap-insured people better coverage. everyone loves a better deal, and as flawed as the ACA is, it is still a tremendous bargain over the status quo. over time, and sooner than fascist America wants to admit, the ACA will be viewed favorably by most voters.

    that’s why we’ve seen the massive rethug effort to obstruct the law — their strategists have concluded the ACA will soon put a major hurt on their Randian law of the jungle message. That’s why they’ve circled the wagons and require 100% compliance among all conservatives to obstruct, lie and fear monger.

    in the end, consumers ALL love a better deal, even if it’s not the best deal. and that holds true for conservatives, independents and liberals.

  • Teller,
    thanks for the great work you do up in AK. Good piece of music, too, well done. Also, agree that the Douglass book is the must read book and the book that opened my eyes and completed the picture of the event that defined our country during my lifetime. Douglass deserves the medal of freedom, but I won’t hold my breath.
    one question for you,,,any advice for a photographer/musician looking for any kind of work, who recently landed in Anchorage and is trying to get through the winter up there ?

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    Michael Dell has to rank as one of the most unethical people to ever run a company. He screwed his own shareholders numerous times to benefit his own purchases and sales of company stock. Misled investors over and over. Sold crappy products and didn’t perform on warranties. He captured huge government contracts through his support [...]

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    maybe Boehner and Cantor just floated this proposal out today because their extended families bought long stock options yesterday, and then kicked in a ridiculous condition at the last minute to make sure their stock options for tomorrow were also going to be in the cash.

    does anybody remember when it was disclosed that Cantor was buying short options on treasuries during the last debt ceiling fight in 2011 ?

    lock ‘em up and charge them with treason.

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    can somebody find these Koch dudes another country to fuck with. Maybe we could all chip in a couple bucks and buy a country and make them King and Emperor Koch, could that work ?

    or, at this point can’t we just prosecute them for treason ?

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    you are looking over the role of the rentier in capitalism. A rentier extracts “rent” wherever he has the monopoly power to do so, it has nothing to do with demand. That is where real wealth resides, with the rentiers.
    the classic economics example of a rentier is when the local gentry throw a chain across the local river and charge all travelers a fee to remove the chain. nothing to do with demand. now look at what a typical family spends their budget on: rent, food, electricity, gasoline, internet, cable tv, healthcare, insurance, banking fees….very little of that is demand driven, it’s all payments to rentiers
    lack of demand puts a small dent in the elite’s wealth accumulation, I agree, but I would never make a statement tying the accumulation of wealth to demand in the economy.

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    “not as rich as before” …….that’s plain wrong. they’ve recovered all of their wealth from before the crash, and then some. the one percenters overtook the “gilded age” rich bastards last year on the income disparity charts, they are now the undisputed champs of all time !

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    it’s really not an exact replay of the Clinton years. In those days, R’s had 60+ reps in districts that Clinton had previously won, they were vulnerable. Today, there are 17 districts where Obama won a majority in the last election. I question your assertion that the long, drawn out attempted impeachment of Clinton helped him in popularity. After eight years of peace and the largest growth in the American economy in history, real wage gains, and job gains,,,, a dumbshit fake cowboy from Texas almost won the popular vote vs. the D candidate, and was appointed anyway. Not sure impeachment didn’t work well for the R’s that time around.

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    they know they can’t win it, but they know it will be the lead news story for the next two years, that’s enough to influence the electorate, same as with Clinton.

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    I’m not saying that, I don’t really defend monarchs and the landed gentry a lot, being a former pauper myself. the big difference is that the British don’t allow the gerrymandering of their districts, like our courts seem to do. The House of Commons is representative of the population. Not so in the U.S. That’s the weak link in our “democracy” and that is what is being exploited. The 2010 statehouse elections gave the anarchists a ten year window to control all of government, with a perpetual majority in the House, and that effor is well underway, just look at the voter suppression laws, for example. The shutdown and debt default are minor acts in the bigger script.

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    I think that you are right, Obama will use one of the options available. The R’s know that, and that is what lets them start impeachment proceedings. So they get to nullify the president, just as they nullified Clinton through impeachment. Weaken the office of the president however they can do it, since the demographic tide will never allow them to win the presidency anyway.

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    The whole “crazy” Republican action is just a historical repeat of what the British did to their government structure. The House of Commons is Britain’s only governing entity precisely because that body chipped away at the monarchy and the House of Lords and were successful at eliminating their power. That is exactly what is happening here. The R’s wish to diminish the imperial presidency because they know they no longer can win the presidency. They had all the money and all the media that money can buy and still lost in 2012. Now it’s time to trash the president’s power through extortion and obstruction. So nothing they do or say makes any sense because they’re just stalling until shutdown/default time approaches, when they will indeed kill the hostage this time and every time until their gerrymandered permanent majority becomes the sole governing body in the U.S.
    This is all being directed by the Koch’s and the other libertarian billionaires, as the NY Times front page article on Sunday summarized.

    because the timing of the R’s killing or releasing of the hostage is known only to them, they will use that info to reap huge financial rewards in the markets, strengthening their own war chest with each and every hostage event. In other words this is a short term and long term financially rewarding strategy for the R’s, and that is really the only motivation that really makes them do things.

    treasonous ? sure. Prosecutable treason ? maybe.

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    the absolute best thing the White House could do is let the GOP act out their insanity by shutting down the gov and defaulting on our debt. That would finally get the attention of Idiot America as everything crashed.

    Then after the GOP inflicts enough pain on everyone, they’d give up. The Dems would get all their demands, and probably win every election for the next twenty years.

    That’s what a democrat with guts in the White House would do, anyway.

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    many people may hate doctors, but think about this: Your MD is the ONLY person in the whole system who has taken an oath and is monitored and licensed to follow that oath, to not HURT you !! conversely, the rest of the health care apparatus has taken an OATH to maximize profits and maximize [...]

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