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    If you know absolutely nothing about her work and go just off her CV, McArdle has an impressive background. Also, she seems to have actual fans. I have no clue who these people are, but I assume they all come from Middle Earth because they’re clearly beasts of fantasy.

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    Man, I don’t know what you guys have done to merit such spot-on tracking. I went over to that site and it missed me by several states.

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    Whoops! I see you actually understand that.

    Pretend that my remark was directed towards someone else while I make a hasty egress.

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    He’s a humorist.

    I realize that everyone else on this network is convinced that his/her half-informed, conspiracy-laden missives are changing the world. But I’ve been following TBogg for years, and he’s really never had pretenses towards anything but fucking around with the chronically humorless for our amusement.

    Don’t like it? Don’t think it’s funny? The URL prompt is just a few inches up. You’d be ruining our fun, too – I guarantee that TBogg would stop writing these kind of posts if you guys would stop showing up.

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    Meanwhile, over at Twitchy, the Malkinites are celebrating a day of a dozen people linking to each other on Twitter.

    Just a little reminder of how simultaneously sad and hilarious that corner of the Web is.

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    I, too, am opposed to “socialization” through socializing. That’s why my offspring will be raised in Skinner boxes.

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    Hell, I get why everyone’s so upset. I mean, all we got was an estate tax increase, a permanent capital gains tax, a fix on the Alternative Minimum Tax to stop hikes on the middle class, unemployment insurance extension, extension on every business tax including those for alternative energy development, and a temporary freeze on Medicare cuts. See? Nothing.

    You don’t understand the True Progressive technique for negotiations. If you only get 90% of what you want, you don’t take it. You flip over the bargaining table, stamp your little feet and yell at the top of your lungs until people take you seriously!

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    Clearly, God is laughing at us. You know those videos of dogs and cats doing silly things that get millions of views? That’s us, just so many stupid clips on the celestial video host.

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    You do this time consuming task of finding gifts which often aren’t right, and then pretending to like and use the wrong things others have gotten you . . . and why bother if you could each buy yourself better stuff?

    Yeah, and why bother with this whole friends thing? What’s the point of spending all this time talking to people who aren’t me? Or you go for a drive with one of them, and he’s not listening to the exact type of music I wanted to listen to, and you have to pretend you’re not revolted…why bother, right?

    It’s not on her list, but I think I know what McArdle needs – a programmable soundboard, so she could have long conversations with the only person who really understands her. We could make an app for whatever trendy device she buys next, thereby completing her transition into complete blind egotism.

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    Hell, I say let him keep the name so long as he keeps his high school Marxism off this site.

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    Well, let’s take a look at Darby’s allegation:

    In an apparent effort to restrict information to their populace, the Chinese government wrote of a number of US mass shootings but failed to mention they were either stopped by a citizen legally carrying a firearm or otherwise only occurred in the controversial gun-free zones that critics say make prime targets for madmen.

    The article he cites mentions two mass shootings: the recent mall shooting (ended in a suicide) and the Aurora shooting (shooter detained by police). That’s how most of these things end, so that statement’s not true. Historically? The only incident that even comes close was the 1966 U of T tower shooting, which was stopped by an off-duty patrolman (an “LEO,” to quote our overcompensating friend from yesterday), but that’s hardly a “citizen.”

    So Darby is a degenerate lying scumbag, which isn’t really news.

    Also, it’s interesting that the “Obamacare is tyranny” crowd are now seeking to give the government the right to forcibly drug people.

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    And there it is, the old “Why don’t libs want to ban cars hurr.” Never heard that one before. That argument gets dragged out all the time, but it occurs to me that it’s kind of an apples to hand grenades comparison. After all, unlike a car, a gun is not a device used by millions of people on a daily basis, sometimes for hours on end. Rather than using absolute numbers, a more accurate comparison would be a statistical rate like deaths per mile driven. Incidentally, according to the site you linked to, the 2010 rate of automotive accidents in the United States was 1.11 per 100 million miles. I wonder how many people die for every 100 million times a gun is drawn? Think it’s higher than one?

    Oh, and in regard to your comment at #65 regarding your presumed skill – have you ever actually been shot at? I ask that because my late grandfather was an Army scout during the Second World War and a county sheriff for years after. People had shot at him many, many times. You know what was the last straw that made him break with the NRA? The assault weapon shit. I tend to place his experience with firearms over some anonymous commenter.

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    A popular conspiracy theory on the right side of the aisle is that the Fast and Furious operation was botched on purpose to turn public opinion against guns.

    Because guns are the Jews of liberal fascism. Right, Insty?

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    Shaming the tobacco industry was a two-pronged movement – depicting the product as deadly and casting the execs as predators. With the gun lobby, the first is easy but the second is tricky. They’ve done a good job of muddying the waters with their “responsible gun owner” talk. The clearest sign is the availability of semi-automatic rifles that have no legitimate non-homicidal use. The gun lobby has 20 years of arguments on behalf of assault weapons, but most of it was based upon the scarcity of crimes committed with rifles. Making that argument now is going to be downright sociopathic – not that someone won’t try it anyway.

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    These people have Rambo fantasies that they can no longer distinguish from reality. Everyone who makes this argument has this image in his head of coolly drawing his 9mm and putting two rounds clean through the gunman’s heart. In our reality, the first thing they teach to people who carry guns for a living is that this sort of competence in the face of mortal danger is not going to happen. My grandfather was an Army scout and a sheriff, and he parted company with the NRA over just this sort of nonsense. He’d been shot at; he knew.

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    Okay, to Knut and ADC14 and the anti-drone people above, could you maybe not drag your fucking politics to the table for once? Possibly wait a few days before you make this about you and your pet issues? Yes, I know that Pope Greenwald believes that Obama supporters enjoy killing children, but that doesn’t excuse you from acting like a pack of goddamn ghouls.

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    I’m going to steal someone else’s comment. Here’s “joe from Lowell”:

    You’re drinking your own Kool-Aid about “makers and takers” and “industrious strivers vs. lazy parasites.”

    That is a bogus rubric that fails utterly to describe how the world works, and its failure to predict the political preferences of Asians and Jews should strike you as powerful evidence for its uselessness, but you are so emotionally attached to this self-serving bit of propaganda that you’d rather go through life confused that admit that “your sort of people” are not, in fact, superior to “those people.”

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    You are aware that TBogg is only writing these posts because it gets this reaction out of folks like you, right? There’s truly nothing more amusing than the war dance of the permanently aggrieved.

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    The PRC, for example, where the social safety net might as well be made of good intentions for as much good as it does.

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    The modern conservative position is that health is a luxury, and no one is owed luxuries. A sad statement on the modern world.

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