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  • “What happens if the President does the right thing and invokes the 14th Amendment? Well, Rush Limbaugh’s head explodes”

    Screw Rush Limbaugh, MY head would explode I would be so stunned to see Obama actually not spew more bipartisianship hooey and actually take an action like this…

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    “By making Medicare and Social Security cuts something a Democratic president is now actively pushing for”

    Obama’s a lot of things but he ain’t no Democrat and maybe he should not be referred to as one by anyone ever again unless it’s something along the lines of “the guy who put a “D” by his name so he could get elected.

  • “Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), the former chairman of the Budget Committee, said the public has a “lack of knowledge” about the debt limit.”

    Lautenberg said “the leadership has to be more outspoken and make the case.”

    All politician’s have gone to great lengths under the guise of “trust me” to make sure the electorate has had a “lack of knowledge” and remained uninformed because it kept their coffers filled and now it’s about to bite them in the ass.

    If Lautenberg really meant what he’s saying, he wouldn’t be wasting time blaming the voter’s or the “leadership”.

    Spineless bastards. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. of them.

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    Regrettably, voters weren’t fooled so much as blinded by 8 years of Bush.

    We were Obama’s custom-made path of least resistance.

  • I remember Al Gore exactly as you do.

    When I saw this story this morning, the headline I was reading was:

    Gore Slams Obama (or some such sensationalizing)

    and I thought to myself, Huh? Gore’s been pretty quiet lately- why is he doing this now? The only idea I could come up with is that Gore is feeling pretty bolstered by the attention KO has brought his way and Gore’s do as I say, not as I live ego may be considering primarying Obama.

  • “If you’re making a compromise between an unreasonable position that makes no sense whatsoever, and a reasonable one, why are we compromising?”

    It’s not compromise Senator, it’s capitulation.

    (Franken is up first thing in the morning at 9.)

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    Wow! The folks inside the beltway need a poll to tell them Americans feel this way??

    Gosh it might lead one to think that they never read their email, snail mail, or listen to what constituents who take the time to call them or show up for those town hall meetings and talk to them in person actually say.

  • Here’s a few ways requiring ID is “voter suppression”.

    In rural areas, anyone in a nursing home, who may no longer have a valid ID because they no longer drive, but still has all their faculties and have voted all their lives, will have to find a way to go, perhaps, miles
    away to apply for an ID just to vote. If they are lucky enough to live in a state that may provide free voting ID, transportation to get that ID will not be provided. Nevermind that a whole lot of people will not have the proper documentation (birth certificate, marriage certificates etc that they will need to prove their identity. God help them if any of it has to be obtained from another state.

    In my city, we have a high number of homeless veteran’s who routinely move from shelter to shelter in an effort to survive. What address should these people who served this country to protect the right to vote (among other things) put on their ID to guarentee they actually get it?

    We also have a large number of college students, in transitional housing. These kids, have out of state driver’s licenses that they are not changing because they don’t intend to settle here. How about them? Do they lose the right to vote because they don’t have a photo ID with a current address on it?

    How about people with disabilities?

    Presenting ID in order to vote is truly nothing more than an effort to turn one of the true “rights” we all can actually claim no matter what our situation, into a “privelege”.

    Frankly, I think it’s shameful and about as un-American as anything I’ve ever seen in my long life because it strips away the very foundation of this country.

    We have allowed ourselves collectively to go from people used to discuss things and try to sway opposing views to a people who only shout about what we believe and we are reaping the rewards of the loss of civility IMHO.

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    “More Democrats than Republicans voted against it.” Probably because the rethugs know who the REAL leader of their party is.

  • Theater. In the end it’s probably going to come down to Ryan’s Plan vs The Catfood Commission. Guess who will win without a doubt- it’s already pre-determinded.

  • “how is Obama going to get that 20% to turn out in November 2012?”

    I don’t know but it will be without my help or my vote.

    It’s a hard truth (for him) that this time he doesn’t really want/need my money, only my vote but I’ll be too busy working to elect progressives on the down ticket.

    Like leliorisen said above, “I do not reward broken promises with allegiance.”

  • I have been doing that all along but thanks, I’ve no added the LA Times and the BBC to my list.

  • “On the other hand, some of what I’ve heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you’re just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on unions…”

    Hardly a strong statement.

    On the other hand of what?

    Generally seems like?

    What the heck will it take for him to take a firm stand on anything?

    Spineless, mealy mouthed jerk.

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    Seriously. If O wants to complete his fake transparency of government Lanny Davis would be the perfect choice. No one would watch.

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    While I might be wrong, to me, when “the President talks about his views on marriage equality as “evolving,””, it tells me he doesn’t view it as a civil rights issue and that maybe deep down inside he thinks being gay is a choice people make, hence making it easy for him to blather while he waits for the political winds to change.

    I don’t know much but I do know that I’m glad I don’t live in his head.

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    From twitter:

    wolfblitzercnn Sen Bernie Sanders is really disappointed with president’s tax deal w/ GOP. He’s in #Sitroom 6PM ET

    my response:

    @wolfblitzercnn No offense but Sen Sanders is reaching a wider audience on C-SPAN

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    Yes he is.

    Even if the other senators are unwilling to go down there and stand with him, we all ought to make sure that they know we agree with him.

    (someone in my house is going to crap where he’s standing when he sees this months phone bill. LOL!)

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    I called my Senators and suggested they get down there and show a little support for truth to power even if they don’t speak.

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    Here’s a really good contact list that has names, numbers, addresses, email contact forms, links to committees etc:

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