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  • kimo commented on the blog post More Proof Obama is Doomed in 2012

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    Obama will win in 2012 because GOP knows that it doesn’t need to own the presidency, it can always rent it.

  • kimo commented on the blog post The Alternative to NYT’s Subservience: Actual Journalism

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    Davis is an employee of XE, supposedly under contract with CIA. While this case may not be unique, it’s most likely be the first ever out in public. How is Pakistan supposed treat him is not really clear to me. Is he a CIA, or private citizen, or mercenary? If Pakistan thinks that he has subverted Pakistan’s national security, how and as whom can he be charged and tried.

    I think this is the likely reason why NYT doesn’t report it. This maybe the one that blows the cover of US private security contracting running amok.

  • kimo commented on the blog post Assange Alerts His Hostages

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    This makes him secure one way; on the other hand, also makes him into a target. There are other parties in the Middle East (like Al Qaeda) who would love to see his package broacasted for all of the world to see.

    It’s not a smart move.