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    Back in the old days, those women who’se family were of means could always go to their OB/GYN and have the unwanted pregnancy discretely ended and the medical notes on their chart would never mention pregnant. It was the poor who had to suffer.

    If the right to lifer’s got their way tomorrow, that would still be the truth. That is why you don’t see wealthy conservative women decrying republican theocons.

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    Is may sarcasm meter broken? Do that many of you really think it’s a good idea to publish death photos? I am really against it. It’s in poor taste and the idea that the photos are public documents doesn’t make the idea any less revolting.

    It’s funny…I was just over at Redstate to see what kind of wierdness they are up to and they are huge on publishing all the photos. Every one they could get their dirty little cloven hooves on. So let me get this straight, firedoggies are in agreement with the reichtwingnutz at Redstate on this madness? Talk about snowball fights in hell….