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  • I bookmarked and lurked at Pam’s House Blend back in the hey day, and I am so glad to read you on a much more regular basis at Firedoglake, where I lurk daily.

    This post, and Jane’s on the same topic have really made me think (and miss the old days.)

    Is there some way to help FDL and PHB? I’m willing to do what I can if anyone has suggestions.

  • Health care is unique. Hospitals are required by law to take care of patients that are in dire need of care without regard to payment. Once you have a law that requires that services be provided, it doesn’t seem such a leap to require payments for services in advance.

    That is where the broccoli comparison fails. Grocery stores are not required by law to provide food, no matter if you are starving.

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    I am delighted with this news. I have been lurking at Pam’s site for almost as long as I’ve been lurking here.