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  • Kevin, you said that the report was leaked yesterday. I’m wondering if you misspoke about that, or if I’m misunderstanding you, because it seems that it would have been quite difficult to have researched and written that entire report in one day and have it ready for publication on The Intercept that quickly. Could you clarify and or verify that, please?

  • Good job of taking it down point by point…but the fact that Clinton feels safe to be this dishonest – even including juvenile tee hee jokey jokey hokum, is an example that the “Powers That Be” have no Plan B in place when their lies are exposed. Lying is such an ingrained habit with them that they seem to not be capable of recognizing when their lies have been laid bare. So I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to put Clinton’s specific lies in this specific instance on the record. Especially because, as you said, those lies will be the Go-To lies used by Democratic Party operatives — unless we render the lies worse than useless to them.

  • Why would students take a seat and listen to this horrid liar? Why wouldn’t they, in huge numbers, either boo him off the stage, or shout rebuttals to his lies from the audience, or just sit down and then immediately walk out as he began to speak? And having this tour payed for by taxes should cause a boisterous revolt. This is an obscene turn of events having the stench of Clapper appearing on stages of universities throughout the US. This needs to end!

  • One more agent in a top spot of NSA making it abundantly clear that Snowden did exactly what needed to be done in exactly the way — really, it seems, the only way — that it could have been done.

  • Since this seems to be a clear unconstitutional order maybe the ACLU would be interested, if available, to interject.This has precedent that needs to be shattered before gaining traction or becoming acceptable.

  • There is only one way for GG to Beard The Lion and that is to confront him, In His Den. Anyone who thinks he is safe in Brazil is mistaken and this return may be a test for a permanent move.

    That’s basically correct and important–except that Glenn has lived in Brazil for years and might not be planning a “permanent move” to the US. He had traveled back and forth extensively before the NSA files case, so he might at least resume doing that after first appearance.

    Glenn not only needs to be free to go in and out of the US for work purposes, but also because he needs to not allow himself to be bullied and hounded by cretins such as Clapper and Rogers. This is a perfect situation to Call the Bluff of these comic book thieves and criminals.

    An example of how these cowards will back down when the light is too bright is right in the archives of Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras history. Poitras had been stopped and harassed some 40 times at airports by US government, “and accomplises.” Glenn posted a detailed article about the harassment of Poitras. The harassment ceased immediately. The cowards will back down when Glenn decides to resume making appearances in the US.

  • Similar to what I noted in an earlier post, the prosecutor is so over the top to the jury that he has put them in a position of being played for fools. I’d like to believe that the jurors won’t appreciate being played for fools and so act accordingly by tossing the prosecutor’s hyperbolic case in the trash bin.

  • Along with what Kevin wrote about holes poked in the case, it’s also possible that the defense attorneys chose not to put their clients on the stand because they weren’t confident that they, or one or another of them, would effectively help themselves. Perhaps even hindering. Taking the stand in one’s own defense can be overwhelming for many.

  • It’s encouraging that the judge has allowed the prosecution’s witnesses who have been taking the stand to make fools of themselves, in spite of the prosecutions too little too late objections. The witnesses seemed to be coming from a combination of cartoon like super hero self images, to being emboldened to voice that self image on the stand by people they have surrounded themselves with.

  • Well, if it weren’t for having seen so many injustices result from the “Justice” system, I’d say this is looking like a slam dunk, toss out of court or not guilty.

  • Emmet Till’s mother insisted on an open casket for her son. He face and head had been beaten to a pulp. She did that so that no one could deny what had been done to him. She did that so that no one could forget what had been done to him. Perhaps the photo of Kelly Thomas should be posted on bill boards or buses and whatnot all over America, and especially all over Orange County California.

  • I read Raniah’s interesting, informative writing regularly but this is the first time that I’ve had the pleasure and honor of seeing and hearing her exuberant speaking. Thank you so much to both of you for posting this and for providing so much information. And, holy-smokes, all in less than 20 minutes.

  • He wasn’t a neighborhood watch captain. He wasn’t even officially Neighborhood Watch at all. He was an obnoxious and even unwanted volunteer in that neighborhood watch.

  • I don’t think that this photo of Putin and Obama was taken and approved by White House press: Anyone know for certain?

  • Either you support free speech for everyone, or you support it for no one. Really disappointed with the short-sightedness of this diary. Pollitt was right.

    There is nothing in the 1st amendment that says that students at a university are legally, morally or “Politely” obligated to give voice to a lying coward to speak from the podium or stage of their university who hides behind his authoritarian position of power to, daily, abridge the constitutional rights of thousands and thousands of people of color or any other people.

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  • Unfashionable as it might seem, that is why we must keep secrets secret, and why not doing so causes such harm.”

    The language used to make these play actors try to seem “above the fray” and the “all knowing” “Serious” “Adults” raises my ire and my contempt several rungs on the ire and contempt ladder.

  • Kitt commented on the blog post Discussing the NSA’s Role in Drone Strikes on HuffPost Live

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    Foust is insufferable. His disingenuous, phony binary “All or Nothing” claim about government secrets is the nadir of someone who is trying to pass themselves off as reasonable or Serious. Also, he gives himself away by over and over again referring to people who don’t buy his straw man arguments “naive.” It’s minor league propagandist. Quite boring.
    But here’s a quote from a Guardian article that also dismantles his nonsense about basically ‘benefit of the doubt’ being given to the pathological liars of the Surveillance State, including, of course, the CIA.

    The report by the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism, Ben Emmerson QC, calls on the US to declassify information about operations co-ordinated by the CIA and clarify its positon on the legality of unmanned aerial attacks.

  • The percentage of alert citizens is and will remain a tiny one; thus easily ridiculed and marginalized (if acknowledged at all).

    In most instances that has been and might or would be the case. But in this one we have documented proof of what the Surveillance State has been up to…and much, much more to come. So Obama, Clapper and all the rest have been caught with their pants not only down but on fire. This “Review Panel” is living by pathetically old school politics. All of the people involved with appointing it and carrying it out do not seem to be understanding that the ‘Playing Field” has dramatically shifted under their feet.

  • This is much more than a really bad joke which happens to be not the least bit funny. This is a dangerous insult to the intelligence of anyone who has been paying an iota of attention to what has been revealed since June and up until the present day about the Surveillance State. Fortunately the reveals will continue to come, but in the meantime, this hogwash of a panel appointed by the ever escalating deceit of Obama and his administration needs to be cut off at the knees. The report will serve only one purpose; that being to expose, even more than ever, how desperate NSA, Obama, Clapper, Feinstein, Rogers, Alexander and many others of the Surveillance State are to deceive the citizens of the United States and of the world.

  • As I listen to Toobin I find myself fuming, and so am always impressed by how Jesselynn Radack keeps her cool while deconstructing and destroying Toobin’s spin smothered in his magical sauce.

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