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    What have we done?In the 1960′s you could go to a top school and be debt free when thay graduated.It’s not all the top 1% The Upper Middle Class who runs the Capitalist Con for the top 1%.The WWII Generation took there success and passed it down to there children The Babby Boomers The Middle Class and Upper Middle Class of today the Babby Boomers took there bribes from the Top 1% and left the 21st centry USA and World in debt and low wage jobs and not even the skilles to grow and store food.After all the Upper Middle Class and Top 1% Investments grow by stealing labor and Taxing the Middle Class and the poor the Sociopaths at the top are liveing a great life.

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    The99percentDeclaration The list of 20 grievances would go a long way toward Fair Capitalism.Profit from Quality,Inovation,and Volume,Building Products and Services.Allways Middleclass Liveable Wages Health Care cost and Retirement.Never allow Slave Wages anywhere that the USA Trades with.Today the USA has a Capitalest Con System.

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    Instead of flaging there profile why not talk about the Capitalist Con that the education system has become.Thay sell you and your in debt before the truth that you will never reach the top if your not a Sociopath.

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    The 99 Percent Declaration.We need a pocket size book with 20 point Platform.The Democratic Party Last Chance.

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    Fox Fair and Ballanced.The leader of the 21st century Tokyo Rose Corporate Faux News.

  • Thank for the link.Been looking for a system I could afford.

  • Where did you get your solar system.I’ve not found a solar system that payees for itself.

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    And now with all the NAFTA free trade the jobs that produced goods with value(the tax base)to pay for all you listed is gone.For what?Low Wages,Child Labor,Wall Street Investments.The people of the USA want to keep all,that the products with real value that we produced in the industeral age afforded us to have.NAFTA free trade took the foundation away now the building of the USA are falling.

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    What happen at the FDL Town Hall.what I lisened to was the democrat opperative’s daniel ellsberg and michel moore telling progressives your not welcome in democrat territory.Don’t rock the democrat boat the democrat opperative’s will let you know where to speek and when to speek.don’t challange the statis quo democrats.

  • Just as soon as the Min Wage is a liveable wage enough to secure a middle class life.As long as we pay slave wages the real benifits go to that small business owner in turn that small middle class business owner has to pay higher taxes to cover the cost of low wages.Lets Tax those who pay poverty wages everything thay own or ever will own.

  • We need a change of the guard in DC.,Chris Matthews and the News Media has been misleading the USA Citizen for 40 years.Worse than Lobbiest and Pollitcian.People like chris matthew the benedict arnold of real news,insider.

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    Yes,on a slideing scale,where the products are made the wages and benifits equal to the USA standard of Middle Class or higher pay Min.Tax.Poverity wages pay a high tax on Imports.

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    Where is the largest block of forclosed homes?Why not give Private Business that Produces Products,that Pay Liveable Wages,that covers Health Care and Secure Retirement, Tax Free to the Product Produceing Business,Jobs For The People,Buyers for the Forclosed Homes.Builds the Economy,Growes the Tax Base and Relief the Stress of The Working Pods and Familys.

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    The broader payroll tax deductions.isn’t that where obama started defunding Social Security 12/–/10?To leave in place Tax Cuts from the Top down for people with jobs,while Tax Cuts for Business New Hires was droped 12/–/10?

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    Vote all the Incumbents out.I like that.

  • My choice would see all Incumbents Voted out for at lease the next six election cycles.None are honest brokers for the good of all citizens,themselfs first then the finincial elites includeing the largest block of Traitors the upper middle class finincialy.

  • The sad part the Babby Boomers have filled middle management all the way and includeing USA’s Congress and Senate that would betray there fellow Citizens,Children,Mother,Father,Sister and Brothers to be Upper Middle Class.

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    and if were lucky enough to get anyone but obama in 2012 I would call that a win for the USA Working Class Citizen.If we had a Republican President the house and senate Demorats might get a spine and block the dismanteling and cutting the staples of the retired and disabled.The Demorats could grow a spine and start pushing bills loaded with Carrots and Big Hardwood Sticks that would encourage businesses to be more of a Patriot toward liveable wage jobs for USA Citizens.

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    Don’t you know all the Democrats investers are playing the US Treasury derivatives market with there partners in crime.

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    In the 1960 and 1970 getting a job at Sears or JC Penny you had the money for the Middle Class life with secure retirement and Health Care.I just wanted to know if Wall Mart was keeping up the Middle Class or lowering Middle Class standers.

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