• I believe that many of those that can blend in, will indeed do so. Still, for many, it’s a long, hard road to achieve that goal. Regardless of what road one takes, I do believe there is value to our community, in general, to be “out there.” My own personal feeling, is that one reason that gays have made such good progress in being more accepted, is because people actually knew someone who is gay; or they knew someone who knew someone. People were able to realize that they were real people with real lives. They loved, they died, they had children, etc. Gays weren’t the “perverts” they were often portrayed as. In other words they were human beings like them. While I don’t think its realistic to think that the majority of trans people will become more public, we definitely need to consider the good that it would do.

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    We DO have to keep trying with facts and statistics, otherwise we lose by default. Of course, the sad part is that most of the people against this usually base their beliefs on emotion and/or religious grounds. It’s unlikely that they will be swayed by any fact. Our fight may end up being analagous to the steady “drip-drip-drip” of rain on a boulder. Whatever it takes.

  • He is feeling this way because he already has it made. He doesn’t consider the effect on the average trans person. He’s forgotten where he came from. How sad.

  • While I appreciate the affect that the index has had on my employer, it (my employer) has skated around the full requirements from WPATH, though they have complied with 90% of it. Yet, they still will score 100 on the index. I am working with them to get the final 10%, but I believe it will be an uphill battle.

  • We are not speaking of the fundamental right to marry, or the fundamental right to serve your country. An even more fundamental right is the ability to work and not be discriminated against in daily life. This would be important to every member of the GLBT community, yet the push for this is relegated to “later” or “eventually. Neither one of those seems to have changed, I submit, due to the issues (perceived) by adding trans people to the equation. I agree, there have been some good things accomplished by the HRC. Why not achieve the most important things? This attitude is equivalent to doing the easiest jobs first and saving the harder jobs ’til later. The problem with this procrastination is that one never gets around to doing the “harder” jobs, yet there are plenty that are suffering everyday because of it. How much longer should we wait? Five years? 20 years? Oh, we’ll get to it, be patient……RIGHT!!

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