• That’s my take, too. Reichstag Fire all over again.

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    That ime you speak of ended in the late 60s precisely because so many zio-americans did join the IDF. I believe the Supreme Court ruled on it.

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    I have believed for about ten years that it is only a matter of time before the US government imposes exit visas on all Americans. I have warned my nieces and nephews to start thinking about safe havens, because whrn it happens it will be too late to get out.

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    Risen is a brave man. I think he’s got the business model down pat. It’s the NRA on steroids.

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    The good news is that unlike the German nazis in 1933 the Ukrainian version is not taking commans of the world’s second largest economy. They can do a lot of damage to their own, but not much to anybody else. I would not like to be a Ukrainian Jew at this point in time.

  • I’ve never heard of this Kocken character. What’s he done to deserve anybody’s attention. I suspect that economists (using the term generously) like him are pre-selected by the PTB for their opinions. The whole profession is terribly corrupted, and he’s just another example of that corruption. It’s just another shill.

  • The Communists are only replicating the procedures used by the British when they ruled the colony. On the whole the colony has done quite well without paricipatory democracy, which in its modern poll-driven version is vastly overrated as a mode of self-government.

  • They are operating on their own, a little llke ISIS, who also got out of hand. The real question is whether they have enough force to terrorize the whole population. The commentariat on this question seem to think not. The real question is whether the military has enough power to mount a coup. At this point I would guess that a coup is the US preferred option, as it was in Egypt. The US needs clients who can impose their will on areas the US wants or needs to control. This requires strong authoritarian government, but that government has to be inthe ‘right’ hands, and the clients have to remember who their patron is or they will end up like Quadagfi and Saddam Hussein, both of whom wandered of the reservation, as did Assad, who is currently on the receiving end of the standard treatment or those who stray.

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    A good index of the change you describe is the geographical distribution of wealth in the United States. The richest counties are now in Northern Virginia and the Maryland suburbs of Washington. This was not true 20 years ago. Empire pays. (for some at least).

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    I think the key to the issue is why negative advertising is so effective. It really works, and it costs. The polling behind it must run into hundreds of millions of dollars. That Americans allow themselves to be moved by it is collective suicide. I don’t know what the solution, but it strikes me that trying to control campaign spending when it works is about as effective as the War on Drugs. Looking forward to viewing the film. Thanks for being here.

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    Not any more, but down to the mid-80s Brookings was the go to place for good applied macro. The political science section went down first. I don’t know when the econ section went down, but it was before Bush Ii? The same thing happened to Fred Bergsten’s International Economics Institute (now the Petersen Institute, which was doing first rate stuff untl Fred took his retirement and essentially sols the outfit to Petersen. It’s the academic version of what Yves Smith calls ‘crappification.’ It’s not just for toasters anymore.

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    We’ll see. There is a lot of huffing and puffing going on, and the fascists are trying to put a good face on their ignominious defeat. Proshenko’s days are surely numbered, and he has no doubt squirreled away his fortune in safe places and can retreat to Israel where he holds dual citizenship. There’s bo loot left in the country, so he might as well take the money and run. He and the other oligarchs have squeezed that lemon of a country dry. What’s the point of staying on? As to the fascists, they have no place to go, but there aren’t enough of them to coerce a whole country.

  • Mr. Dean, Thanks so much for being with us today (I missed your earlier appearances). The whole Watergate business seems so long ago (40 years and counting), and in some respects almost quaint in view of what has gone on in the Executive Branch since then. We look for branching points in our history, and Nixon’s resignation for a long time seemed like one. I wonder now if that is so. The Election of 2000 seems a bigger one in retrospect. Nixon’s near impeachment was the last time anything like informed ‘public opinion’ had any effect on American political life. We are now so propagandized that there isn’t any public opinion anymore. I suppose this is a bit off-topic on a book devoted to Nixon’s defense, but there was a time when a public defense mattered. That doesn’t seem to be the case today.

    I guess this comes down to the question: do you think Nixon could just have brazened it out,or was the legal case against him too tight?

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    He is Mitterrand history repeated as farce. Mitterrand was a snake, but the most gifted snake of the 5th Republic. He drove his Finance Minister to suicide. Hollande is a piker compared with him.

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    Me neither. Will he come out for the reinstitition of the draft in his self-created ‘national emergency’? The wheels are really coming off of his foreign policy. Dangerous times.

  • This is all shadow boxing, though potentially dangerous shadow boxing, to calm the hawks in the USA by seeming to do something where nothing short of the nuclear option will in fact do what’s desired. The US has never had the military capacity to go toe to toe with the Russians (or the Chinese for that matter) in a land war. American projection of force since Kosovo has been by air, targetted bombing and subsequently by drones. The mass invasion of Iraq I was an aberration and not repeated in Iraq II. Both Russia and China have the military means to neutralize American air power, and without that superiority the US would be powerless against a real state. The military know this and Obama surely knows it, if the Joint Chiefs are doing their job. The problem is that the American people don’t know it. They have been fed so much hogwash about how the US saved the world from the Nazi’s on D-Day and how we would have ‘won’ in Vietnam if the country hadn’t been stabbed in the back by Gene McCarthy and the Dirty Fucking Hippies that the public consciousness is way out on a limb that would be sawed off at the first instance of serious conflict. Obama has to thread that needle.

    As to upping the aid to the Ukies, the Russians can calibrate their aid to exactly counter the American contribution. If the US sends air support, the rebels will get what they need to nullify it. As to special ops, I wouldn’t want to he an American operator in a place where all the walls and bushes have ears. There are already rumours floating around of American special ops being taken out, presumably by their Russian counterparts.

    Bottom line: sound and fury signifying nothing.

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    Another great post. Thanks, Massacio. Things are falling apart faster than even many of us pessimists thought they would. The legitimacy of the social order that’s been place since the late 1960s is beginning to be called in question. This includes the whole car-based suburban civilization where most middle and lower middle class Americans live. It’s not sustainable. The debt incurred to get a college education in order to live that middle class dream is also unsustainable. So it’s not just the plitical order, it’s the whle way of life and a widening gap between the top 10 to 15 pct of household income and wealth distribution and everybody else. That gap can’t be disguised and it is explosive.

    We are on the edge of authoritarianism, fascism in the old totalitarian sense is too strong a word to describe our state. It might come if the United States suffers a massive diplomatic defeat (massive military defeat seems inconceivable) that so deranges the public and the PTB that we will get a Leader to make us feel better by invading other nations. This seems a long way off, and the Leader would first have to purge the military leadership.

    The authoritarian government will base its doctrine on the inviolability of property rights as anterior and superior to any other human right, including the right to bare subsistence.

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    Thank you so much for putting the dots together and adding some new ones. I think it is highly unlikely that the truth of this loathsome mass murder can be suppressed for long, in part because of efforts by persona like you, in part because Russia will leak critical pieces of information, and in part [...]

  • You really don’t know the first fuck about what you are talking about.

  • The deal is to let the US off the hook and for Putin to get essntially what he wants with some face-saving for Poroshenko. It is not widely understood (or understood at all) that the Junta’s shock troops were decimated in their attempt to block the Donbass insurgents access to Russia, and that other units have suffered losses to the point where Kiev no longer has a strategic reserve and is contemplating a defensive line between the Lugansk-Donetsk axis and Kharkov, and are calling up men (in theory, probably not in practice) up to 60 years old for military service. The military are as corrupt as the rest of that oligarchical regime. The Junta has been praying for a Russian invasion not only to get NATO troops in but to provide an excuse for why their brigades have been annihilated by a ragtag group of rebels. There are rumours of as many as 10,000 dead and wounded in a force of 50 to 60 thousand. Word will be seeping out.

    It looks like the Junta have probably lost the war short of some foolish actions by the rebels to expand their territory without significant backup. The Ukrainian economy is even more bankrupt than it was last winter, and the guys who really run the place know now that the US is not going to bail them out and are ready to deal. It stinks to high heaven, but that is how things work. At this point the US has a very weak hand, and they know that Putin has the ultimate ace up his sleeve fingering the ones who shot down MH17.

    On a related note i’ve been intrigued by the absolute press silence not only about MH17, which was to be expected once the smoking gun was found to be in the wrong hands, but also about the Junta’s so-called victories in the East, which were plastered all over the papers at the beginning of the week and have just vanished. Orwell would be proud.

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