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    He is Mitterrand history repeated as farce. Mitterrand was a snake, but the most gifted snake of the 5th Republic. He drove his Finance Minister to suicide. Hollande is a piker compared with him.

  • Knut commented on the blog post President Obama Speaks on ISIS, Ukraine

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    Me neither. Will he come out for the reinstitition of the draft in his self-created ‘national emergency’? The wheels are really coming off of his foreign policy. Dangerous times.

  • This is all shadow boxing, though potentially dangerous shadow boxing, to calm the hawks in the USA by seeming to do something where nothing short of the nuclear option will in fact do what’s desired. The US has never had the military capacity to go toe to toe with the Russians (or the Chinese for that matter) in a land war. American projection of force since Kosovo has been by air, targetted bombing and subsequently by drones. The mass invasion of Iraq I was an aberration and not repeated in Iraq II. Both Russia and China have the military means to neutralize American air power, and without that superiority the US would be powerless against a real state. The military know this and Obama surely knows it, if the Joint Chiefs are doing their job. The problem is that the American people don’t know it. They have been fed so much hogwash about how the US saved the world from the Nazi’s on D-Day and how we would have ‘won’ in Vietnam if the country hadn’t been stabbed in the back by Gene McCarthy and the Dirty Fucking Hippies that the public consciousness is way out on a limb that would be sawed off at the first instance of serious conflict. Obama has to thread that needle.

    As to upping the aid to the Ukies, the Russians can calibrate their aid to exactly counter the American contribution. If the US sends air support, the rebels will get what they need to nullify it. As to special ops, I wouldn’t want to he an American operator in a place where all the walls and bushes have ears. There are already rumours floating around of American special ops being taken out, presumably by their Russian counterparts.

    Bottom line: sound and fury signifying nothing.

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    Another great post. Thanks, Massacio. Things are falling apart faster than even many of us pessimists thought they would. The legitimacy of the social order that’s been place since the late 1960s is beginning to be called in question. This includes the whole car-based suburban civilization where most middle and lower middle class Americans live. It’s not sustainable. The debt incurred to get a college education in order to live that middle class dream is also unsustainable. So it’s not just the plitical order, it’s the whle way of life and a widening gap between the top 10 to 15 pct of household income and wealth distribution and everybody else. That gap can’t be disguised and it is explosive.

    We are on the edge of authoritarianism, fascism in the old totalitarian sense is too strong a word to describe our state. It might come if the United States suffers a massive diplomatic defeat (massive military defeat seems inconceivable) that so deranges the public and the PTB that we will get a Leader to make us feel better by invading other nations. This seems a long way off, and the Leader would first have to purge the military leadership.

    The authoritarian government will base its doctrine on the inviolability of property rights as anterior and superior to any other human right, including the right to bare subsistence.

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    Thank you so much for putting the dots together and adding some new ones. I think it is highly unlikely that the truth of this loathsome mass murder can be suppressed for long, in part because of efforts by persona like you, in part because Russia will leak critical pieces of information, and in part [...]

  • You really don’t know the first fuck about what you are talking about.

  • The deal is to let the US off the hook and for Putin to get essntially what he wants with some face-saving for Poroshenko. It is not widely understood (or understood at all) that the Junta’s shock troops were decimated in their attempt to block the Donbass insurgents access to Russia, and that other units have suffered losses to the point where Kiev no longer has a strategic reserve and is contemplating a defensive line between the Lugansk-Donetsk axis and Kharkov, and are calling up men (in theory, probably not in practice) up to 60 years old for military service. The military are as corrupt as the rest of that oligarchical regime. The Junta has been praying for a Russian invasion not only to get NATO troops in but to provide an excuse for why their brigades have been annihilated by a ragtag group of rebels. There are rumours of as many as 10,000 dead and wounded in a force of 50 to 60 thousand. Word will be seeping out.

    It looks like the Junta have probably lost the war short of some foolish actions by the rebels to expand their territory without significant backup. The Ukrainian economy is even more bankrupt than it was last winter, and the guys who really run the place know now that the US is not going to bail them out and are ready to deal. It stinks to high heaven, but that is how things work. At this point the US has a very weak hand, and they know that Putin has the ultimate ace up his sleeve fingering the ones who shot down MH17.

    On a related note i’ve been intrigued by the absolute press silence not only about MH17, which was to be expected once the smoking gun was found to be in the wrong hands, but also about the Junta’s so-called victories in the East, which were plastered all over the papers at the beginning of the week and have just vanished. Orwell would be proud.

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    The Transportation Board did a pretty good report, about the best that could be expected given the threat of a smear campaign if it were to finger too deeply the role played by the absence of any effective supervision of the company by the Canadian regulatory agency. One of the important facts to come out [...]

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    Good morning, pups. We’ve been on the road, but I managed to read yesterday’s Salon with Riick Perlstein. I think it was the best ever. Incredibly sustained intelligence. Thanks, Bev, and everybody who partivipate in it.

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    I’m with Wayoutwest on this. The State Department may not know, but the Joint Chiefs of Staff surely know that Russia is not Grenada. It speaks poorly for Rasmussen’s intellience (but not surprisingly so) that he doesn’t. The US is not going to venture anything that is not a done deal, and attacking Russia on [...]

  • Russia does not need to invade the Ukraine unless NATO officially puts troops there. Rhe Ukraine will collapse on its own innine months. What’s more significant here is that Poroschenko went back onhis word, which will mke it much harder forhimtodeal with the Russians when the crunch comes. Hehas been taking counsel from the Americans, whose word is flagrantly no good. When’s the last time the US lived up to one of its agreements? It isshameful to be part of a constitution of liars and oath-breakers.

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    Not to worry.. The British Columbian government says that the pollution is ‘minimal’. What’s a few dead fish among friends?

  • We won the war in Iraq and I am the Queen of Siam.

  • That’s where the Jews were supposed to be shipped.

  • I saw the newsclip on CNN about an hour ago. The deep comment was that the Taliban had scored a huge PR victory. Thay’s all these guys inside the Beltway understand. It’s not what happens that matters, but what ‘seems’ to happen. This was also true of Germany in the dark ld days which shall remain unmentioned so as not to violate Godwin’s Law.

  • A hot war with Russia is so inconceivable (the US has no feet to put on the ground) that one can only suppose that the drum beats are to prepare Europe for an economic war, which means an Iran-style boycott of Russia. The stupidity of this is mind-boggling; it presumes Russia is as backward as [...]

  • I never watch teevee news, but i always thought that guys like Gregory are told what to say by their producers. I know that ‘I was just following orders’ doesn’t cut you much slack unless you are rmployed by the US government, but it is plaisible that the incredible slant is due to producers following orders and not the talking heads.

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    My mother-in-law was brutally murdered in her home and dumped ion a dirt road a hundred miles away where body decomposed in 90 degree weather for five days before they caught the man who did it. It was committed during a robbery and the man who did it would be dead by now in Arizona. The case was a prominent one. In Canada he would at most have gotten a life sentence with parole after 15 years for send-degree murder, to which he was sentenced by the jury, but parts of his confession were ruled out on appeal, and rather than go on retrial the Crown pleaded down to manslaugher, which is 10 years. I could have torn the man to pieces with my bare hands, but the rage subsides. The Death Penalty had no point.

  • The Yale prof is dead right, and it’s sad considering the true talent that lurks among the student body. I’ve held for at least four decades that he best higher education experience is to be found at the classier liberal arts colleges like my much lamented but apparently revived alma mater Antioch College. But it’s a different time, and students are afraid for their future in ways we couldn’t imagine a half-century ago, when our only fear was nuclear annihilation.

    Learning and teaching are extremely time intensive. Time is money. Who’s got the time and who’s got the money?

    As to young Yalies, they are either super rich or just plain-vanilla rich overachievers. They can be in the top 0.1 percent of the wralth and incme distribution, but at least half of them are going to below average at University (not that this impinged on the careers of George Bush and John Kerry!). It’s got to be a bit of a downer when your purpose in life is not learning how to live it, but to be superior to others.

  • Why did you people waste your time on a zionist trill? It’s not as if the swill he spews hasn’t been spewed by him before under a different handle. New same, same old racist spew.

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