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  • Knox, I thoght we settled your ignorance and irrelevance the other day. I’m sure you recall what I said, but if you are as dumb as you seem, here it is again. If you are a troll, you should take the money and run, as it isn’t working. If your not, you are just congenitally stupid and there’s no cure for it. I’m sorry for you. Your father shouldn’t have fucked his sister, but there you are. It’s not your fault.

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    Yup. The quality of our leadership is past pathetic. I still have some hope our military won’t let the assholes at State get us into MAD, but you never know. The people that hold our fate in their hands are truly deluded. To my small credit, I don’t think any of them wete my students. I still have confidence in our military, and would welcome a coup if that is what stands between us and annihilation.

    On a nicer note, I spent 45 minutes today with Velazquez and Las Meninas at the Prado. If it’s my next to last day, this is the way I want to spend it.

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    Thank you CS. Those of us old rnough to remember, remember. It was the only time I ever saw my parents cry.

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    You give too much credit to the Neocons for having a plan. They have a wish list, but when it comes to plans they don’t know what the fuck they are doing, which is wny they are so dangerous.

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    If you believe you are thinking for yourself, I certainly wouldn’t advertise it, as it doesn’t say much for your cognitive abilities. You can take your NPR-NYT-Wapo horse shit to a place where people still it’s news, and not propaganda. And by the way, some of us have lived in Russia and know its people and its politics (and politicians) pretty well. You are out of your league here, busher. If you are a troll, take the money and run. If not, I feel truly sorry for you, as you are stupid, and there’s no cure for it.

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    Beautiful essay,Masaccio, and wonderful comments right through the thread. This one’s a keeper. I don’t have anything to add other than the kind of economics Becker practices is a disease of the mind (and possibly of the soul as well). It’s not all economics. James Tobin and Robert Solow were real economists with deep understanding. Becker’s economics is the economics of an adolescent. I think this is why it appeals to a certain kind of mind that has never grown up. I call it circle-jerk economics.

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    On sea trash: My wife and I were swimming last year in the Adriatic off the Gargano Peninsula in Italy. The water is crystal clear. The amount of trash floating in it was incredible, far worse than other sites we visit in the Mediterranean. Plastic bottles, plastic cups and bags, condoms and god knows what [...]

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    The PTB are not pushing for war with Russia; it’s the next to last thing they want (the last thing is a truly progressive income tax). They want people to be afraid –be very afraid–so that the current regime of robbing people’s social security etc can go on as before in the name of sacrifices [...]

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    That must be why Obama appoints deliberately and openly racist and pro-corporatist federal judges. I knew there had to be a reason. Go back to Kos, troll. You’ll find a more congenial audience there for your swill.

  • You gotta admire him for that. I thought Bush had set the bar impossibly low, and here Obama has scraped under it only a year and a bit into his second term. It’s an incredible achievement, and shows just what the man can do when he puts his mind to it.

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    Russell Banks once said that putting a television set in your home was like inviting in a traveling salesman. The MBA is one of the worst things that ever happened to America, though one can and probably should see it as the natural result of the historical evolution of a society that has always had [...]

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    This is a great article by Chomski, not least because it brings out the deep continuity of American policy that some put back to the War of 1812 and that goes back at least to the efforts of Sam Houston and company to seize Texas from Mexico for the benefit of slave owners. But the [...]

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    Good evening pups –actually, it’s morning here in Paris. I want to recommend the link to the article about the meaningless of professional social science from Counterpoint that Brandon cited above. It’s right on market. As to Thomas Piketty, who is the occasion for the piece, he is the real article. I had dinner with him two weeks ago (we work at the same place) and he is an open, young, and easy-going unpompous guy–the kind most professional economists would sneer at if he were not so prominent and had not won all those prizes. I browsed the French version of his book on income inequality, which came out in December, but haven’t got my hands on the English one, which came out two weeks ago.

    Piketty is dead on mark when he speaks of the barrenness of modern professional economics. I’m lucky enough to be an economic historian trained in economics, so I get to teach the grad students without having to dress up the discourse in useless equations. I think they appreciate the relaxed approach. I make them do a lot of writing, but they come through. Anyway, they keep asking me back. I love Paris; it’s my second city.

    We have to have a book Salon with him.

  • The Oligarchs have wealth, but they do not possess political power, if one takes that as the capacity to raise private armies or control elections and elected officials. Khodokorvsky spent ten years in Siberia for having attempted a US style oligarch coup against the Government. Russia has a long tradition of having a strong state, which was almost destroyed by the drunk Yeltsin, who pretty much gave away the store. There were a lot of people in the KGB (I knew some of them) who were horrified by what was happening, and did what had to be done to restore the state.

    The current imbecility of American foreign (and for that matter domestic) policy is in my view largely due to the destruction of the functioning state that was built by successive generations of democrats and Republicans from the 1870s through the 1970s. It has taken about a generation of adverse selection of Ivy-league has-beens and worse to produce the stupdization of American public policy. The Russians for all sorts of reasons, not least of which the need for a strong state to protect themselves from invaders, have maintained a state run by people who actually have the national, as opposed to class interest at heart. There are a lot of flaws in their system, which we can discuss in another venue, but their government actually seems to represent a people rather than just a coterie of super-rich drones.

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    EU citizens only marginally less brain-dead than Americans. They still have a viable left, but is fading fast. Le Monde is a disgrace and is in a heck and neck fight with WaPo and NYT for the bottom of the barrel.
    French intellectuals are coming to me, of all people, to find out what is going on in Kiev. They ought to be able to find out from their own press.


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    Obama remains a difficult read: he not stupid, nor obviously venal, but his actions and policies are self-destructive–the Crimean catastrophe, ACA, failure to get his nominees through the Senate, etc. He is almost certainly incompetent, and should have been sent down to the minors for seasoning before being forced to face major-league pitching. The alternative explanations are that he’s plaything 11-dimensional chess. I think we can toss that one out. The other is that he is staving off those who prefer to promote ‘freedom’ by mutual annihilation to no ‘freedom’ at all. I think this is unlikely, but there is a positive if small probability of its being true.

    What’s certain is that he let the neocons in State engineer one of the worst foreign policy humiliations in American history. Who’s running the store?

    As to facts on the ground, Russia had no choice. The coup in Kiev was a direct assault on Russian national security. This was a no-brainer, which is why the most likely explanation of Obama’s actions is that he is truly incompetent.

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  • This reminds me of an experience I had about 50 years ago. I was doing my doctorate at Yalen and was walking past the Federal Courthouse on the Green, and there was a considerable demonstration supporting Bobby Seale. People were just marching and holding signs and the like, and the police were taking pictures of them. So I asked one of them, why are you taking pictures? And he took one of me. About a year later I was in Montreal, still working on my thesis, when three policemen with submachine guns pounded on the door (I let them in). I obvious thought it was a mistake, until I saw my name in one of their notebooks.

  • The President’s overriding priority–since at least late 2009–is the preservation and extension of American world-wide military hegemony. This is the fixed point of all his policies, domestic as well as foreign. Hegemony costs money, and if you are not going to raise taxes on the rich to finance it, you have to cut social security for the poor. Now that mass armies are no longer needed to project power (or at least that’s what the current doctrine holds), the PTB no longer have to buy off commoners for cannon fodder. Make no mistake about it; what drives the cuts to Medicare and SS are military needs and unwillingness to tax the the rich to support them.

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    Thanks for the painting. You probably have read Michel Foucault’s analysis of it in Les Mots et Les Choses (chapt 1). We are going to be in Madrid in exactly one month, and will spend some time with this painting and others by Velazquez. I picked up an art book on Velazquez last week published [...]

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