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  • koolwoman commented on the blog post Majority Want All American Troops in Afghanistan Home Now

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    Redwolf, I have the feeling that you have always voted Republican.

  • koolwoman commented on the blog post Summers’ Farewell Speech – Hopefully Permanent

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    I’ve never figured how President Obama could have picked him to be one of his advisors. The stupid remark that he made about women, while president of Harvard, should have revealed him as a man who was not too bright. He and Geigner and Bernanke took care of the banks and the stockbrokers, and none of it trickled down to the people. I hope he is prevented from doing more harm, wherever he lands. I hope that Geigner and Bernanke will be replaced sooner rather than later. Good-bye, Mr. Summers. Don’t let the doorknob hit you in the ass.