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    Sorry–I did use paragraph breaks; don’t know why my careful spacing turned into this unreadable mass of type.

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    As a staff RN in a public hospital, I can tell you that this “reform” is like the “No Child Left Behind” “reforms.” The hospitals serving wealthy populations will be rewarded, and the hospitals serving the poor will be penalized.

    This is because whether a patient has to be readmitted within 30 days is mostly out of the hands of the hospital. We can give the patient great care, great antibiotics and other medications, and thorough patient teaching about how to continue his recovery at home, but we can’t control what happens after the patient leaves the hospital.

    Does the pneumonia patient, for example, follow our instructions to take the antibiotics until they are all gone, go to his follow-up appointment at the doctor’s office, eat a reasonably good diet, and get enough rest? Does he call the phone number we give him, to report immediately if he develops a fever or other symptoms that we have explained to him?

    Or does he stop taking the antibiotics before they’re gone, skip his follow-up appointment because he doesn’t have transportation or insurance or has to be at work so he won’t lose his job? Maybe he’s homeless and doesn’t have a place to rest, and can’t eat well.

    So hospitals serving the poor will now get their reimbursements cut. It’s not the private profit-making hospitals that are going to be hurt, it’s the community hospitals like mine, where we are already scrambling to provide a decent level of care with too few resources.

    Obama dropped his support for single-payer, the only reasonable healthcare system, the second he was elected. And now he has his sights on destroying what is left of public health care in this country. And before Jon Walker replies that public hospitals like mine charge high rates, let me agree. Rates at every hospital in this country are high. That could have been fixed by a single payer system. Instead, private hospitals squeeze their patients in order to pay their investors, and public county hospitals like mine have to charge high rates in order to cover the costs we incur by treating so many patients who are unable to pay at all.

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    Thank you, I haven’t read any of these, and will definitely try them!

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    I’m almost 65 years old, so I’m part of a huge demographic.  Since the 1960′s, it has seemed to me  as if whatever I became interested in suddenly became really BIG, thanks to the huge number of women who are so much like me.   Civil rights and  an end to the Vietnam war, of [...]

  • One of the most wonderful things about Occupy has been their acceptance of EVERYONE who shows up. They model the Beloved Community through tolerance and nonviolence–psychological and verbal nonviolence as well as physical nonviolence. Instead of attacking or shunning people with whom we don’t agree, we could discuss what they say on a rational, fact-filled [...]

  • You’re absolutely right, Paul’s domestic policies (except for ending the War on Drugs, which is a war on poor minorities, ending the police state, and restoring the Bill of Rights) are horrible. But it looks to me as if Obama/Romney are horrible on domestic policies without exception. So I don’t see the advantage of Obama/Romney [...]

  • So wonderful to read of something so hopeful! Thank you for posting it!

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    Ray Charles, singing “Hit the Road, Jack”

  • I didn’t hear Maher say he was terrified of “terrorists,” just that he admires Ron Paul for saying, in every Repub debate, that we have an empire, and we should bring all the troops home. Maher said he supports Ron Paul’s foreign policy, not Obama’s. Colbert said only that Ron Paul is a good man, [...]

  • I’m not sure what is wrong with praising people (in this case, websites) who join a protest to help a good cause. It is possible to appreciate someone’s efforts without at the same time intending to slam someone else who made a different choice. We probably all agree that we want peace and justice, but [...]

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    Agree, completely. Which makes me sad, since when my kids were growing up, we loved NPR. But then I started to notice that NPR “reporters” like Linda Gradstein, “reporting” from Israel, were nothing but Israeli propagandists, boosting U.S. complacency during Israel’s vicious human rights abuses against the Palestinians. Haven’t been able to listen to NPR [...]

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    Great diary, Imka; recommended! Like everyone else, I want the endless wars stopped, the War on Drugs (which replaced the Jim Crow laws as an even more effective tool of racial discrimination) stopped, the growing police state stopped, and I want single-payer health care for everybody through a vastly-expanded Medicare system. Not to mention the [...]

  • ironymeter, to be honest, Ron Paul’s idea of “make all Americans eligible for Health Savings Accounts” is not a selling point for his candidacy. Most Americans want a single-payer, government-funded system for healthcare that includes everyone, employed or not. That’s why Medicare should be expanded. I have been a registered nurse in hospitals for many [...]

  • I think stopping the wars is the absolutely most important issue, and with Ron Paul, that includes stopping the War on Drugs, which replaced the Jim Crow laws as our way of continuing racist discrimination in the U.S. David Duke is a sort of straw man, isn’t he? People who claim that Ron Paul is [...]

  • Thanks, jbade. I don’t know if Dr. King would have supported all of Ron Paul’s foreign policy ideas (I imagine he might have supported the UN, though not what the UN has now turned out to be–just another tool for US war making), but I’m sure that he would have opposed all of Obama/Romney’s war-mongering, [...]

  • I looked at your link about letters of marque and attainder, and what Ron Paul said there was that in early U.S. history, private contractors were given permission to attack pirates. Paul said that this was a way to get rid of the piracy without committing the U.S. to a war. I don’t know how [...]

  • Paying people to collect names for a candidate who doesn’t even have 80 supporters in Wisconsin totally fired up to get her on the ballot does not sound to me like “building a movement.”

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    Thank you, Athena, great diary! Lots of interesting comments, too. I think that voting for Ron Paul is like a jiu-jitsu move–using your opponent’s strength against him. The corporations and the elites who control the Dem/Repub two-headed machine are united in wanting the wars and police state to continue, and they have already decided that [...]

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    Except for books for the grandkids and checks for their parents, we haven’t exchanged or received gifts for three years. We give what we would have spent on stuff to charities (LA Catholic Worker and the Open Door Community in Atlanta) and buy some toys to give to the local Toy Bank.

    Our new tradition: we watch “What Would Jesus Buy?”, the documentary of the cross-country bus trip Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir took a few years ago. So funny, touching, and uplifting!

    You can watch it free, here:

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    Recommended. Thanks for linking to the Glenn Greenwald article, which is all about why people who claim to be “progressives” are fooling themselves when they refuse to consider voting for Ron Paul. Here’s one great excerpt: “It’s perfectly rational and reasonable for progressives to decide that the evils of their candidate are outweighed by the [...]

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