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    He doesn’t look like my kind of guy but his style doesn’t necessarily make him a jerk. It’s the practice of selling ambassadorships that should be at issue.


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    The problem is not political appointees, some of whom are better than career ambassadors, it’s campaign donors, who generally have no diplomatic qualifications at all.

    Also, ambassadors are authorized 2 first class trips – arrival at and departure from post. If they fly first class in between, they pay the difference, which is not a problem for bundlers, I daresay.

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    Coincidentally, I was listening to a 2012 Real News interview with Ed Herman, co-author of Manufacturing Consent . This is what he had to say:

    HERMAN: Yes, yes, yeah. And here, when United States wants to go after Yugoslavia, it built up a whole arsenal of claims about the crimes being committed by the Yugoslav government against the various [...]

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    In some places, they’re looking good for bad Democrats.

    Silicon Valley’s top political consultants have turned a relatively unknown Democratic candidate into a viable challenger for congressperson. Two of the brains behind President Barack Obama’s 2008 triumph, Steve Spinner and Jeremy Bird, have chosen to help Ro Khanna topple long-time congressman Mike Honda.

    Mike Honda is one of most reliably progressive members of the progressive caucus.

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    …progressives were so disgusted and fear driven that subscriptions to the Nation were at a high…

    Now there is a Democratic president donations are down for progressive causes. Progressives are not as worried and feel things are somewhat under control.

    It’s not just that. People who would normally contribute to progressive causes have been financially squeezed by [...]

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    Thanks for that.

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    Glib, shallow. Sad we accord respect to people based on their net worth.

  • I don’t know about ‘accentuating the female body’ but salwar kameezas (as I heard them called in Tamil Nadu 25 years ago) were the most practical garment you could wear. The pants material was very thin and cool and somewhat transparent. The overblouse, made of heavier cotton, came almost to the knees, allowing for both [...]

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    Despite his quite salient criticisms of the climate march, Arun Gupta recommends showing up.

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    Sure miss my old Rep Mike Honda who voted No. Now I have Blumenauer who’s a mediocrity.

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    Yes, the brilliant Anders Fogh Rasmussen. A reminder from Consortium News:

    Before the U.S. invasion in 2003, Rasmussen famously declared that “Iraq has WMDs. It is not something we think; it is something we know. Iraq has itself admitted that it has had mustard gas, nerve gas, anthrax, but Saddam won’t disclose. He won’t tell us [...]

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    On the whole I agree with Brel1. If Dawkins had been talking about a more severe disability than Down’s, I doubt many people would take issue with his questioning the morality of bringing a disabled fetus to term. You’d think by now he’d have learned not to be an absolutist or at least not to [...]

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    I remember the brilliant analysts over at Slate scoffing at William Pfaff in 2001. Jacob Weisberg:

    Experts are usually careful not to make forecasts that can be quickly proved wrong. But catching up on back issues of the New York Review of Books, I came across an exception to that rule, an article titled “Afghanistan: The [...]

  • I wouldn’t laugh too hard. Dirty politics is bad for everyone.

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    “Tenure” for California teachers simply means that they can only be fired for cause.

    California was the first state in the country to establish teacher tenure law in 1921. Current state law mandates that teachers gain tenure in California after completing a two-year probationary period during which time they can be dismissed for poor performance by [...]

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    I said ‘to speak of.’

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    The decision to go with state-based exchanges instead of one nationally-run exchange was one of those idiotic demands made by “centrist Democrats” for seemingly no other reasons than to piss of liberals with stupid policy.

    Jon, do you have links to information about this? I’d like to know more about what happened in Oregon. They don’t have a newspaper to speak of.

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    I see Aeroflot in our future.

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    One of the Cuban twitter contractors was CAI:

    CAI, which was founded in 1977 by Charito Kruvant, a Bolivian national, is one of many “Beltway Bandit” contracting firms that make a living from U.S. government and multilateral agency contracts. “We work in areas where conflict is about to end and turmoil is about to begin, and we love it,” Kruvant told the Washington Post once.

    For example, CAI was awarded $1 million sub-contract in 1989 to train Contra rebels, the anti-communist guerrillas in Nicaragua, in skills such as engine repair, first aid and road maintenance.

    CAI’s contracts have come in for criticism in the past. For example, CAI won a 2003 contract to print textbooks and train teachers in Afghanistan, despite never having worked in the country before.

    Raheem Yaseer, assistant director of the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Center for Afghanistan Studies, which also bid and lost, says he was surprised. “Our university has been involved in Afghanistan from the early 1970s, and had offices and programs during the war years,” Yaseer said.

    Creative didn’t bother with supporting the local economy – instead it subcontracted the printing of the Afghan textbooks to an Indonesian company, and then airlifted them to Afghanistan.

    The current USAID director came from the Gates Foundation.

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    So named by Pepe Escobar of The Asia Times.

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