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    Ace knows from whores. He’s pretty sure one was living in the trailer next to his, as the stench of bacon and Play-Doh was overpowering.

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    Ostentatious religiosity goes with sports like performance-enhancing drugs or strip-club patronage. It goes back at least to the mid-1980s (Dodgers pitcher Orel Herschiser was the first Tebower iirc), and of course Albert Pujols does his “Jeebus, you’re the man!” point at the sky for every HGH-boosted bleacher shot the Man Upstairs vouchsafes him (Pierce pointed this out somewhere recently iirc).

    That said, it takes Tebow’s 200-proof douchiness to have just now made everyone want to mock what actually has been plaguing the republic for a generation or more.

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    My first guess would have been that the musclebound fellow was the ratfucker, not the bed-headed dweeb. Nice to see another of my preconceptions get knocked down.

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    It would seem that Erik Sanchez likes big butts and he cannot lie…

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    Oh I think we all know what Ziegler’s motivation was.

    In the item on Tucker’s webpage, Ziegler mentions a wife. I’m sure it must have thrilled her to no end to see how eagerly he donned the armor and rode into battle for Lady Sarah.

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    Is Palin sure she wants to go there? Cause it seems to me she’s told some D-cup sized lies herself. At least a pair of them.

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    Also Peter Travers is widely regarded as a blurb whore. Which may be unfair: I’m not familiar with his writing and it may just be the Janet Maslin problem of reviews so equivocal and wishy-washy that even Michael Bay can find something to put on the poster. Or Travers may be a blurb whore.

    Either way, if Peter Travers is literally your poster-boy for lefty critical intransigence, then it’s a safe bet that the whole world hates you.

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    ‘Pegging’ is exactly what Pethokoukis is fantasizing about, for real. Van Hagar’s “Right Now” insufficiently epic, only the NFL Films theme music will do? Why stop there, why not “The Ride of the Valkyries”?

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    just now thinking “Real Housewives of the GOP” needs to be the next season of the train-wreck reality show. All these trophy wives talking about how they had no idea how often their septuagenarian husbands would want it, cursing the day that Cia!is was invented.

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    Ordinary people don’t use the word ‘liberty’ when they mean freedom. But ‘liberty’ is this term of art intended to elide the vast gulf between my right to speak freely and not be arbritrarily imprisoned, and the Koch brothers’ right to keep their 3 billionth dollar of income and to poison the common water supply.

    Anytime you hear the word ‘liberty’, it’s a near-certainty that you are being lied to.

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    It can’t really be OK in a normal Christian church* to fap to descriptions of other people fucking, can it? That the characters are not living in sin would seem to be irrelevant.

    *By which I mean, a church located on the main street of at least a medium-sized town, not a tent or a metal building. That criterian probably excludes Xtian Porn Hound, though.

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    Shruggin’ In The Rain really, really needs to be on ice. I.e., literally, as an ice-skating ballet-drama.

    Disclaimer: I always post that video whenever someone tells me that prog is a genre deserving of less than utter contempt.

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    I’m just now thinking that Ziegler is probably trusted by the Palin clan (though probably less so by the putative First Dude) enough to be allowed to author some of “her” takes. It would explain a lot.

    Sadly for Ziegler as well as his idol, the music all stops in a few months (10, at the outside). Either Sarah doesn’t run (in which case all interest in her ceases instantly), or she does (in which case all interest in her ceases as soon as the NH primary is over).

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    Dancing is supposed to be for the principal’s unwed mother/abstinence activist daughter, not the principal herself. O’Donnell has a long way to go if she ever wants to attain the gravitas of Sarah Palin, and DWTS is a step in the wrong direction.

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    Oddly enough, there seems to be no connection (or I haven’t been able to find it) between the Godard film (French title “A bout souffle”, more literally “At Breath’s End” (according to the Wikipedia and not my own high-school French)) and the Jerry Lee Lewis tune that X is doing in the video. For the train-wreck remake with Richard Gere and Valerie Kaprisky they make the connection, as Gere’s character does these Killer gyrations somewhat in anticipation of what Nicholas Cage was trying to do in the not-much-better “Wild At Heart”.

    The Belmondo character would seem to have been inspired by a “white Negro” like Jerry Lee Lewis (or Charlie Starkweather), but the two things coming to have been called “Breathless” seems to be a big coincidence at least as far as I can tell.

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    The funny part is the “disgruntled”, like they were big fans who had no idea that Carter was an outspoken opponent of Likud Israel, and boy were they surprised at what they found!

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    yes, wingnut “All About Eve”

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    The ‘WH’ isn’t a typo; Hoft probably believes that “Backmann’s” makeup artist was a White House mole bent on making the teatards look crazy.

    Which conspiracy theory is probably true, after a fashion: putting Michelle Bachmann on TV is unexplainable except as liberal media bias.

  • I knew that I didn’t have to care about anything that appeared under the mediaite.com url the first time Kaus linked to them. But thanks for the reminder.

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    Despite his attempts to nuance this attack, Sully actually has a quote that, imo, provides the exactly perfect context for what just happened”

    “In that third year of the Kennedy Presidency a kind of fever lay over Dallas County. Mad things happened. Huge billboards screamed “Impeach Earl Warren.” Jewish stores were smeared with crude swastikas. Fanatical young matrons swayed in public to the chant, “Stevenson’s going to die–his heart will stop, stop, stop and he will burn, burn burn!” Radical Right polemics were distributed in public schools; Kennedy’s name was booed in classrooms; junior executives were required to attend radical seminars. Dallas had become the mecca for medicine-show evangelists of the National Indignation Convention, the Christian Crusaders, the Minutemen, the John Birch and Patrick Henry societies . . .

    In Dallas a retired major general flew the American flag upside down in front of his house, and when, on Labor Day of 1963, the Stars and Stripes were hoisted right side up outside his own home by County Treasurer Warren G. Harding–named by Democratic parents for a Republican President in an era when all Texas children were taught to respect the Presidency, regardless of party–Harding was accosted by a physician’s son, who remarked bitterly, “That’s the Democrat flag. Why not just run up the hammer and sickle while you’re at it?” – William Manchester, Death of a President.

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