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    But..but the Supreme Court man. *smack*

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    Hmmmm… if I don’t make the “whitelist” it’s been fun all. Carry on.

  • Perhaps. Or perhaps it’s simply their proven reliable servility to the US based anglophone global empire project. Every first world nation that is primarily English speaking is included in Five Eyes.

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    Good plan. When one finds oneself repeating similar writings it’s time to think harder and try to find some fresh insights.

  • Until unions endorse third party candidates–or at least make their support conditional on actual policy outcomes, which I don’t expect to happen–it probably makes no real difference whether the proposed Amendment applies to unions or not.

  • As well as being the best argument *for*. Salmond it seems either hasn’t really thought this through or has and knows the short term pain necessary to creating a Scottish Pound won’t help him sell his message. Salmond wants to run into the arms of the EU and EZ, which would make Scotland another tiny peripheral dog toy for Germany to slowly kill with austerity. And as such probably less independent than they are as part of a UK outside the EZ. At least the power/size asymmetries are more favorable as things stand.

  • What Kerry says is very moving and very, very true. Great reporting on one of America’s largest issues.

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    Hasbara hits FDL. No surprise!

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  • Jumping in front of a parade they’ve spent the last three or four decades fighting tooth and nail. Unimpressed. Wake me when they take on the .1% and fight for the 99%. Well actually you won’t be able to, we’ll all be dead.

  • Unintentionally, lol. If you drive under the limit here–or even just 1 or 2 over–you get tailgated and create a potentially dangerous situation. Driving under the limit, outside of school zones, is both inconsiderate of other drivers and truly lame. When I lived in TX everyone cruised an easy 10 over with a crotch warmed beer handy. They ain’t making real Texans anymore I guess.

  • “Are you saying smoking pot indicates people think they’re above the law?”

    In the same sense driving 58 in a 55 zone does. That’s sort of a yes. Of course in your better states, it doesn’t even indicate that.

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    Nice to see a plan that is both plausible and evinces both strategic and tactical thinking.

    What we used to call “The Establishment” turns on and creates enemies within its own ranks when the inevitable power struggles play out. I’ll bet there are hundreds, no thousands, of insiders who have been or feel screwed over by those struggles and who know weak points and fault lines in the machine. Wedges must be driven into these points. People are tribal, once people begin to no longer identify with the tribe in power or feel excluded, then carrots lose their attraction, only sticks work to enforce cohesion and discipline and each application of the sticks alienates and splinters off a portion of the core group. Each time discipline within the group must be enforced, the social and organizational cohesion of the group is degraded and trust and loyalty issues work to pry on the existing cleavage points. Rigid power hierarchies are strong but also brittle, they not only won’t bend to pressures, they *cannot*. The first obvious signs of failure may be both terminal and irreversible, so don’t expect to see obvious incremental progress manifest. It’ll look like everything is proceeding more or less normally and efforts at change are going nowhere, until it all collapses without warning. The hopeless quixotic cause becomes a rout overnight.

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    The discrepancy actually I think derives from the relative ubiquity of hashish vs. cannabis flower in much of Europe. Roll your own cigarettes are very common in Europe compared to the US, and it’s just a very obvious way to consume hashish with what’s already on hand, so it became a common practice. Using a pipe to smoke hashish outside the home generally means carrying around an illegal, smelly and unnecessary piece of paraphernalia. Not terribly smart.

    This isn’t to say there isn’t some resistance to the practice of combining tobacco and cannabis in Europe. The hotel I stayed at for Koningsdag in Amsterdam this spring would happily lend you a house bong or pipe to smoke cannabis in their bar, but would would throw you out forthwith for smoking tobacco on the same premises and many Dutch coffeeshops won’t tolerate smoking the mixture on premises either whereas most are fine with smoking cannabis alone. In France and Italy, the practice of combing the two is even more prevalent.

  • “BTW there is no Syrian/Iraq border, you must have missed that announcement also”

    Please consult a map.

  • No, forty dollars an eight is a pretty standard Seattle street price (I hear), that’s 10+ a gram. My local store had grams for fourteen that smelled decent, not a huge discrepancy, the taxes explain it.

    You want to bet prices don’t come down for retail?

    People should be able to grow a few plants though like in CO. It would help some low income and a few hobbyists, like allowing homemade beer does, but most people are going to take an easier route.

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    Lardo is the ne plus ultra of lard.


    Thin slices melting over hot toast pieces. Yep.

  • Kurt Sperry commented on the blog post XKeyscore Story Might Mean There Is Second NSA Leaker

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    The XKeyscore rules published verbatim have some chilling bits including characterizations of pretty mainstream comsec and even places where discussion of comsec transpires as “extremist”. I’m assuming “extremist” is placeholder word for “terrorist” until they want to turn the screws down a few more turns.

    The XKeyscore code from http://daserste.ndr.de/panorama/xkeyscorerules100.txt

    * Fingerprint Tor authoritative directories enacting the directory protocol.
    fingerprint(‘anonymizer/tor/node/authority’) = $tor_authority
    and ($tor_directory or preappid(/anonymizer/tor/directory/));

    Global Variable for Tor foreign directory servers. Searching for potential Tor
    clients connecting to the Tor foreign directory servers on ports 80 and 443.

    $tor_foreign_directory_ip = ip(’′ or ’′ or
    ’′ or ’′ or ’′) and port (’80′ or

    this variable contains the 3 Tor directory servers hosted in FVEY countries.
    Please do not update this variable with non-FVEY IPs. These are held in a
    separate variable called $tor_foreign_directory_ip. Goal is to find potential
    Tor clients connecting to the Tor directory servers.
    $tor_fvey_directory_ip = ip(’′ or ’′ or
    ’′) and port (’80′ or ’443′);

    requires grammar version 5
    * Identify clients accessing Tor bridge information.
    fingerprint(‘anonymizer/tor/bridge/tls’) =
    ssl_x509_subject(‘bridges.torproject.org’) or

    * Database Tor bridge information extracted from confirmation emails.
    fingerprint(‘anonymizer/tor/bridge/email’) =
    and email_body(‘https://bridges.torproject.org/’ : c++
    extractors: {{
    bridges[] = /bridges([0-9]{1,3}.[0-9]{1,3}.[0-9]{1,3}.[0-9]{1,3}):?([0-9]{2,4}?[^0-9])/;
    init: {{
    main: {{
    static const std::string SCHEMA_OLD = “tor_bridges”;
    static const std::string SCHEMA_NEW = “tor_routers”;
    static const std::string FLAGS = “Bridge”;
    if (bridges) {
    for (size_t i=0; i < bridges.size(); ++i) {
    std::string address = bridges[i][0] + ":" + bridges[i][1];
    DB[SCHEMA_OLD]["tor_bridge"] = address;
    DB[SCHEMA_NEW]["tor_ip"] = bridges[i][0];
    DB[SCHEMA_NEW]["tor_port_or"] = bridges[i][1];
    DB[SCHEMA_NEW]["tor_flags"] = FLAGS;
    return true;

    The fingerprint identifies sessions visiting the Tor Project website from
    non-fvey countries.
    and not(xff_cc('US' OR 'GB' OR 'CA' OR 'AU' OR 'NZ'));

    These variables define terms and websites relating to the TAILs (The Amnesic
    Incognito Live System) software program, a comsec mechanism advocated by
    extremists on extremist forums.

    $TAILS_terms=word('tails' or 'Amnesiac Incognito Live System') and word('linux'
    or ' USB ' or ' CD ' or 'secure desktop' or ' IRC ' or 'truecrypt' or ' tor ');
    $TAILS_websites=('tails.boum.org/') or ('linuxjournal.com/content/linux*');

    This fingerprint identifies users searching for the TAILs (The Amnesic
    Incognito Live System) software program, viewing documents relating to TAILs,
    or viewing websites that detail TAILs.
    fingerprint('documents/comsec/tails_doc') or web_search($TAILS_terms) or
    url($TAILS_websites) or html_title($TAILS_websites);

    requires grammar version 5
    * Aggregate Tor hidden service addresses seen in raw traffic.
    mapreduce::plugin('anonymizer/tor/plugin/onion') =
    immediate_keyword(/(?:([a-z]+)://){0,1}([a-z2-7]{16}).onion(?::(d+)){0,1}/c : c++
    includes: {{
    proto: {{
    message onion_t {
    required string address = 1;
    optional string scheme = 2;
    optional string port = 3;
    mapper: {{
    static const std::string prefix = “anonymizer/tor/hiddenservice/address/”;

    onion_t onion;
    size_t matches = cur_args()->matches.size();
    for (size_t pos=0; pos < matches; ++pos) {
    const std::string &value = match(pos);
    if (value.size() == 16)
    else if(!onion.has_scheme())

    if (!onion.has_address())
    return false;

    MAPPER.map(onion.address(), onion);
    xks::fire_fingerprint(prefix + onion.address());
    return true;
    reducer: {{
    for (values_t::const_iterator iter = VALUES.begin();
    iter != VALUES.end();
    ++iter) {
    DB["tor_onion_survey"]["onion_address"] = iter->address() + “.onion”;
    if (iter->has_scheme())
    DB["tor_onion_survey"]["onion_scheme"] = iter->scheme();
    if (iter->has_port())
    DB["tor_onion_survey"]["onion_port"] = iter->port();
    DB["tor_onion_survey"]["onion_count"] = boost::lexical_cast(TOTAL_VALUE_COUNT);
    return true;

    * Placeholder fingerprint for Tor hidden service addresses.
    * Real fingerpritns will be fired by the plugins
    * ‘anonymizer/tor/plugin/onion/*’
    fingerprint(‘anonymizer/tor/hiddenservice/address’) = nil;

    appid(‘anonymizer/mailer/mixminion’, 3.0, viewer=$ascii_viewer) =
    http_host(‘mixminion’) or

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