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    To all those who were making false flag insinuations upthread: it is in fact possible to be so cynical one becomes naively credulous in a mindlessly reflexive fashion. This has none of the tells of a false flag, the suspects would be dead before being identified for starters, and a pubic trial as appears likely to occur here, would be too dangerous to operational security to allow.

    This is probably at its core simple blowback for using the Middle East and its inhabitants for target practice, something the French have mostly, with one or two laudable exceptions, joined in with relish.

  • Being a cop should pay damn well–I’m sure it’s a very difficult and stressful job, but it also should require standards of conduct and accountability that by and large seem not currently to exist.

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    It’s a disadvantage sure, but it’s also a huge advantage as well. What’s the purpose of protest? To send messages to the ruling elites. Sending messages to those elites got a lot easier when an entire enormous surveillance state was created to listen in on us. I almost welcome their snooping. You out there listening? [...]

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    That’s a nice, commonsense list of demands. I can’t really argue against a one of them.

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    I hope these protests cause fear in those responsible for perpetuating the conditions that spawn them. And of course I hope they continue to grow, strong and insistent and relentless in their pursuit of justice.

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    Echoing prior comments, no- Obama is not so much a fascist as a decorative hood ornament/lawn jockey/wooden figurehead on a giant fascist machine. I doubt he cares about politics at all beyond what it can provide for his ego and personal bank account, which is a more or less perfect analog for the entire Democratic [...]

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    Amazing what people can accomplish when the fear of acting is overcome. So much courage and determination.

  • The takeaway from all this appears to be that realistically, accountability will have to in substantial part be brought by forces external to the US Government. One hopes this would find form in international calls for putting the torture perpetrators on trial backed by significant sanctions for non-compliance rather than more direct action. I have no faith in the internal government accountability procedures, they are all rigged from bottom to top and the US’s “democracy show” is equally so–no alternatives that would bring accountability are permitted via the political processes. The legislators cower in fear of the security state.

    We need a truly international effort to seek justice, it’s the only I see way that might happen. At the very, very least the perps right up to the top should fear immediate arrest upon leaving sovereign US territory.

  • What I am reading here is to some degree frustration with posters of writing here that refuse to engage in defending their work in the comment string. And, unsurprisingly I suppose, those same pieces strongly tend to be the ones with the most holes in them and are the least defensible.

    Really the power of web publishing is its potential for a dialectic where ideas are proposed, challenged and defended. When the authors are absent form the discussion that results from their writing, aside from the implicitly imperious lack of engagement, the writing itself is left only half finished. If even the author cannot defend their ideas, the ideas themselves are probably not defensible.

  • I have no problem with the author, only with the myopia evident in this piece. The elephant in the room is of course that ACA (along with most of the Democratic Party’s action agenda–but that’s a discussion for another time) is essentially the product of a right wing viewpoint and expectedly thus does nothing to address the fundamental issues of our broken system–namely the parasitic tapeworm that is the private health insurance industry. It fact in feeds the very parasite that needs to be killed and is thus in a real sense counterproductive. Any discussion of the ACA that ignores or leaves these fundamental realities out is thus inevitably incoherent and operates as a dangerous distraction from that greater reality.

    Problems with the ACA aren’t about implementation or policy details or management or website functionalities, the problem is that the idea itself is unacceptably and unfixably flawed.

  • Quite. The comment by Sarah B. is far more valuable and expository and informed than the piece it is commenting on. We hardly need boilerplate tribal dem-bot ‘analyses’ here, they can be accessed almost anywhere and serve only to displace and supplant more objective, informed and better reasoned analyses that the MSM are paid not to publish.

    FDL should not be promoting and providing a favored megaphone these partisan apologetics for a corrupt system, but instead offering antidotes to them. One can read tired partisan propaganda almost anywhere, we shouldn’t be promoting and legitimatizing it here on FDL. It’s not like those poisonous ideas pretending to be progressive lack for venues like DailyKos, Democratic Underground et al, all happy to promote them.

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    Dems get ripped a new one so often here, you can set your watch by it. Thank goodness.

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    I’m now of the age where I’ve recently had friends and acquaintances undergo hip replacement surgeries and I am happy to report every one has done really well with their procedures and have been able to return to action stronger than before. The rehab is obviously tough but in the context of one’s lifespan the downtime is a mere blink of the eye. Best wishes and a very speedy recovery to you!

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    If this isn’t a metaphor for a dystopic financialized, post-industrial America, then I don’t know what is.

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    I don’t see these efforts as anything but unalloyed good, partisan ad homs against the people with the courage to publicly stand up to the surveillance state notwithstanding. At least these people have the courage to make a public stand, something entirely lacking across the aisle where the Democrats are gleefully in charge of that [...]

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    This thread–along with the last–have been the best I’ve read on Ferguson. Interesting and smart comments and lot’s of salient links as well. Where are we now that the best journalism mostly comes from people who aren’t paid as journalists? Having a free and confrontational press is crucially important for a free society, thanks Wendy [...]

  • It should be noted that the correct spelling of the leaker of the false news report is “Mosheh Oinounou”.

  • To add: the perceived need of the security state forces to have overwhelming force advantages in place before acting surely makes them pretty tactically useless outside these big set piece showcases where they can dig in weeks in advance. I’m doubting they could react to an agile small group of operatives that weren’t infiltrated and [...]

  • Interesting how much police state dick swinging is being invested here, local, state, feds, private mercenary soldiers, no doubt scores of spooks, undercover agitators, every sociopathic, crew cut steroid case with a uniform and a gun within seemingly a thousand miles brought to bear. They are either there to perform some sort of prescripted set [...]

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    Vintage cast iron from the thrift or junk store is, some contend for reasons I won’t wade into here, superior to the new expensive stuff.

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