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    I don’t see these efforts as anything but unalloyed good, partisan ad homs against the people with the courage to publicly stand up to the surveillance state notwithstanding. At least these people have the courage to make a public stand, something entirely lacking across the aisle where the Democrats are gleefully in charge of that [...]

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    This thread–along with the last–have been the best I’ve read on Ferguson. Interesting and smart comments and lot’s of salient links as well. Where are we now that the best journalism mostly comes from people who aren’t paid as journalists? Having a free and confrontational press is crucially important for a free society, thanks Wendy [...]

  • It should be noted that the correct spelling of the leaker of the false news report is “Mosheh Oinounou”.

  • To add: the perceived need of the security state forces to have overwhelming force advantages in place before acting surely makes them pretty tactically useless outside these big set piece showcases where they can dig in weeks in advance. I’m doubting they could react to an agile small group of operatives that weren’t infiltrated and [...]

  • Interesting how much police state dick swinging is being invested here, local, state, feds, private mercenary soldiers, no doubt scores of spooks, undercover agitators, every sociopathic, crew cut steroid case with a uniform and a gun within seemingly a thousand miles brought to bear. They are either there to perform some sort of prescripted set [...]

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    Vintage cast iron from the thrift or junk store is, some contend for reasons I won’t wade into here, superior to the new expensive stuff.

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    One can (and don’t tell anyone you heard it from me) actually make a decent ersatz raclette in the microwave. Just put a pile of roughly diced boiled potatoes on a plate and cover with sliced or grated cheese a nuke it until the cheese melts. Garnish with sliced white or yellow onion and little [...]

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    I was in Milan, Italy for May Day this year and was surprised to find a Swiss raclette stand set up in Parco Sempione, staffed with real Swiss folk. You can see their propane powered contraption for making raclette here: http://i57.tinypic.com/25jjmrk.jpg Heavenly. It was 8 euro for a heaping plate (including obligatory pickles) with big [...]

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    Brand’s unapologetic and unself-conscious and refreshingly unself-important truth telling, Banksy’s brilliant iconography from almost the sole remaining living breathing visual arts field and some very danceable music with important things to say. My plate is full this evening, thank you kindly Wendy.

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    Clap louder! That’s the ticket!

  • Excellent. Excellent.

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    Just keep sending the sparks out, one, someone’s, will eventually catch. The woods are growing drier by the day.

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    I’d add that growing legal cannabis indoors under artificial lights is as stupid and wasteful as growing corn or potatoes under them would be. Growing plants that evolved over millenia to grow in natural sunlight indoors under lights is also obviously hugely ecologically irresponsible and only more so in light of GCC. The only reason cannabis was grown indoors was to hide it from detection. Sure, people got quite good at doing it that way and it allows varieties of cannabis that aren’t suited for cultivation outdoors in a particular climate to be grown there, but from an environmental perspective as well as establishing authentic regional terroirs, cannabis should be field grown. Some varieties suited to tropical cultivation however will have to wait for Hawaii to join the legal club or international importation allowed for some of those varieties to be brought to market. Most tropical varieties are in any case not amenable to indoor cultivation.

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    I was asked by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) to take a survey asking me what premium I would be willing to pay above street price for legal cannabis. My answer was “none”. The fact that they thought that a commodity that was expensive solely because of its illegality and the consequent risks to the suppliers might conceivably be priced higher minus that huge risk convinced me they were operating in a fantasy world. And the legal product I can purchase is around two to three times higher retail than I can easily procure the same product through the black market! Once the novelty of walking into a legal rec store has worn off, who in their right mind would pay $30 for a gram when the same quality can be had on almost any street corner for $10?

    The price for legal weed should always be at par with or least slightly less than that for illegal weed–assuming of course the idea is to actually supplant the illegal market with a controlled and taxed legal one. Just price it at or slightly below the going street price and there is still massive room available for mark up and taxes–and you kill the black market. Which I thought was the entire point.

    The producer cost for legal marijuana should be similar to other products that require a lot of manual labor–like hops. Let’s say twice that to assuming it is hand as opposed to machine trimmed, so perhaps $5 an ounce. Everything above that should either be distributor or retail markup or tax. The problem in Washington is essentially an artificial scarcity of supply that allows the few licensed growers to actually charge more for their product grown risk free than growers who risk hard prison time to grow. The given rationale for this scarcity is to keep the supply in-state, but doing so is as absurd as limiting the amount of beer sold in wet states and counties to prevent alcohol diversion to dry ones. The responsibility should be placed on the dry states/counties to pay for the consequences their policy decisions rather than expecting a state whose voters have rejected prohibition to subsidize its more regressive neighbors by charging its consumers hugely and artificially inflated prices, and in the process keep the black market legalization was intended to kill alive.

    You want cannabis illegal in your state? Fine, but don’t expect those of us in states with other arrangements to have to keep our own black markets in place to protect your own black market you have chosen as how you want the demand filled. As more states legalize rec cannabis, the absurdity of protecting black markets by unrealistic pricing of legal cannabis will eventually become obvious even to the cognitively impaired who persist in the magical thinking of the viability of charging triple street prices.

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    It sucks that I didn’t have any Greens here in Washington State to vote for on my mid-term ballot. This country can’t be fixed until we kill the Democratic Party, then we burn it and throw throw its ashes to the wind.

  • I like the two ad agency analogy a lot. Advertising and sales is at its root deception, both subtle and gross. The two products being sold are essentially functionally indistinguishable, so brand messaging and emotional appeals to pre-existing demographic groups are the primary differentiators. Sales types are not particularly noted for the personal integrity but they fill the ranks of the party power elites.

    It’s all an audaciously enormous all encompassing grift and we’re the marks. And it all rests on us not realizing that fact. The erosion of the Democratic Party electorally is likely to some degree a result of people making that quite obvious realization. Nothing can change until the trickle out the exit door turns into a stampede and all that remains is the detritus and hard core stragglers of a party people finally had the good and common sense to come home from.

  • You see, the world is divided into “good people” and “bad people” and the “good people” who are powerful and well connected or obedient to those, aka “insiders”, can only do “good things” and even when they do bad things, they are “good people” so the things they do are “OK”. Because you naturally don’t prosecute “good people”. “Bad people” on the other hand, people that threaten the interests of powerful and well connected “good people”, can do nothing “good” as even when they do good things, they are still “bad people” so the good things they do are “bad”.

    You see?

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    I’m not the sharpest bulb in the deck but even I have come to the realization that the Democrats are no better and in real world terms often a “more effective evil” than the Republicans. Screw the Democratic Party, it is corrupt to the core, beholden to squillionaire cartoon supervillains just like the GOP and quite obviously detests its working class base. After six years of Obama only an idiot would still support the Democratic Party and unsurprisingly there appears to be a growing shortage of the requisite idiots. Go figure.

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    If Obama proposed we should all eat rat poison until dead the DailyKos crew would be not only lustily support doing so but would chastise anyone who dared dissent and claim they were racist. Not just an intellectually challenged place but one without any real moral principles. Useless appendage of an even more useless political [...]

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    This headline could be entered as prima facie evidence that Rs are smarter than Ds. Of course neither party gives two shits about its base, but at least it appears the Rs are more apt to realize it.

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