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    Sibelius along with the rest of the administration are responsible for the near disastrous rollout. I was a single payer fan. The program has saved me a great deal of money on my ACA plan. That being said, this job was not planned or designed well. They waited till after the 2012 election to begin the effort. That showed that the development group were incompetent and the job was totally underestimated. The recovery group corrected the major issues within 45 days. They were excellent. Sibelius should have begun development the morning after the law passed. They should have picked two friendly states and in 2010/11 implemented an exchange. That would give you two years to define the input and output specifications that could have been used by all states and insurance companies. No one with technology experience would schedule a nationwide development go online all at once with no testing. She was the face of the Department, it is good she has decided to go.

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    The Bishop was upset at the betrayal? You just had an arrest for a child rape that happened in 1998. 16 years to just get an arrest. This sounds like all of the other violations.

  • Nice pantload. She served a full term and was re-elected as Senator in New York. She served a full 4 year term as Secretary of State. Not many SOS stay on for second term. You don’t like her fine. Try to get the complaints accurate.

  • The reason they need a “risk” department is to see what is “reasonable” coverage. Does everyone need a new liver. Does everyone need chronic treatment that is expensive. The delivery models are looking to see what treatment policies put their profits at risk.

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    If you look at their app;roach to spending cuts to avert the sequestor that passed tonight, you have the evidence that going over the cliff is the best option left. They got rid of the military cuts that were supposed to be the part of the sequester that pressure them to play nice. They added all of those cuts on the program side of the ledger. Any one crying about the dire effects on the economy if the sequester stays in place is lying to you. The contraction to the economy will be the same or worse with a grand bargain. The Repubs will demand the same pain as sequester. Going over the cliff returns 4 trillion over 10 years. The sequester cuts some important programs, that the Repubs will demand be cut more to alleviate the burden on the military. I think we are better off going over the cliff than having everything negotiated away in a quick grand bargain

  • Means testing is the first wedge into the safety net program. Once it becomes a welfare program, then the chorus begins to take on an air of legitimacy. If this is a charitable program, it is understandable that it be cut when money is tight. It is starting to appear that the Dems are getting tired of being the defenders of the social safety net. If the safety net is viewed as a legitimate program of a modern developed country, then you would want to cut back on all of the other areas of spending before going after the safety net. Military cuts, Oil drilling expenditures subsidy, rich farmer agriculture subsidy all would be cut before even looking at this program.

  • I hope that some one is adding up the costs of this attempt to suppress the Democratic vote. The Dems should have ads out right now on the money Husted is spending on this and tie it to the number of schools closed, teachers laid off, etc.

  • Women can not control their own careers if they can not control their own fertility. Men control theirs bu abandoning their wive/girlfriends once they are pregnant through just leaving or getting a divorce. If the penalties for child support were harsher and actively enforced, the men would be pushing for contraception as well.

  • We need a strong primary opponent for Rahm.

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    This is a useless and ridiculous argument. The environment is helped with the increase of fuel standards. There is also a economic boost decreasing the fuel requirements for the US fleet of cars. Taxing Gasoline also has a beneficial effect in that it does discourage solo car travel and at the same time raise revenues. This is not an either or proposition. They got the new fuel standards, hurray. If you want gas tax increases, then you should start pressing for those. This has always been a ;problem in the reform ranks. We send most of our time and energy fighting about the correct way to approach an issue. We have major fights about whether to say “This” or “That”. We need to come to grips with the actual problem and realize that anything that improves the situation is good and to be applauded. That is true even if it is not your own pet solution.

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    The problem with calls for a third party is that they only show up at the presidential election time. Trying to jump through all of the procedural hoops to get on all of the ballots require large resources of people and money. Citizen’s united is showing how hard it is to keep even a two [...]

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    Didn’t Lowery say that he thought Paul was winking at him?

  • They should at least be willing to put the same ID check that they are requesting for a ;person to vote. Voting is also in the Constitution. Florida is using e-verify to check IDs to vote, but that type of verification is not allowed for gun sales. NRA money has this issue sown up. If they could not get extended magazine control after the assassination attempt on Gabby Giffords, you have no one fighting for the public’s protection. Here in Ohio, the Repubs and the NRA got the right for people to carry concealed in Bars and Restaurants. Your not supposed to drink if you are carrying. I guess it is the new designated shooter to go along with the designated driver.

  • I just received my $245 refund check from Anthem Insurance. The document with the check stated that it was sent to me because of the Affordable Care act. Many of these checks are coming out this month. After this gets publicized check the polls then.

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    It is the 21st century version of “its a wonderful life”, only in this version Potter the evil banker wins. We will all have to live in Pottersville now.

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    Obama and the DNC abandoned Wisconsin in the same manner that they did Ohio, Wi, FL in 2010. They do not want to ;participate in any State fight. All money and political capital has to be preserved for the big one in November with Romney. Obama and the ;party elite have never come to the aid of Labor or progressives. How many of the big Democratic analysts came to the aid of Romney and Bain capital. Compare that list to the ones that have come to the aid of the movement in Wisconsin and Ohio for labor. People made a big deal of Obama not standing up for labor in the last month, even in refusing (Carney) to endorse Barret in the last week of the election. With the pro-labor movement in WI, and the resistance and defeat of Kasichk’ SB5 anti labor bill in Ohio, Obama and the DNC had two years to stand with labor. The best they could do is have Debbie Wasserman Shultz be shamed into making a single appearance without press coverage to hand over a check of unknown amount to the local party. Obama did not even send anyone. This is a big defeat for labor. This probably speeds up the timetable to make Wisconsin a Right to Work (for less ) state. If the labor leaders feel anywhere near as discouraged as I do right now, I am not sure how they will muster the ground effort for Nov.

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    Where is the DNC. This is just like 2010. They abandoned the States. That is why we have Walker in the first place. That is why we Kasich in Ohio. It is why we have the largest medicare fraud charge Scott in Florida. They are not wanting to spend money on State issues. I am sure they will show up after the election for a fund raiser. I believe Debbie Wasserman Schultz tweeted that.

  • Occupy should think about setting up a cloud system where the occupy journalist can stream their coverage as they film it. That way the coverage will not be at home, on your phone or in your camera. You would probably want a cloud area for capture with someone monitoring to pull data as soon as it arrives and take it to another system to store. Remember that these people are playing for keeps. Protect yourself.

  • It is time that we recognize that as a nation we have turned a corner on press and individual freedom. It might be useful to have non-journalist follow reporting crews wired for video and sound. This will only help marginally if the journalist want to document their treatment. The establishment, Bush or Obama or whoever, have been establishing the tools to abrogate the constitutional protections for press and individuals. The fact that the NDAA may go before the SCOTUS does little to protect the individual. As the training efforts of the last two years, that is how the establishment views Occupy, their methods are escalating. It would be wise for the Occupy Journalists to have a way to check in,no internet twitter or facebook perhaps a buddy system, that members of the alternative press can make sure that no one disappears. NDAA gives them the authority for you to disappear and never be heard from again. If someone should inquire where you disappeared to, the establishment press will go with the government provided leaks about the seedier associations that you have. This is not the establishment of the 60s or 70s. This is the group that has attained where Nixon wanted to take his police establishment. You now have all corporate institutions creating a para-military strike force. Be careful out there and look out for your compatriots.

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    Europe was chugging along like the industrial engine it is, while we were shedding jobs during the 8 years of Bush. Europe began to fail when the dreaded CDO and Credit Default Swaps began to go bad. Even bankers that knew better were gambling in the swaps casino. Now that the overall economies of Europe [...]

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