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    It is time for the Democrats to stop complaining that the Repubs are passing voter suppression laws and do something about it. We have known that they have been working on this for the past two years. Why has no Democratic organization spent any money to remedy the situation. If they are making it so everyone needs to have an ID, then we need to get those potential voters an ID. Go into Virginia and start bringing the elderly and minorities to the DMV to get ID. Help the get the documentation required for this and pay for their ID. IT will cost less and be much more effective than an ad about the voter suppression. This might even be a great task for the occupy movement. While you are trucking the potential voters to get their ID, then you can make an effective Ad about how their (Repubs) voter suppression tactics will not work. Crying about the fact that Repubs are undemocratic and unfair is already pretty well known.