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    Minor point — the UK is in the EU but not in the Eurozone (ie, it doesn’t have the Euro as its currency.)

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    Weak sauce.

    Thank you for your consideration…???

    How about “Check out the third party platform we’ll be implementing if you sell us down the river”?

    Obama wants to be remembered as Lincoln II. He wants to go down in history as someone who, when times were most bitter, worked with the other side. You are irrelevant to him now. Send your letters to the Democrats in Congress.

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    The question is, what polls well? That’s what every sentence in the debates is supposed to be based on, like it or not.

    And the liberal agenda does not poll well because liberalism has failed at marketing itself. Liberals have allowed themselves to painted as snooty, privileged, over-educated God-haters. Since those criticisms ring somewhat true, the liberal defense has been lukewarm at best.

    Eventually liberal politicians will come to the conclusion that they need to come to the gun fight with a gun. Logic and statistics and facts are all knives. Liberals must seize the emotional low ground and openly, viciously, attack the right as stupid, backward, racist, selfish and, yes, un-American.

    Most liberals — or, well, centrists that think they’re liberals — deeply feel this is wrong and that the high road will win the day.

    I guess we’ll see. As the left drifts without anchor ever rightward.

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    There’s going to be no one to fall over. 99% of American TVs will be on NBC, which I hear has some sort of non-scripted alternate programming this evening.

  • For me, this is the post of the year so far.

    Except for the 2nd to last paragraph, which I think gets it all wrong.

    They *can* conceive of a different one. They fear, more than anything else, being tarred as “socialists”.

    They could have painted a picture of firefighting privatized and people’s homes saved or not based on how much money they have, all roads toll roads, etc. But the Democrats are afraid of their own shadows when socialism is in the air.

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    I think it’s just misdirection. There’s something completely unrelated to the Mormon Church in the 10 years of tax returns and he’s trying to use the church as a privacy shield.

    In other words, my tax returns are all completely above board and in order, I just want some privacy because every American’s relationship to his God is something sacred and you outsiders have no business there.

  • no, don’t feel sorry. you made a good point, and I appreciate it.

    I’m not sure this is *the* best source, but here’s where I checked.

  • @botazefa, yes, you are correct. My bad. Sort of takes the wind out of my sails, and demonstrates that I am not as informed on this issue as I think I am. Looking it up, Palin also only 2 years. Thanks for the correction.

  • “Never let it be said that Democrats don’t know how to play politics. They can play the game when they want.”

    I don’t understand why you continue to stress this point. To me it’s damning with faint praise.

    What the Republicans do — creating firestorms out of whole cloth — is playing politics. Day after day, the Democrats are tied up putting out fake controversy fires that the Republicans light under an eager press. From Fast and Furious to Birtherism to Michelle’s garden.

    But here, with Romney’s tax returns, we have a real issue. Not only has every candidate historically released years of tax returns, Romney’s own father was the champion of doing so.

    Romney’s failure to release is highly irregular. Pointing that out, as Reid has done, is in no way “playing politics”. It’s pointing at the elephant in the room — with a little bit of flourish (claiming he paid NO taxes).

    When you’re in a poker game, and you play the right card at the right time, this is not “playing poker”. Anyone can do this. Bluffing, and calling a bluff, is playing poker. All Harry Reid has done here is play his hand according to well established conventions. Big deal. Failure to do so would be tantamount to folding with a straight flush.

    If Reid in fact as no information to back up the “paid no taxes” part, that is a bluff of sorts. But it’s not significant or clever. There is no risk for Reid and it’s exactly what any politician would do.

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    I really wish you would bring up the birther “controversy” every time you visit this issue. It was OK for the entire Republican party to pile on the president (or shrug their shoulders and say “I’m not sure”) about his birth certificate and not being born in the States but it’s not OK for a single Democrat senator to insist Romney produce his tax returns. Talk about a bunch of babies. Harry Reid isn’t playing fair!!! Boo hoo hoo.

  • David, don’t you need to address the moral argument that is being made by the other side? Which is:

    “People are lazy by nature, and if you don’t force them to work, they will happily continue existing as parasites on the economy and on the country. It’s our duty to force these freeloaders to contribute. Taking away their medical care is good for them, and good for America, because it will force them to get jobs.”

    I don’t believe that, and you don’t believe that, but that’s the argument you have to trump in the minds of the people who do believe it. Grayson is preaching to the choir, and so are you. Grayson is making what is called a bleeding-hearts-liberal argument because it’s based in the belief that people deserve health care if they are freeloaders — and freeloaders is how they are viewed by the people who need to be convinced.

  • But what are the effects of getting out of Medicaid altogether? It will cause the uninsured to flee the state for states that do provide it. This will be an economic catastrophe for the states losing their low wage workers. It’s very similar to the harsh immigration laws these same states are dabbling with.

  • I’m a moran.

  • Sorry — Medicaid! Not Medicare! I am NOT a moron!

  • I think you need to use the same level of tactics the Republicans use.

    Introduce a completely over-the-top new Medicare law that makes the program completely optional, so that every state can immediately opt-out of it — completely. The money saved by states opting out will be appropriated to former Medicare recipients in those states to help move them to a state that does offer Medicare.

    Yes, it’s totally insane, but (1) it pushes the issue into the public’s limited attention, and (2) it forces the Republicans to squirm. The Tea Party would love that bill — get the freeloaders out! Force the Republicans in Congress to either vote for it or dodge it.

    Once the issue is out there, you can say Medicare is basically free money coming from the blue states to red states for medical care. You don’t want it? Fine, we’ll do something else with it.

    The larger point here David is that all your options, to me, are lame. They are coming from inside the box, and they’ve been shown to be ineffective. The Republicans are winning an argument that is inherently illogical — we don’t free money — and your logical suggestions don’t work in that world. Force them to double down. Bring out the ridiculous nature of what they are doing by giving them even more of it. More than they can take. Force their position to its extreme and you win.

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    The more pressing question is, how is this not socialized medicine?

    I’m sure the people receiving this treatment are all lefties who support single payer, right?

  • I suspect Obama’s memoir will try to convince us that the banks were on the brink of collapse his entire time in office. Only he knew, but he couldn’t tell us. He had to heroically protect them. For us. Always for us.

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