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  • The US just wants to make Ukraine safe and welcoming for Monsanto’s GM crops and Beau Biden’s fraking operations. What’s a little nuclear war risk compared to promoting corporate interests?

  • Where is the evidence of an invasion (satellite images, etc.)? I find the Obama administration’s silence over the MAL shoot-down to be very telling. If the airliner was really shot down by separatists, Obama would be calling for a ceasefire to allow investigators into the area. Instead, we hear about evidence that the airliner was shot down from the air, which would make it likely that it was a failed false-flag operation by Kiev.

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    As global warming devastates agricultural land, the remaining land will become more valuable (like Ukraine). If people are forced to chose between eating GM foods and starvation, they will choose GM. Perhaps that’s the long-range plan of Monsanto.

  • Why do our US leaders think we need to control and manipulate every square inch of the planet? We cause nothing but disaster after disaster! The US is even trying to start another cold (hot?) war with Russia. Even W had the common sense to ignore the Russia phobes! Obama just takes his marching orders from them. The only winners from this presidency are the arms dealers.

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    The officials in Kiev seem determined to keep inspectors from reaching MH17. First they were shelling the area with powerful missiles. Now that there is an agreement to halt the fighting temporarily, Kiev reports that rebels have mined the roads, discouraging inspectors from traveling to the area. Is there any evidence of this? Does Kiev what to hide something from the international inspectors, such as evidence of an air-to-air missile?

  • Healthcare under the Affordable Care Act is no cheaper than it was previously – some of the costs have just been covered by the federal government instead of by individuals or businesses.
    As to any net benefit, I’m beginning to see some real negatives. My recent experiences with the healthcare system since Obamacare passed indicates that the health insurance providers may be trying to game the system by denying or delaying care to older or sicker individuals. After all, they are forced to take all applicants. If they offer “poor” service to individuals they would like to get rid of, those individuals will likely more to a different health plan in January, leaving the current plan with a younger, healthier group.

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    Big Oil exporting in order to raise prices in the US makes sense, but Europe would need to build facilities to re-liquify the gas first. Most likely Big Oil plans to ship the gas to Japan and Asia, which already has the terminals to re-liquify. But “saving” our European allies makes for good political cover.

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    I have heard reports of Blackwater operatives in the area. While not officially “US troops,” it’s likely that the company is paid by the US government.

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    Kiev is now selling bonds backed by the US taxpayer, which allows them to borrow cheaply on the world market. Looks like Obama wants another war. When will this man be forced to return his Nobel peace prize?

  • Ukraine is the world’s second largest egg producer, and it’s farming industry is the 8th largest in the world. Big agg wants the county privatized so they can scoop up all the land. Cargill has already purchased some of the land, and we know Obama is in the pocket of big agg (as well as all the other multi-national corporations).

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    Apparently, Peterson served as a staffer for Nixon and also served as Secretary of Commerce. Presumably, he is getting some sort of government pension. Has he insisted that his pension benefits be cut or at least be subjected to chained CPI?

  • We need to end the federal flood insurance plan completely. We don’t have single-payer for health insurance, which is arguably more important than property insurance. I live in California. Earthquake insurance is not supported by the national taxpayers like flood insurance, and is very expensive because is not subsidized like flood insurance. Why do the 1% want to privatize everything EXCEPT what benefits them, like national flood insurance.

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    I just love his work, and keep a paperback copy of “Winds of War” to take on vacations.

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    As in Propaganda B*ll Sh*t.

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    Anything that gets passed will of course contain a generous increase in that program of indentured servitude known as the 12-1b visa. Gotta have lots of cheap labor to keep wages down.

  • If you don’t like Brown, just wait until the next election. Republican and Goldman alumni Neel “Kash-N-Kari” plans to run for governor. He’ll likely load up the state’s balance sheet with exotic derivatives, making his banking buddies even richer and leading to California’s bankruptcy. Brown, at least, is honestly looking out for California, even if [...]

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    You are so correct – Medicare will be in the cross hairs next, once the Congress realizes just how much these subsidies are costing the taxpayer. One 63 year old couple I know is getting the bronze plan at $1099 per month. They pay $2 per month, and the government sends the remaining premium of $1097 directly to the insurance company. This is not sustainable.

    Where is Alan Simpson when we need him? The insurance industry is like 310 million pigs sucking at the government teat. He should be insisting on single-payer, negotiated drug prices, etc. Don’t hold your breath.

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    The plan is the “Don’t Get Sick!” plan, which I fully understand. It’s better than nothing, if you have a major illness. Unfortunately, this botched Obamacare will make it less likely that we will get universal health care like other nations. “Government” health care has been fully debunked, by design.

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    While I will personally benefit from the law (I get a subsidy), I oppose it. Obamacare is a horrible giveaway to the insurance industry, and is unfair to younger people and working people in general, because it counts income only, not wealth, in determining a subsidy.

    I look for the subsidies to be lowered in the future, or even eliminated altogether, once the bill hits the taxpayer. All that will remain is the mandate to purchase a crappy, overpriced product.

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