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  • lainey commented on the diary post Peterson Thinks We Need Austerity While He Lives It Up! by letsgetitdone.

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    Apparently, Peterson served as a staffer for Nixon and also served as Secretary of Commerce. Presumably, he is getting some sort of government pension. Has he insisted that his pension benefits be cut or at least be subjected to chained CPI?

  • We need to end the federal flood insurance plan completely. We don’t have single-payer for health insurance, which is arguably more important than property insurance. I live in California. Earthquake insurance is not supported by the national taxpayers like flood insurance, and is very expensive because is not subsidized like flood insurance. Why do the 1% want to privatize everything EXCEPT what benefits them, like national flood insurance.

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    I just love his work, and keep a paperback copy of “Winds of War” to take on vacations.

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    As in Propaganda B*ll Sh*t.

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    Anything that gets passed will of course contain a generous increase in that program of indentured servitude known as the 12-1b visa. Gotta have lots of cheap labor to keep wages down.

  • If you don’t like Brown, just wait until the next election. Republican and Goldman alumni Neel “Kash-N-Kari” plans to run for governor. He’ll likely load up the state’s balance sheet with exotic derivatives, making his banking buddies even richer and leading to California’s bankruptcy. Brown, at least, is honestly looking out for California, even if [...]

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    You are so correct – Medicare will be in the cross hairs next, once the Congress realizes just how much these subsidies are costing the taxpayer. One 63 year old couple I know is getting the bronze plan at $1099 per month. They pay $2 per month, and the government sends the remaining premium of $1097 directly to the insurance company. This is not sustainable.

    Where is Alan Simpson when we need him? The insurance industry is like 310 million pigs sucking at the government teat. He should be insisting on single-payer, negotiated drug prices, etc. Don’t hold your breath.

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    The plan is the “Don’t Get Sick!” plan, which I fully understand. It’s better than nothing, if you have a major illness. Unfortunately, this botched Obamacare will make it less likely that we will get universal health care like other nations. “Government” health care has been fully debunked, by design.

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    While I will personally benefit from the law (I get a subsidy), I oppose it. Obamacare is a horrible giveaway to the insurance industry, and is unfair to younger people and working people in general, because it counts income only, not wealth, in determining a subsidy.

    I look for the subsidies to be lowered in the future, or even eliminated altogether, once the bill hits the taxpayer. All that will remain is the mandate to purchase a crappy, overpriced product.

  • Obama is certainly the most arrogant president in US history.

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    How long before the subsidies disappear or deteriorate, leaving only the mandate? Obamacare has increased rates signifcantly. Right now, those in the individual market are getting sticker shock. Later, it will be the Federal government getting the sticker shock.

    Currently, there is no effective enforcement mechanism for the mandate. Look for a new payroll tax to pay for this boondoggle.

    Don’t forget – anti-trust does not apply to the insurance industry – companies can collude to set prices. Anti-trust should have been included in the ACA legislation, but was not. Insurers are supposed to use a certain percentage of premium dollars to pay for actual healthcare, but they are currently purchasing provider networks so they can control the provider prices to evade this part of the legislation.

  • The ACA roll out will likely get even worse. If you force everyone to purchase an overpriced product, but don’t set up an effective enforcement mechanism, you can’t expect people to comply with the mandate. Apparently, only older Americans and people with pre-existing conditions are signing up for the insurance plans, not the young and healthy. This is going to become a very costly boondoggle.

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    Face it. The one percent, who control the government, don’t have any use for most of us. They don’t want to educate our children, help us out with food stamps or unemployment insurance when we hit hard times, or pay us the retirement benefits we earned during a lifetime of work.

  • The arrogance of Obama and the Congress is sickening. While I sympathize with people who were shut out of the market due to pre-existing conditions, the middle class could barely afford health insurance under the old system. Now we will be forced to purchase an “improved” plan, at a significant increase in costs to anyone who does not qualify for a subsidy. Smaller changes could have been made to provide for those with pre-existing conditions, instead of this ACA monstrosity. The politicos expect us to just accept this situation like lemmings.

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    This will go down in history as the worst legislation ever put into law. The taxpayer foots the bill to set-up, repair, and maintain the website, but the insurance industry gets all of the profits.

    But don’t worry, they’ll pay for everything, including the subsidies paid directly to the insurance companies, by cutting our Medicare and Social Security benefits. And maybe the government will up the percentage of your income that must be used to pay for your health insurance.

    What will the government mandate next? My bet is that we will be required to put a percentage of our income in an insurance annuity, to make up for the lower Social Security benefits we will be receiving.

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    The new income verification rules may be just a back-door way to shut down Obamacare. The income to be verified will be 2012 income; the income that counts for the subsidy will be 2014 income. That will only be verified when someone files their 2014 taxes. Many people, including the newly retired and the newly unemployed, will have lower income in 2014 than they had in 2012. Without a subsidy, they will not be able to purchase the (very expensive!) insurance on the exchange. Most people who would qualify for a subsidy will not be able to come up with the entire premium out-of-pocket, and wait to get some of it back via a tax refund. Not to mention that the IRS is already short-handed.

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    Congress is really playing with fire by suggesting they will not raise the debt limit, which is to pay for debts ALREADY incurred. Right now, the world is questioning why the US dollar should be the “default currency” in international relations. They have been making country-by-country deals to accept each other’s currency for trade, bypassing [...]

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    Yes, Social Security can be limited by Congress, but the underlying bonds still have to be paid. In the absence of limits passed by Congress, there is no reason benefits cannot be paid until the bonds run out.

  • No, this estimator is on The reason I suggested it is that the subsidy is the same no matter what state you live in. At least California is trying to make as much information as possible available to consumers. You will need the age of the applicant, family size (defined by number of dependents on tax return), if health insurance is available via work, a Califonia zip code (use mine, 92011 if you are out of state), and finally your income. You can try various income levels to see the subsidy at each level.

  • I would urge everyone to download and study their state’s application form before applying for the insurance. The rules for the subsidy are complicated – make $1 too much, and you get no subsidy. Make $1 too little, and you get shoved onto Medicaid. Medical insurance prices have skyrocketed with Obamacare, so the average family who does not receive insurance through an employer will really need the help. Just an example: My husband’s insurance for 2014 was quoted as 87% above the 2013 rate, for lesser coverage. My own insurance, which is a “grand-fathered plan” only went up 12% (which is bad enough!)
    Insurance prices vary throughout the country, but the subsidy is the same. has a sample online application where you can punch in different income levels to see what subsidy you are eligible for, if any.

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