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  • Re Krugman’s observation, some of us figured that out some time back. Almost exactly three years ago, Rule #11 of my “rules for right-wingers” was this:

    When a claim of yours has been debunked, continue to use it nonetheless. When it has been debunked so thoroughly and completely that continuing to use it is counterproductive, stop claiming it for a time, perhaps a few months, after which assert it again as if the debunking had never happened.”

    And apropos his “three arguments,” way back in 1988, I was writing to a friend about how, when facts and general awareness made it impossible to do otherwise, right wingers would “airly admit what they had previously vociferously denied” because the one thing you never do as a right winger is admit you were ever wrong about anything other than just how evil the left is.

  • Re Juan Cole, whose analysis of Middle East issues I respect but whose willingness to pull the trigger I don’t, I just left this comment at his site:

    Prof. Cole, you wrote this:

    “Because of gridlock at the UN Security Council, and because of regional splits, the Syrian people are likely on their own. They began their uprising, they will have to finish it. … The regional powers balance and check one another, just as the global ones do.”

    Particularly in light of that, if we are not to take your references to that incredibly-vague term “the left” as anything other than a gratuitous slam, I think it’s necessary for you to do what you have attacked others for failing to do: explain precisely what it is you think we – however you care to define the term, whether the world community in general, the West in particular, or the US specifically – should do.

    Or are you as “clueless” as those at who you sneer?

    One of the hardest things for anyone with a conscience to accept is that sometimes there just isn’t a whole lot you can do.

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    It was possible to question the assumption from the start. In my own post on it, I quoted Reuters: “There was no clear claim of responsibility and while the attacks appeared to bear some, but by no means all, of the hallmarks of an Islamist militant assault, analysts said it was too early to draw any conclusions.”

    I then asked:

    Um, then why mention it? Why couldn’t it just say “Analysts said it was too early to draw any conclusions about who the perpetrators might be?” Why was it necessary to hint darkly about “Islamist militants” when there is “no clear claim of responsibility” and – weasel word on top of weasel word on top of weasel word – the attacks only “appeared” to have “some” of the “hallmarks” of Islamist extremist attacks? And what “hallmarks?” The use of bombs? “The attacks appeared to bear some, but by no means all, of the hallmarks of an IRA attack.” That there may have been some coordination involved? “The attacks appeared to bear some, but by no means all, of the hallmarks of a US military operation.”

    More seriously, the use of guns in a shooting spree? “The attacks appeared to bear some, but by no means all, of the hallmarks of an attack by right-wing extremists.”

    In fact, as the last sentence hinted, I suspected a right-wing hit from the first because a shooting spree is a “hallmark” of right-wing terrorism. Now I’m sorry I didn’t make that explicit.

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    I…. I…. It’s….

    Are we – is it – are we *still* having to argue that rape is not sex? Even now, even today? Have we really learned *nothing* over the past decades?

    I can’t – I mean -

    Oh, lord.

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    if Bob Somerby were still alive

    Bob “Purer than Thou, Purer than Everybody” Somerby has been brain dead for some time now.

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    Sorry, Phoenix Woman @ 21. Netanyahu did not “capitulate.” He just got desired reassurances.

    And besides, David’s happiness came before the update and was specifically in response to Obama not taking “the easy and familiar way out,” capitulation. So there. :-)

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    I’m sorry, but what?

    We’re supposed to be impressed that Obama stood by what has been US policy for decades? (In fact, when the US started talking about “agreed swaps,” that was a surrender because it legitimized Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which as recently as Bush I we were noting were illegal under international law.)

    We’re supposed to be grateful and happy because Obama didn’t “capitulate?”

    This is what passes for good news these days?

    We are so screwed.

  • The “cost-sharing” bit always got me. I’m still fond of something I wrote on that point well over a year ago:

    Do you get it? Do you see? The problem, according to these bozos, is you. You “overuse” health care. You are insufficiently “cost-conscious.” It’s all your fault. You don’t comparison shop for a cardiologist. You don’t independently investigate and evaluate treatment options for your cancer or your diabetes or your hypertension and generate a cost-benefit analysis. You don’t personally compare the clinical trials for Avapro and Diovan. And the way to (I love this phrase) “bend the cost curve” is to reduce your coverage and make you spend more out of pocket for what remains through higher deductibles and co-pays, so you’ll use less health care, thus keeping the cost down. In other words, the way to make health care more affordable – is to make it less affordable.

    Same as it ever was.