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    If Crisis Pregnancy Centers simply acted as a space for women who chose to give birth to find support than you are right. However, Crisis Pregnancy Centers around the country advertise to young women with misleading language that implies they will provide information about all options available to them. Once the woman arrives they refuse to give information about where to find safe abortions and other important options that the woman has. Instead, they often provide her with inaccurate information. One study found that the majority of crisis pregnancy centers were telling women that abortion can cause breast cancer and mental health problems, which is entirely untrue. They mislead women to come to their centers and then use scare tactics to keep them for getting abortions. I have a friend who went to a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Charlotte when she was in high school. She wasn’t pregnant but wanted to see what it was like because she had heard about their misleading practices. She lied and told them she was pregnant and they gave her an ultrasound. She was given a picture of a fetus and told “this is your baby. What would you name it?” even after she said she was only interested in getting an abortion. While all Crisis Pregnancy Centers may not be this unethical, the majority still act in unethical ways when they mislead woman and limit their choices. They have no place in North Carolina or any other state.

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