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  • Sometimes i watch Morning’s the only way i can stand to keep up with the conservative press. Anyway, for the last few times i’ve turned in, Joe and company have been talking like anti-war liberals. This morning they complain about the cost of the war, the unnecessary deaths of our young people, and the mission creep. I thought it odd, but good when i first heard it…at this point, i now see it as their set-up to keep the focus on spending cuts. The game appears to be misdirecting folks away from looking at tax modifications by complaining about the high cost of this terribly misguided war…like do they think we don’t remember who started this mess?????

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    I thought guards at federal buildings are usually rent-a-cops…

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    Thanks so much for the answer…by the time i got back the other day the article was buried deep enough i didn’t get back to see a response. I also sent an email, no need to reply again. I just hate seeing FDL facilitating BP’s disgusting self-promotion everyday i stop by for my reality fix…the [...]

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    I promise i’ll join as soon as someone explains why FDL is running advertising for BP promoting all the good works they’ve accomplished…

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    As a faithful reader, I went to join up when you first asked…but i stopped short when i saw the BP advertisements on the right column. I was amazed to see an egregious offender such as BP adverstising on Firedoglake! Please tell me that someone else is doing business with them, and just forcing you to display their ads! Please don’t tell me you actually sold them space on your site! That solved, i’ll send you my money, and many of my friends!

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    Would love to see pressure from all sides come to bear on DOD and President about this.

    Am wondering if obtaining and publishing the names & credentials of the military psychiatrists and medical involved might force them to deal with the professional ethical issues associated with treating a patient being tortured. The notoriety could certainly affect their reputations for future work inside and/or outside the military, and might increase the base of people aware of and responding to the mistreatment.

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    OK, i’ll back off the gun debate. Let’s talk about why Loughner wasn’t already in mental health treatment? If any of the reasons had to do with lack of availability, bad commitment or mandatory treatment laws, lack of publicly funded facilities, poor insurance coverage or medical care…i can STILL point to the right…and never have [...]