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    My point was not that FDL didn’t post articles on the story. It’s the reaction of the readers that is lacking. If OWS is the consuming issue then here is a prime example passed by congress and signed by the President – a President who claims to tacitly support OWS and was out yesterday with [...]

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    The lack of interest in this Bill is stunning! This website has been consumed with OWS and we have a Bill that is all about creating jobs for the 1% and throwing out whatever pretense was left to checks and balances. This bill further codifies the problem and we have silence. Incredible!

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    You’re 3rd paragraph hits the nail on the head. One cannot protest Wall Street’s obscenities and support a President who is amassing a Billion dollar campaign war chest from WS fat cats and has had a revloving door of the same fat cats advising his administration. The federal Gov’t and WS are inextricably tied – [...]

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    Rope-a-dope? Who cares about this speech? Obama is entering his 4th year as President. I am no longer interested in what he has to say about jobs. He can either do something about the dismal job situation or not – but giving a campaign speech in front of a joint session of congress where he [...]

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    It is democrats who have hammered these final nails in democracy’ coffin…. as Jane says succeeding where Bush failed and blaming the GOP all the way while crying how much worse it would be if the likes of a Palin prevailed.

    Worse than what? Obama’s corporate Chicago cronyism along with the excelerated policies of the previous administration – in some cases on steroids – I am at a loss to understand how more dreadful our body politic could be.

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    Cornell West has witnessed the actions of this administration and evolved. All critiques should be saved for those who haven’t!

    Sycophants on the left are no less nauseating than those on the right.

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    GREAT comment Free society!

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    While I appreciate the thorough review of the speech – it’s incredible that after 2 1/2 years of watching this administration and President, anyone could open a sentence with: “Obama got suckered into making a big show…..”

    Obama got suckered into nothing. He and his team are doing exactly what they want. It is the misplaced blind faith of those who still believe he represents their beliefs that are being suckered. That progressives weren’t represented in the speech is a given. However, it’s hard to find the democratic party anywhere in there either.

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    But they’re not our spouses. They’re politicians. And we need to stop thinking we need to be in love with them to support them. They either support our interests or they don’t. That we behave like their victims is both stunning and humiliating. They don’t care about us – and we keep chasing after them. [...]

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    We will never get anywhere until we stop arguing relativity – that republicans are, of course, the evil and horrible ones. I don’t see any difference between the democratic and republican ruling elite – but we never miss an opportunity to say the GOP is worse. Until more people truly believe that it really isn’t [...]

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    Thank you for pointing out the total hypocracy of Obama supporters. There is just no getting around it this time. They have become the mirror image equivalent of the 26% that supported Bush at the end of his term when we all wondered who they were. They are them! They will support Obama no matter [...]

  • I’ve longed stopped being angry at Obama and the Dems. My ire is now saved for their supporters, both in the public and the MSM. The same groups that howled when Bush or Reagan before him did many of the same things, but they are now silent – or have 101 excuses why it’s different [...]

  • I don’t think we will see HP return to their “progressive, renegade reporting roots until there is a republican in the WH again……….which sadly tells us everything about this website we need to know.

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    Obama sold himself during the 2008 election as the last chance against the corruption, cronyism and abuse of power of the “old Washington ways” taking hold forever.

    All he has done is put “business as usual” into hyperdrive!

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    Well Thank goodness Obama @ Co. needed a political reason to get DADT through the Senate at the eleventh hour before the holiday break. We wouldn’t actually want the President and Dems fighting for a policy because they said they would and it’s what their party was suppose to be taking on.

    God forbid!

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    “The republicans are worse” Worse than what?

    Only if you’re arguing that it is worse to get thrown our of your home by a republican than a democrat. Sorry my friend – the HAMP program is 100% of the Obama administration’s making. You can’t put it’s dismal failure on anyone except them.