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  • This could be CCA’s Waterloo. People don’t care about prisoner abuse much, but I believe they’ll care more about animals. I think CCA is opening itself to more scrutiny. I hope people start seeing the truth.

  • 24 hours? I think we still can’t speak ill of St. Ronnie. Case in point, St. Ronnie’s politics are socialist by today’s republican standards.

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    arcadesproject: it seems they want to get out of the Montgomery GI Bill as well, and not pay for veterans’ university tuition.

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    I don’t understand why anyone would support their own congressman, unless their congressman just happened to be one of the very very few decent ones. They’re all horrible. Is it like “Go home team!” ? Are we all rooting for our “home” guy (or woman)?

    My congressman is Steve Israel. I don’t even think you can call him a false progressive. I think he seems more like a Clinton-style conservative triangulator. Someone should primary him, or run on the green ticket. Heck, I would, but I’m busy with some extraordinary problems, and I don’t want to live on Long Island (or New York for that matter) anymore.

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    - More discussion on Richmond, Calif.’s decision to use eminent domain to save foreclosed home-owners

    When people are in significant debt, whether it be for a mortgage, or medical bills, one thing the lender can do — and does — is sell the debt in bundles via the “secondary market”. The buyer will buy each debt for pennies on the dollar, and can charge the debtor even more than what they owed before.

    I remember Occupy had some sort of countermeasure for medical debt, where they’d buy the debt off the secondary market and forgive it. I love that idea. I think it can be utilized, for example, by large organizations like Occupy and various government entities to relieve the suffering of citizens and residents who have been foreclosed on.

    We really need to do that. THAT is the kind of bailout we need.

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    The US has been moving the goalposts to sabotage this pact from the beginning with the latest move being the inclusion of long range missiles in the demands that were never in the original agreement.

    So the US altered the deal. I suppose the Iranians should pray the US doesn’t alter it any further. This deal’s getting [...]

  • The facts that include; that Clapper was never prosecuted for perjury, and the US orchestrated the violation of the president of Bolivia’s diplomatic immunity — seem to indicate that the government currently has no respect for laws, just for its own agenda which is apparently not based in law.

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    Why is Clapper testifying at Congress, at all? His word is a junk bond.

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    Iran makes nuclear agreement
    US Congress: Sanctions

    Iran implements Obamacare
    US Congress: Sanctions and pre-emptive military strike

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    Michael Grimm previously worked for the FBI and is an attorney, so he should know you are not allowed to threaten to physically harm someone for asking you questions about your public service. Especially valid questions about legitimate campaign finance violations.

    In New York, attorneys have a license to do whatever they want. I know several who have committed various crimes, and despite being reported, nothing happens to them. That’s probably why Congressman Grimm was so emboldened to say such things on camera. I’d seriously be surprised if Grimm gets in any real trouble for this.

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    There should be a way to include more people in the Occupy movement; those who just don’t have the time or the wherewithall to camp and risk arrest. They should have things to do that benefit the movement. Also if HR 347 makes camping more difficult, why not consider political protest via flashmobs? That might [...]

  • She should have interrupted them to say she was related to NCIS’s Mark Harmon (different spelling I know). She might have gotten an extra few seconds.

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    As an American who testified against unchecked criminal activities in the judiciary (those activities were never prosecuted) and later became threatened by retaliation by a judge, I believe Edward Snowden does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of a fair trial anywhere in the United States of America . Therefore, I believe Mr. Snowden should stay [...]

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    I hope Booz Allen Hamilton’s “Insider Threat Analyst” becomes the next Edward Snowden.

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  • Pay to protest.

    Our government is getting more and more obscene as time goes by.

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    The narrow networks associated with the new policies makes me wonder if holders of exchange policies will be the health-care system’s equivalent of “non-revenue passengers” in the airline industry.

    I imagine it would be worse. The airline industry has more regulation, including antitrust regulations. That gives them a modicum of incentive to do right by people. [...]

  • Thank you, DWBartoo and nixonclinbushbama.

    I try to educate everyone about what happened in 1953 to put context on why US-Iran relations are so bad.

  • This will surely show Iran and the rest of the world that our deals are in good faith.

    Iran could capitulate to the US, allow the US to open military bases all over Iran, and Schumer would still want sanctions against Iran. Netanyahu would still be repeating his doomsday diatribes.

  • The worst part about all of this is the effect sanctions have on Iranians. For example, Jadaliyya’s Mina Khanlarzadeh did research on the devastating impact that sanctions have had on people by making medicine scarce. They have threatened lives and impacted the “delivery and availability of medical supplies.”

    My aunt is dying of cancer in Iran. They do not have the drugs to treat her, due to the sanctions, nor can I buy the drugs because they cost thousands of dollars per month.

    Meanwhile, the political elite of Iran (revolutionary guards top brass, etc.) is virtually unaffected by the sanctions.

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