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  • First, Ryan is not from Waukesha County. Secondly, he only represents a small amount of Waukesha County. Third, can’t imagine the Koch brothers bothering with her, though odder things have happened.

    I thought she stole the Supreme Court elections. Smarter people than me, including the candidate, agreed with the non-partisan conclusion that she, in fact, had lost 2000 votes.

    The woman is an idiot. Saying she is corrupt is giving her too much credit. It is a typical Wisconsin good government move to tell her to resign or relinquish her vote counting duties. I’m amazed that hyper-partisanship has not affected the Republican County Executive.

    As we know, incompetent and stupid people get elected. She is one of them and I don’t think she will ever hold office again.

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    Shame, really? Sex addict, shmex addict–who cares? There is no reason to care about the guy–he’s a successful something or other. Granted, I did not walk out of the movie but that’s because Michael Fassbinder is easy on the eyes and his manhood is something to lust after.

    I found it trite. I found Fassbinder chewed a whole lot of scenery as did Daniel Day Lewis, in the abomination There Will be Blood.

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    Shame on Ben Smith for being so gullible. Who fed him the story?

    Gotta tell you, the post is unintelligible. Unless I’m not in on the joke, which makes it inaccessible to those of us who do not live on the site, although I do give my $15/ month.

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    Have to say I threw up a little in my mouth when I read this. It was not culture that led to the new deal–it was people on the streets making demands. There was no culture of being good to people. People in the streets created this long lost idea that government owes its citizens [...]

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    I agree with Athena.

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    let’s hope so.

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    Everyone should send a nasty letter to their electeds. No, the won’t listen to us at this point, but they need to know their constituents are pissed. They hear from the looney tooneys all the time–now they must hear from us.

    We are in this position because there are no progressive mass movements. No one is taking to the streets (certainly not the AFL-CIO). Emmanuel neutered the liberal groups into nothingness. We need folks who are engaged in local actions (there are and they are successful) to take their work national.

    Oh yeah, I’m not voting for Obama and I don’t care about consequences—except around the margins, how much worse would another lunatic right wing presidency be? Safety net is now in tatters, government is contracted out, wars continue, immigrants are still being deported, civil rights are violated, what is left?

  • and we have to call their bluff. i hope there is a anti-obama who primarys obama up, but that is not enough. social security, mediare is held hostage to even more cuts–how much worse would it be under bachman? i really have to ask that question.

    i’m not voting for obama. I don’t think I would even if I lived in a purple state.

    We need movements to bring pressure. until that nothing will change.

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    On May 13th, Mitch McConnell laid down the gauntlet when he said:  ”that he would not vote to raise the (debt ceiling) level without significant budget cuts and revisions to  Medicare and  Medicaid.”. ( http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/13/us/politics/13budget.html?_r=1&scp=2&sq=mitch%20mcconnell&st=cse).  He told this to the President when they met to discuss the debt ceiling.   At a meeting with Democratic Senators, Obama said:  ”“We [...]

  • I agree that Obama’s big speech was not much at all. Netayanu’s reaction was insulting. I believe that the President will be booed at AIPAC.

    Time to call for a reduction in aid. Maybe that will get the right wing Israeli government’s attention.

  • Anyway, this shit don’t play in Wisconsin. I heard earlier that the good guys and the bad guys were close to agreement. Smells like Rove is advising Walker–this will be the end of his rule.

  • Unions and corporations are not the same thing, and I wish people would stop making it seem so. Unions do not have the money to compete with corporations on anything. Unions represent the interests of civil society—you know: ensure housing for those without it; ensure people do not go hungry; ensure that workers, who actually do the work of corporations, are compensated fairly. Taking care of the issues that are part of civil society is the government’s responsibility. Unfortunately, those that came of age after 1981 don’t understand this. And it’s not their fault. Democrats never made the case for the welfare state.

    All corporations care about is enriching themselves, and occasionally, the stock holders.

    My real ire is for Cragen. It is not corrupt to donate to elected officials. Everyone does it including private sector unions. I’d argue both public and private unions spend too much time in electoral organizing and not enough in mobilizing the membership to fight back.

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    Too depressing for words.