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  • Kinetic military action: no ground troops, therefore, no need for Congressional approval. Certainly no need for public approval. Ever.
    Samantha Power must be salivating, and so must Netanyahu. Israel and Kurdistan have good relations, and the balkanization of Iraq is the Zionists’ wet dream.

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    There’s a good opinion piece at Ria Novosti. Brussels bankers will have some explaining to do when farmers, whose goods are banned by Russia, can’t pay their loans:


    I wonder when European politicians will finally get a clue that it’s harmful to support U.S. hegemony. Hopefully, they’ll get it before winter. Ukraine seems to have decided to stop Russian oil transit through Ukraine to Europe. Russia says there are workarounds, but the price of oil will rise for European customers. Judging by the past few months, the U.S. is making the decisions for Ukraine, so I can only assume it had a hand in this policy, too. Note to European politicians: Nuland wasn’t kidding when she said: “Fuck the EU.”

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    I don’t see how he could do it, but then he managed to stop war in Syria.

    Yes, and like onitgoes wrote, the best of good luck to Putin.

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    Where are the photos or videos of the 20,000 Russian troops amassed at the border or are we just supposed to take NATO’s word for it? The OSCE mission head, Paul Picard, said there is no such troop movement:

    During his press conference, Picard was asked to comment on Western claims that Russia is shelling Ukrainian territory and has starting deployment troops to the country.

    “In these two border crossings we haven’t seen such happenings,” he replied.


    U.S., EU, and NATO politicians better start worrying about the economic well-being of their citizens rather than spitting out war propaganda. I think the agricultural sanctions are just the tip of the iceberg and more sanctions will follow. Russia can produce most of its own food (plus there are alternative markets just waiting to trade with Russia), and Russia hasn’t outsourced all its manufacturing, unlike some countries we know, so they can actually manufacture to make up for the lack of imported goods.

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    Journalists from the U.S. corporate media ignored Russia’s invitation to visit the tent camp and interview the Ukrainian troops who fled to Russia. Only Bloomberg accepted the invitation. I guess Obama must have told the Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and New York Times correspondents they did not have his permission to go. Perhaps he’ll okay a trip to Disney World at some point in time.


  • Never let a good crisis go to waste, even if it only serves as a distraction.

    Yep, even a manufactured crises will do, if it makes even a small portion of the population so frightened they can’t think for themselves.

  • Consider these unsubstantiated FF alert, pass the word. The point is to be wrong, either bc neither is in the works, or bc by becoming known in advance, they are cancelled. They just don’t stop, do they? I wonder how many times people will continue to accept FF after FF. Certainly, more and more people have [...]

  • That’s Franklin Graham’s scam charity. Good chance they did use faulty practices in treating the patients.


  • I see your point. It also seems to be a good distraction from other events. When the going gets tough, U.S. leaders and their puppet journalists change the subject: “Move along! Nothing to see in Gaza and Ukraine, folks. Look over there! Ebola!” (Considering they’re talking about first strike as an viable option these days, [...]

  • If I was trying to instill confidence in people, the last person I’d cite would be someone writing at CNN.com, but gees, Laurie Garrett is a “senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.” Well, that should make everyone feel better. At the end of her article, [...]

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    At a time when immigration is still a fairly controversial topic, it is important to note the beneficial roles it plays across the Midwest. I’m pretty sure many residents of Detroit, where water has been shut off and there are no jobs to be had, would take the opportunity to relocate and work in Wisconsin. Why [...]

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    2008, I could definitely see, but 2012 …?

    Yeah, I know. Who’s to say whether he was simply being naive or if he was a true gatekeeper. A little of both, maybe? That’s why I mistrust any of the guys who had a national voice and used it to get Obama re-elected.

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    (disclaimer – sarcasm below)
    It makes sense. The people are learning that Presidents will perform the exact opposite of what they promise as candidates. Therefore, in reality, Romney would have stopped the wars, taxed the rich and softened the US deportation policies.


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    Obama was and is the Big Banking President. He was going to remain in the White House in 2012. That was as certain a thing as the sun coming up in the East.

    That is true, but I feel cleaner somehow that I didn’t contribute to it. What opened my eyes was being able to definitively identify the Democratic Gatekeepers (who urged people to vote for Obama by using the “logic” of “lesser of two evils”). I’ll never completely trust any of them again (and that includes Norman Solomon).
    My vote for the prize of Biggest Democratic Gatekeeper went to Rebecca Solnit.

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    If only we knew what Sherman did with the keys to the “Way Back Machine”.

    If we can ever find it, I think the first thing we need to do is travel back and not allow Clinton to sign The Telecommunications Act of 1996. That act alone has bred innumerable whores with blood-stained hands who call themselves journalists today. Next I would want to stir up enough outrage that the Supreme Court could not step in and give the neocons (err, Bush) the go-ahead to start Empire-building. Just two key moments. There are so many others, aren’t there?

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    it has gotten so bad a majority of voters now wish he lost his re-election.

    They’re finally waking up to the fact that a nut job like Obama shouldn’t ever be given a second term. Good. Look what he’s done in his second term: he’s gathered the neocons around and caused murder and mayhem from Syria to Iraq to Ukraine. We’re on the brink of a major war. He’s made conditions worse for us here at home. He’s hoping to get trade deals enacted that will ruin us all. And that’s just some of chaos and destruction he has caused in his second term.
    At this point in history we should never give any politician a second term. Whether they’re Republicans or Democrats isn’t even an issue, because the same 1% butter their bread. No second terms. Period.

  • Thanks, Chuck indeed. He can always be counted on to dance to the bankers’ tune. Good-bye, Social Security.

  • If the top 2 are R’s and/or D’s does that mean no “third” party candidate gets on the general election ballot?

    I have the same question. If the top two candidates are R’s and/or D’s, it seems logical to me that this shuts out third parties even more. That may be why Schumer called for its adoption, just like Wynota Skunk wrote at @8.
    I also think the DLC’ers are feeling a little on edge these days. I don’t think it is possible to betray the members more than they have. Voter turnout is low. Skepticism is high. Even the well-fed, loyal, “middle class” Dems are getting a little skittish.

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    We’ll know in the next couple of days, and the information will come from Russia. Here’s Pepe Escobar:

    From now on, it all depends on Russian intelligence. They have been surveilling/tracking everything that happens in Ukraine 24/7. In the next 72 hours, after poring over a lot of tracking data, using telemetry, radar and satellite tracking, [...]

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    I’m truly on the fence that this incident deliberately *targeted* Malaysia, but of course, anything is possible.

    I feel the same way, but there’s this little voice in the back of my mind saying: “U.S.-supported Kiev junta government and Israel stand to gain from a downed airliner.” I wouldn’t put it pass them at all. The death of unipolar capitalism is going to take some strange and nasty turns, I think.

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