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    Then the Bloomberg piece goes on to name the many billions in fines she’d levied, including my fave: $1.92 billion money-laundering settlement with HSBC Holdings Plc in 2012. They skip over the fact that it was drug cartel money laundering… But dayum, bust folks for growin’ some cannabis, confiscate buildings that might have anything to do [...]

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    Looks like the handbasket is falling apart: perhaps the destination has been reached? The eight parts of Chris Hedges’ wide-ranging discussion with Sheldon Wolin are all up. Somewhere in there, they talk about fragmented society and politics have become. Meanwhile back on the Monopoly board, the banksters pay fines in the billions while selling near a trillion [...]

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    I thought I should recognize Al From – the Google peek into wikipedia says he is ‘founder of the DLC’. Say no more.

    God Save The Queen! alright — http://youtu.be/8z2M_hpoPwk

    Are you in favor of the Bernalillo County Commission supporting County, City and Statewide efforts to decriminalize possession of one ounce or less of marijuana?

    ¿Está usted a favor de que la Junta de Comisionados del
    Condado de Bernalillo, apoye al Condado, a la Ciudad y los
    esfuerzos en todo el estado para despenalizar la posesión de una
    onza o menos de marihuana?

    91,387 . . . . 62,171
    59.5% . . . . . .40.5%

    Basically 60-40 in favor of decriminalization which is a wider margin than any candidate for statewide office got in Bernalillo County. Burn-a-leño County is Albuquerque, North and South Valley, Sandia Mts and the Manzanitas. Over 500,000 of voting age and turnout was under 170,000. This question was at the end of a very long ballot and got only 153,000 +/- total votes.

    The 20 point margin comes from the kind of weak turnout that appears to have emphasized the reactionary elements in what can be viewed as a bit of the wild west (seeing more open carry) or a military town (Sandia Labs & Kirtland AFB) or a Fundamentalist+Catholic area (megachurches and 300+ year history). However, given the nature of this crossroads burg, a truer poll – complete turnout – would have a margin over 2-to-1.

    The Advisory Question has a history over the past six months that looks like this:
    — similar, weaker Albuquerque initiative petition failed to get 15,000 signatures in 60 days,
    — that question was put on the ballot by Albuquerque City Council 5-4,
    — it was then vetoed by Mayor Berry (and sustained in Abq CC),
    — this clearer question was put on the ballot by Bernalillo County Commission (3-2),
    — it was withheld from the ballot by Sec’y of State Duran (who refused all advisory questions), and finally,
    — it was restored to the BernCo ballot by the NM Supreme Court (do your job Duran).

    One of the limited set of people/questions on the ballot that I could really vote FOR and made the time it took worthwhile.

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    Of course, the local governments may not be better at this prison thing — Sierra County (Truth Or Consequences, NM) jail is indefiinitely closed behind a scandal that calls the whole mass incarceration scheme into question, at least for me.

    Pills-for-sex trade rampant in NM facility and that’s not the half of it.

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    To the OP, I heard tonight that the ICE Detention Center in Artesia, holding women and children without the proper papers from Mexico and Central America, is refusing more donations of fall/winter clothing. It is multi-layer season in New Mexico it can easily move from near freezing to near 80F. Lawyers have extreme difficulty getting [...]

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    Knew a woman who was a nurse at New Mexico Women’s Correctional Facility (Grants, NM) over five years ago – I was living in a spare mobile home at her place. She had a litany of horror stories of failure to treat, callous doctors, inability to properly refer people out to hospitals, dispensing errors and [...]

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    Thanks for reading and your recommendation, marym. Wish I could have given the folks here the day by day account. For a while the subtitle/reading line was I.Can’t.Keep.Up. but did finally get past that once I found that I could keep up. Wendydavis called Sally-Alice a force of nature. That’s a valid way to put [...]

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    Will do WD. Thanks for your help and thanks to FDL for letting me bring this to y’all. The way KOB made her out to be a Tea Partier looks like bad action (they were sent *many* press releases) but it could have just been inattention and believing their own propaganda so much that everything [...]

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    From the Spokane Spokesman-Review:

    True to its nickname, some strains of cannabis do act like weeds. Their seeds can be spread by wind, birds and varmints, sprout and take root. Unwanted plants can shoot up in ditches, pastures and fields of other commodities. That’s a problem now in some Midwestern states where hemp was grown commercially decades ago.

    Hemp – scientific name cannabis sativa – is on the North American Noxious Weed List, along with toadflax, henbane, Dyers woad and field bindweed. It is not on the considerably longer state Noxious Weed List, which is updated yearly in a process that involves extensive public notices, hearings and testimony.

    I’ll never forget that in the 70′s, Athens Alabama police used to dispose of weed by ditching it — literally in the ditch behind the station – at least until the maintenance crew noticed the mile long string of weeds that kept popping back up two+ feet between bi-weekly mowings toppings.

    Hemp has been legalized many places but is likely to still be in multiple state weed guides as a control problem.

    Have heard that in the Depression, cannabis was called ‘poor man’s movies’.
    There’s a price point: cheaper than movies.

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    ThumbnailA couple of weeks ago, on 10/13/14, the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice was closed on Indigenous Peoples’ Day (aka Columbus Day). Yet at 8 AM on that chilly morning, instead of an empty lot and a quiet building, there was an exuberant crowd readying to accompany Sally-Alice Thompson on her Walk to Get the [...]

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    The new Albuquerque POB appears to have many of the same problems of the old POC, and then some: a new large >50%-of-their-time mandate (policy review), budget less than many civil judgements against APD (<~$1M), no (i.e. NOT ONE) place for the complainant to make their case until the process is over and they thread [...]

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    Jeff Proctor has been the exception that proves the rule of media complicity &/or malfunction in the ongoing APD debacle here in Albuquerque. This Proctor piece pulls back some of the cover in the cover-up… Boyd shooter: ‘Welcome to ROP; mistakes now cease to exist’ Do APD officers in elite units act with impunity, get [...]

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    “The wise ones of old say that the heart of men and women has the form of a snail.” Quick to withdraw and slow to advance, formless except for its protective exterior, capable of withstanding long dry spells by sealing itself off and needing to turn inside out to be able to join with another. [...]

  • 25 mins of the protest from Charles Arasim and Charlie Grapski . Ah yes, I was not there – almost heard about it >3 times. I saw one of the protestors on their way ‘somewhere’ and they were concerned about getting a burrito. Good plan to protest on a full stomach: limits reactivity and you don’t know [...]

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    Can’t donate right now. Gonna have to do some internal work to rid myself of guilt over a lack of ever being a paid member and never making a small donation. Maybe I could finish more of what I write and contribute that way. I note that Nationbuilder has reported DDoS attacks in the past [...]

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    But… but… Masked men in buildings!
    New World Order must be established.
    Like in Honduras, Thailand, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Greece, etc.
    Every Ukraine story makes me wonder about Venezuela…

  • Thank you so much ET. Pope Francis’ correction of Netanyahu is priceless. Many commenters here have demanded action from this Pope, and there it is: the use of a simple historical truth to smack down a despotic hegemon usurping and twisting Jesus for his political purposes.

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    The Chief of Station manages the Kabul station for Afghanistan’s new bullet trains, right? Isn’t his name Ned Wonsde?

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