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  • I’ll look into Power Shift and I’ll definitely purchase Kendra’s book. I’m so very grateful for the forum and the opportunity to engage in such important discussion.

    When I met you in Oakland [Oilpocalypse], Riki- we spoke of surviving these times. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you are in the world. To me, you stand as tall as Bob Marley, Albert Einstein [Message To Posterity] and Muhammad Ali. You are one of my precious favs.

    Thank you for that.
    Be well.


  • I believe that I am hearing and understanding what you are saying now. We will be beaten into submission by more events such as Fukushima- BP , etc…and therefore great loss of life is likely a given.

    So you are focused on the creation of these resilient communities as a preparatory step for survival? [I am not panicking- I am just inquiring lol]

    Am I understanding then, that your take on the matter- is that within the current economic infrastructure- the big fixes are likely just not possible because among other things- we do not have enough time to make the necessary adjustments?

    Perhaps I’m reading you wrong- just looking for clarification.

  • This is SO beautiful that you wrote this Kendra- thank you. It is like reading Beethoven.

    I was at a Literary Conference in 2011- and Eddie Harris who wrote Mississippi solo- was asked by an audience member- [What can we do to get the youth and others who are constantly playing video games and texting on their i-phones, to get them educated regarding the environment and our water resources?]

    Eddie answered: [You can take a kid to the nearest creek, stream, river, lake or ocean so that they learn about nature and experience nature. If they do not know the environment exists, how can we expect them to CARE for the environment?]

    Kendra- your words also hearken back to the creation of Point Reyes National Seashore- when Clem Miller and others managed to influence support of the creation of the Nature Preserve by facilitating field trips for Representatives from Washington D.C. to Point Reyes, Ca- so that they were forced to look upon the natural beauty of the land and water- to understand what needed to be preserved.

    Thanks again for your wonderful points here-

  • I should have been more specific- I meant solutions which can work within particular elements of our current economy. i.e.- I look at the Gulf and the upended economy there- and I think:

    Well- the infrastructure for seafood processing and distribution is still intact- it’s just hobbled as a result of the shrimpers and other seafood faring folks having had their livelihoods disrupted. Fewer people trust the safety and cleanliness of Gulf Seafood- so what would happen if we aggressively pursued aquaculture up and down the coast and remediation of water and soil within that process? (as such remediation is indigenous to aquaculture)

    In unison- what if we made massive efforts to convert the entire trucking and processing part of the Gulf Seafood economy- towards more of a green energy makeover? (There are tons of ways to do that) Sure it would take tremendous effort and investment- but it would be investment in remediation of the Gulf- as well as investment in a sustainable economy with values adjusted towards health and the environment. (Not to mention clean seafood from the Gulf would be a boost in confidence for the entire economy)

    Such would be a solution that maintains the economic model but adjusts the value system [within] the economic model. Everybody who had and needs jobs gets their jobs back- but the jobs now benefit health and the environment as well as the economic necessity of providing food.

    I’m entirely satisfied with slowing down to the speed of shared skills, barter system, community currency, home gardening- [the Amish With Internet]- I’m just attempting to ascertain how we make such an adjustment within huge populated cities without tremendous loss of life?

    How do you envision the transition taking place?

  • If our leaders in Congress and our State Representatives are purchased by such entities as the Koch brothers through campaign contributions, etc…doesn’t that mean that our true leaders are the Koch Bros and other similar entities?

    So shouldn’t your question be: When will the Koch Bros fall into line with our demands for clean energy and a safe, healthy environment?

  • I’m a huge fan of cradle to cradle design- no doubt

  • I would hope that an economy we could live with would be based upon the values you just cited, Riki. In other words- currently we are shopping and when we spend- we are buying (to a large extent), the destruction of health and the environment- among other things. If we were instead- spending on items which either slowed down the destruction, (have to start somewhere)- or aid in preserving and improving health and the environment- wouldn’t we be pendulum-swinging-our-way into prosperity, with a sustainable economic model based upon sustainable values? It’s very difficult for me to accept that there are no solutions. I can accept that there is no will- but it seems as if solutions abound.

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