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  • JOBS,JOBS,JOBS! Where did the jobs go when the GAT,NAFTA treaties were approved? TO THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES! U.S. trade deficit is now $607,600,000,000 and growing. Thanks to all these free trade agreements. The trade deficit to China is now $ 259,260,000,000. Where are all the jobs were supposed to be created during these free trade agreements? The official unemployed are 14,920,576 and growing. the actual unemployed is now 25,960,881 and growing. With this new free trade agreement, do you hear more of the sucking sound of jobs and industry going to South East Asia?
    People, we are losing it!!! Free trade is a program developed to increase the wealth of the rich, and to destroy the middle class in this country. It will be just the very rich and the very poor slaves left.The end of America is closer than you think!

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