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    When I was in the Navy, stationed ashore near Yokohama, Japan, I remember going to the Army PX, gathering up the newly-released 78′s of the Goldberg Variations, by Gould, and losing myself in the listening booth for an afternoon. I shall listen with joy to the versions you’ve all mentioned. With ease, I can equate [...]

  • ………sometimes I wonder who was more (or less) successful at stealing the last election………..

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    My Dad used to take us out for leisurely Sunday afternoon drives around southwestern Connecticut in our 1947 Plymouth. In their later years, they drove all over the U.S., Canada and parts of Mexico in their 1969 Buick Riviera, bronze/brown with a white top. I later learned from his sister that he was quite an [...]

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    I never knew about John Mehegan’s background……..but his playing….in my foggy old/not-a-musician’s memory…….. was as delicious as any other jazz pianist…..will have to dig into his background, too….. How great that some of the world’s greatest musicians are also its finest teachers……….also thinking back about Bernstein on Omnibus (in the 50′s on PBS/Sunday afternoons at [...]

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    I was lucky enough to spend a few easy hours with Dave, almost fifty years ago, when I would occasionally drive him from his home in Connecticut, back and forth to NYC. The conversations were always easy………not much about music, though……..just conversation…… At that time, my friends and I would drive into NYC at the [...]

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    I just returned and went directly to the end of the Comments…..to remind everyone that, right here on FDL, on the evening of the election, that some FDL-ers were remarking that there were sudden 10,000 vote jumps in tallying, particularly in Milwaukee………I would suggest that the entire Wisconsin voting activity in this election be examined with a fine-toothed comb, not just Waukesha ……*before* any final judgements are registered by the authorities

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    Most of the observations mentioned here are on point…….and seem pretty valid to me. But what’s missing are proposals for action. The best action, it would seem to me, would be to campaign loudly and often to remove from the media ALL the freaks who espouse and encourage violence in our society. To this end, [...]