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  • letsbegin commented on the diary post WaPo Tells Liberals That They Have No Political Power: The Case of Social Security by Dean Baker.

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    Yeow. Y’mean Pat PissPants Leahy, who “kept his powder dry” on the Judiciary Committee and who greased in Alito and Roberts? PissPants, who sponsored SOPA and got his ass handed to him by Aaaron Swartz and a remarkable coalition of DFHs and technos? Or Peter Welch, who’s the 47th wealthiest man in Congress, and whose [...]

  • letsbegin commented on the blog post Senator Durbin Joins Call To Stop TPP Fast Track

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    Dick “Get Those Damn Liberals Outta Here” Durtbag?

    C’mon, all you mad-skillz hackers!Yank his insurance card! Get him on the No-Fly list, or on the Sex Offenders’ Register! His head photoshopped in a buttsecks 14-some!

    Jedgaroover didn’t hesitate ratfking Dr. King, nossir. Should we be any less dedicated?

  • letsbegin commented on the blog post Senator Durbin Joins Call To Stop TPP Fast Track

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    Oh, and remember the 50 State Strategy, and Ram-boi boosting the shiv in the Howdy rear ribcage? CPP has the skinny. DoucheDems ix-nay contesting eats-say in neanderthal country. Useless coward f-wads enablin’ fascist victory on purpose, the lot of ‘em.

  • letsbegin commented on the blog post Senator Durbin Joins Call To Stop TPP Fast Track

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    Uhhhh…. snark, right?

    Gumby gets what Gumby wants. Full stop. Waiting for progressive Gumby to appear has become as shameful as climate change denyin’.

    Just sayin’.

  • letsbegin commented on the diary post Progressive Fantasies Will Never Lead to Progressive Power by metamars.

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    Exactly so. Americans have lost the experience of self-determination. It begins in K-12, then solidifies in the workplace. The triumph of 20th Century fascism is intentionally masked by materialism, careerism, and consumerism, and no less so among educated, self-professed progressives. Advertising IS propaganda, kids,and the more you long to look like the actors in cutesy [...]

  • I suppose we should all thank Sen. Pat Leahy (D-Vichy) for keeping our sacred powder dry on both ScrotLito and RoboRoberts.

    The analogy of a high school student council on perpetual bended knee to the superior might of the Admin is, of course, sadly apt. Same kind of smarmy characters–hey, Suck Schumer, this text’s for U, asshole–as a bad HS bromance.

    Nasty, nasty joke on history. Sure to be ending badly when the cheap goods run out.

  • letsbegin commented on the diary post The Day That NPR Lost Me by Quasit.

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    Neither VT PR nor NH PR took on DN! when listener surveys revealed a strong interest in the show. “Too controversial”, was how VPR put it. In the meantime, the local family-owned radio station, WDEV, not only airs DN!, but has four hours daily of local affairs call-in programming that beats PR right out of [...]

  • letsbegin commented on the diary post An Unconstitutional Twofer by Alan Grayson.

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    X3. Dr. King had more contempt for, and distrust of, the phony liberals. In the end, when their quiche latte brunch is disturbed by the threat of too much equality, they run squealing for the loving embrace of their corporate masters. The Roman Senate in the days of Julius, indeed.

  • letsbegin commented on the blog post SEC Head Nominee Mary Jo White Facing Scrutiny

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    Goldman Sachs, stealing our country and Willie Suttoning the globe! Hell, let’s call UBL a CIA plant used to fire a warning shot across GS’s bows, only for his handlers to discover that the Goldman gang DOES in fact, run things around here, like Dickhead Durbin said…Blowback? The GS claque quietly arranges wars of aggression, and epire building, done like slightly more sophisticated Nazis on steroids, as a main course.

  • letsbegin commented on the diary post American Sickness; American Denial by mattreichel.

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    Drone Killer Prez is a living embodiment of this theory. Can’t be perceived as “soft” on teh manufactured brownz terror. Or “soft” on your traditional base of minorities, women, and working people. By your actions are you known–our punditry and political employees enable and comfort the rich criminalistic sociopaths, the weapons-building faceless cohort,the militant screaming [...]

  • DD–That was me, yelling at the radio. “Bernanke!!!??? Chastising banks for sitting on the trillions of dollars HE enthusiastically shoveled their way ‘to foam the runway’???!!!! Why not have actually attached some conditions to those trillions of OURS, ya douchebag thief-helper?

    Oh. Right. The system works fine. For them. Why change? A little PR window-dressing, some faux finger-wagging, and poof! It’s all good.

    That Legacy(TM) is getting a right good buffing, you betcha!

  • letsbegin commented on the diary post Good Wishes for an Old Friend: Sending Our Love to Scarecrow by Jane Hamsher.

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    My dearest love and most heartfelt wishes to our cherished friends in the hospital, SD and Scarecrow.

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    Yeah. Make that old motorcycles. Ix-nay on the Insolent Chariot-kays (h/t to Vance Packard) Another corporate-sponsored addiction.

  • Yeah. Rall’s series graphically points up how Amerikan proggies self-censor/negotiate/appease/concede themselves right out of relevance and effectiveness. The galaxy of non-profit organizations were created here in large part to corral potential dissidents out of radical militancy, where their intelligence and dissatisfaction were so effective. In short, give ‘em money and some security, to keep ‘em [...]

  • letsbegin commented on the diary post Stick a Fork in Romney. He’s Done. This Presidential Election is Over! by Ohio Barbarian.

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    Yeah, the avalanche of American collapse is really picking up steam now. The crowd sees the wires in the Punch and Judy show, though I wonder where they still find all those screamin’ idjits at the campaign fooferaws. I think the CU squad is using 2012 as a fine-tuning dry run. Their cash is truly [...]

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    Answer me this, Obama apologist douchebags: How in the sparkle pony fuck does a sitting president NOT get to forbid torture as unofficial American state policy? Or NOT direct his Justice Department to investigate without fear or favor crimes committed by financiers(see Kennedy, Robert, on dealing with LCN)? Or bringing to prosecution, to the full extent of the law, those responsible for documented illegalities surrounding the BP spill? Or NOT using a back door coalition of international interests to topple Qaddafi, in violation of both US and international law?

    On which president’s watch is the suspension of rule of law not just OK, but GRRRRRREAT? Why, a Democratic president’s, of course!

    You’ll get the fucking you deserve,no doubt about that, cheerleaders. The rest of us, with our intentional communities, sustainability, real conservationism, underground economy, and neighbor-helping hippy-ass sparkle pony-ing will also get the fucking you deserve.

    For the record? Dr. King was a way better human being than me or just about all of you. And he sayeth, conscience, not expedience. So stick it, parochial twerps.

  • letsbegin commented on the diary post Military Spending Doesn’t Equal Military Strength by inoljt.

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    Terror only succeeds when the truth is hidden.

  • letsbegin commented on the diary post Tom Engelhardt: Losing It in Washington by Tom Engelhardt.

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    We made legends out of the heroic partisans who fought the Nazi occupiers. Irony is the second victim of war.

  • Me! Me! I can answer that one! “Thanks for the 14B in clinic money bribe for ACA that Congress then went and cut, like we knew they would. Oh, Mr. President!!!!” (all breathy like Marilyn) I called and emailed Bernie’s office repeatedly, asking if he’d walk a picket outside a mail distribution center that was [...]

  • letsbegin commented on the blog post Josh, We Hardly Knew Ye…

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    Whyzzit you never have to scratch too deep before the corruption comes a-bubblin’ up, with these doofi?

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